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Supermum. (A Parody of Julia Donaldon’s Superworm).

It no secret that I am a huge fan / bordering on groupie of Julia Donaldson and her incredible children’s books.  They say that imitation is the ultimate form of flattery, which makes me very complimentary indeed as Supermum (A Parody of “Superworm”) is now my third parody of her work.  I also need to mention… Continue reading Supermum. (A Parody of Julia Donaldon’s Superworm).

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The Changing Room Incident…

  Those of you that have followed my blog for a while will know that we are slightly fanatical about our family holidays at Center Parcs. Each of their forest parks are a little piece of genuine parenting heaven.  If you have been you will know that the subtropical swimming paradise is incredible.  We particularly like… Continue reading The Changing Room Incident…

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A Mother’s Day Treat from Debenhams!

I’ve learned that Mother’s Day and “Daddy Pig” are not compatible. For my very first Mother’s Day Daddy Pig surprised me with something sentimental, timeless and precious.   It was a battery operated stuffed dog that barks and wags its tail.  Not quite the diamond eternity something something that I was hoping for, but at least… Continue reading A Mother’s Day Treat from Debenhams!

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10 Reasons I’m #RockingMotherhood

About a month ago (Yes – I’m a bad blogger!) I was tagged by my lovely #DreamTeam fellow co-host – Bridget at Bridie By The Sea, to share 10 reasons why I am rocking this motherhood gig.  This idea originated from a post by Pat at White Camellias.  She wanted to take the time to… Continue reading 10 Reasons I’m #RockingMotherhood

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Quest To The Front Door…

​An epic tale I share, one which may haunt forever more. A perilous, fraught journey to the realms of “The Front Door”. You’d think that two kids down now I’d be somewhat more prepared? Or had at least the decency to feel a fraction scared? But no. As wild and cocky as a stupid mum… Continue reading Quest To The Front Door…

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Potty Training: The Rules

We’ve started potty training as The Boy has now turned two. If for no better reason than just “something fun to do?” *straight face* The Christmas tree’s a gonner and the room is bare and glum. What better sight to fill it than my offspring’s streaking bum? So… We read the training manual and we… Continue reading Potty Training: The Rules

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Alton Towers & The Rollercoaster Restaurant

An Alton Towers Festive Break – Part Two (If you missed part 1 you can find it by clicking here.) We recently stayed at the Alton Towers Resort for a Festive Break.  We arrived on New Years Day and spent our first day of 2017 exploring the Alton Towers Hotel and the interconnecting Splash Landings… Continue reading Alton Towers & The Rollercoaster Restaurant