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A Little Farewell…

Image shows a nursery rhyme style toy duck with a bag over his shoulder walking away.

This one’s to Miss Tot’s special person,
Just a short little poem to say,
That we’re sending our very best wishes,
As you start new adventures today.

We’re so very sorry to lose you,
As quite frankly you’re so blimmin great!
So the boy will have lost his “safe person”,
And The Girl will have lost her best mate!

But really we’ve all been so lucky,
To have had you along from the start,
You were there at the start of our journey,
And will always remain in our heart!

But today there are new children waiting,
For a lovely key worker like you.
And you’ll settle into your new nursery,
And make that one a special place too.

So together we send you this message,
Filled with luck and much love from the tots,
With a big piece of cake and a cuddle,
Plus a thousand and one “bottle tops”.*

To us “You’re the best and the champion”,
And we send you a massive “AAWWWOOOOOOOOO!”
But please keep in touch as we’ll miss you.
… And thank you – for just being you!

Good luck in your new job.

Love from us

* For you to keep in your boot. You’re welcome! :0) xx

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