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A Picnic in the Park

Image of church and manicured grounds

One warm summer’s day, we were up with the lark,
All set for a day to enjoy Clumber Park!

A picnic was packed – a delectable feast.
Enough to feed half of the forest at least!

I herded the Tots up as quick as I could.
But still so much later than really I should.

“Hold on tight Kids – Mummy’s going to go fast*!”
“It’s just the A1 – we’ll be there in a blast!”


We spend half the trip trying hard to contort
The car to get past some obscure juggernaut.

But finally make it and drive through the gate,
We’re all in one piece, but we’re half an hour late.

A tricky new road layout’s now being trialled,
Which left me both lost and a fraction beguiled.

I pulled over twice to work out what to do,
With no mobile signal, the air had turned blue!

When at last in the distance, a beacon of light…
The Tots’ “Auntie Cathy!” appeared in my sight.

Delighted to see her, my heart it did swell,
“We thought you’d get lost!” 😉
(Damn she knows me so well!)

Then came “Nanna Spain!”, and our group was complete,
For a lovely day out as her late birthday treat!

The pushchair was loaded up like a pack horse,
No room for The Boy though – he’d toddle of course.

Our tribe trundled forwards and found a nice spot,
Laid out our big blanket with help from Miss Tot.

Image of picnic blanket over looking lake with the family sitting down

Our venue secured we were set for the day,
Out came the football, the kids ran to play.

We drank in the view of the grounds and the lake,
And unpacked our bounty of Cava and cake.

The cakes, which I’d lovingly packed with great care,
Intricate cupcakes, each iced with great flair.

When in like a Labrador bounded Miss Tot,
A trip and a thud.
She had sat on the lot!


We blinked at the boxes – now lovingly squashed,
Popped open the Cava so Nan could get sloshed!

I’d packed a few strawberries, to add to her glass,
The Tots shoved a fistful in – ultimate class.

Auntie Cathy and I stuck with water and tea.
(Driving and bubbles don’t mix well you see.)

Our feast was devoured, splattered cup cakes and all,
Then we dusted the crumbs off and chased for the ball.

The ducks were attacked with our left-over breads.
(The Boy launched a bread roll at each of their heads.)

Image shows two children and their Aunt feeding ducks at the edge of the lake.
Duck feeding / missile launching with Auntie Cathy

Then we set off to search for “The Family Tree”,
A tree of the family – quite literally…

The Tots skipped and chased and continued to play,
Whilst hunting for acorns each step of the way.

And soon we had found it, there deep in the wood,
Majestic and aged it gracefully stood.

So Nanna climbed up and inspected the bark,
Right there on that tree, nestled deep in the park.

Her name, and her hubby’s, engraved in the tree,
From the 4th day of June 1973.

A labour of love, back when young, free and wild,
Before they were wed and they had their first child.

The years have ticked by, filled with laughter and love,
And those names have remained there, carved proudly above.

Four decades of memories passed by in a blur,
The tree meanwhile, captured the way things once were.

We turned to head back, just a touch wistfully,
As The Boy threw his football with mischief and glee!

Again and again from his pushchair /slash/ throne.
While Nan ran to fetch it (Not once did she moan!)

We headed for ice cream to top off our day,
With a sticky wet “Cheers!” we were off on our way.

Image shows for ice cream sundaes being "clinked"

This time “SuperAunt!” (Having met me before.)
Kindly guided me back to the A1 once more. 😉

And just like those memories carved high in that tree,
Our fabulous day has imprinted on me.

Image of "Nanna Spain" drinking wine with strawberries whilst sat on picnic blanket with the lake behind her.
A very happy birthday. With lots of love and snuggles from us x

* No speed limits were broken in the making of this rhyme. Those of you that know me will understand that my definition of “fast” generally means going a bit faster than the tractors.

Disclosure: Please note that this is not a collaborative post.  We just had a lovely time at Clumber Park and I wanted to capture and share it.  All opinions and views are my own.

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  1. Fabulous, again (but I don’t really need to tell you that anymore, do I…?!!) It sounds like a lovely day out, and you have captured it so amazingly through your rhyme! It’s a shame that the #picnicrhino squished all your lovingly made cakes! Hopefully they weren’t ones that she had dribbled into…!! I love that Nana also had the opportunity to get sloshed on her birthday, on cava-it sounds perfect to me! Lovely memories for you all xx
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