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Home Sweet Home.

This is the very first house you would meet,
As we brought you inside in your new carry seat.

Image shows a white front door.

This is the place you would know as your home,
Where you learned to roll over, to crawl and to roam.

This is the lounge which was ALL jumperoo,
On that very first Christmas. (Still too big for you!)

This is the home where first presents were brung,
Where his sleigh was first parked,
Where your stockings were hung.

This is the bath where you swim, splash and float,
With your dolphins and ducks and your blue Sponge Bob boat.

These are the stairs, you were desperate to climb,
Where the bunny at Easter hops three at a time.

This is the kitchen where food is enjoyed,
Where a number of t-shirts and bibs were destroyed.

Where crafts are created, buns, biscuits and more,
Where the fruits of all labour end up on the floor.

This is the place where first snowflakes were felt,
Where snowdogs and snowmen were built and would melt.

This is the grass where we catch, kick and throw.
And we plant daffodils, in the hope that they’ll grow.

This is the place for inflatable fun,
Where bouncing and mini-beast hunting is done.

This is the home made of all the above,
Built of mortar and brick, but then furnished with love.

Image shows an ornamental sign "Home" surrounded by Christmas lights and foliage.

This is the place where you’ve flourished and grown,
Our small piece of the planet, entirely our own.

This is the one final click of the door.

This is the home that’s not ours any more…

A stone hanging heart ornament.

… But here is a house that is shiny and new,
And the keys now belong to me, Daddy and you.

With precious new memories it’s ours now to fill,

And I know as our story continues, we will.

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9 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home.

  1. What a beautiful poem, Dawn! I was so sad when we moved out of our old house, especially when I thought about the fact that my kids would probably not remember it. I love that you memorialized it for them.

  2. Ok I’m welling up. It’s hard to think that they may not remember their first house in the future isn’t it. My two are definitely too young I think, and yet there are so many memories for us. I hope your move has gone well!! Here’s to many years of new memories xx

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