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A Visit to Santa… (With Author’s Commentary.)

T’was a magical Christmassy evening, Actually T’was a Thursday at 2pm.  All the evening slots were booked up because “Daddy Pig” didn’t get his finger out and book it in time, which of course wasn’t my fault in any way.  But “afternoon” has too many syllables so anyway… In a snow-sprinkled forest we stood. As… Continue reading A Visit to Santa… (With Author’s Commentary.)

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My Womb is a Squash and a Squeeze.

A Parody. Based (very loosely) on the brilliant children’s book “A Squash and a Squeeze” by Julia Donaldson*. ​There was a young woman who lived by herself With a fair pair of boobs and a strong pelvic shelf. A lovely young man heard her grumble and grouse. “There’s not enough room in my house. Fit… Continue reading My Womb is a Squash and a Squeeze.


#happylittlebuttons November Round Up

Welcome to the #happylittlebuttons third monthly round up!  #happylittlebuttons is the very friendly IG community created by Annette at 3 Little Buttons, Nicola at Sugar and Spice and All Things Spliced and myself.  As I prepare this post we are fantastically close to hitting 2000 happy little captures linked up which we are all totally… Continue reading #happylittlebuttons November Round Up

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Bedtime (A Rhyming Slur) – Guest Post by A Reluctant Mummy

So the #Cheers series is back after a little break (whilst I mostly ate biscuits and stared at the mirror wondering at what point I’m going to actually start the Pre-Christmas diet.)  So.  Thanks for popping back!  Hope you’re well.  Grab yourself a cuppa (and cake obvs) and let’s do this… I was recently contacted… Continue reading Bedtime (A Rhyming Slur) – Guest Post by A Reluctant Mummy

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The Chocolate Shop Incident…

T’was the month before Christmas and chocolate was sought, Certain calendars needed which had to be bought. So a shop* was thus entered… (*I’ll make up a fake – and we’ll just call it “Worntons” for arguments sake). So we all galloped in, both the tots and pushchair, Each merrily skittling fudge everywhere. The boy,… Continue reading The Chocolate Shop Incident…

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Code Brown! Repeat: Code Brown! 

​A few weeks ago I read a brilliant post by Hello Archie  “When Poo Gets The Best Of You”, and Oh how I did nod and chuckle to my smug little self.  Yeah well, Karma is a b!tch… …What are you up to? I cautiously shout. Whilst wrestling my battered old make up bag out.… Continue reading Code Brown! Repeat: Code Brown!