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Ode to Super-Daddy-Pig! (#mumdown)

This summer holiday is a bit of a strange one for me.  On the Friday that the schools broke up, instead of picking up The Tots from nursery full of excitement, I was in surgery having a planned operation.  Planning for the time off work was one thing, but planning for time off my mum-duties was a whole ‘nother level of “What now!?” #mumdown

Luckily The Hubby took the first week of my recovery off work, and thus was born:


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Ode to Super-Daddy-Pig!

He swoops in with star-spangled pants.
No cheeky offspring stands a chance!

Picks up the daily house-chore list!
(Most of which are promptly missed.

“But those are pointless tasks” he’ll say.
Don’t need to do them anyway!)

He’ll chose one job from those I ask,
Puff out his chest and single-task!

Just ONE per day. Then have a rest.
Lord Daddy-Pig does not get stressed.

He CAN cook porridge. In a pan!
No flies on him he’s Superman!

He’s made it once.
He’s so impressed.
Declares HIS breakfasts are the best!

Potatoes shall be cooked with skin.
And lobbed into a baking tin.

No “nonsense food” like fluffy cake.
All food groups needs are met with steak.

No tot shall dare to be strong-willed.
Discipline shall be instilled!

Before you ask – The answer’s “No.”
Because Lord Daddy Pig says so!

No naughty backchat shall be braved
No children shall be misbehaved!

Child-care’s easy. Not a hassle.
Chuck them on the bouncy castle!

He’ll teach them how to fly a kite!
The siblings will not dare to fight.

Unruffled by a rainy day,
He’ll whisk them off to do soft play!

He’ll demonstrate his perfect ways.
Without a glitch for 6 WHOLE DAYS!

He’ll earn his flying-solo wings.
He expert it at ALL the things!

And all shall cheer and shall applaud
As he collects his Dad Award!

… And so we should.
Despite the jest.
He honestly has been the best.

When I have wobbled, whinged and *whispers* …cried.
He’s always been there at my side.

When I was still too weak to stand,
He took my arm and held my hand.

He bought me ice-cream. Very kind.
(Then ate it, but I didn’t mind.)

As cabin fever hustled in
He grabbed the flask and biscuit tin.

And took us for a drive – not far,
So we could picnic in the car.

Rocking it at car-picnics.

As I get better day by day,
He’s always there in every way.

He sometimes ‘dads’ outside the box
Perhaps not always orthodox.

But I owe him a million thanks.
He’s earned those stars upon his pants.

In times like these it’s clear to see.
He’s Super-Daddy-Pig to me.

Thanks The Hub.

You’re the best.



90 thoughts on “Ode to Super-Daddy-Pig! (#mumdown)

  1. All hail Daddy Pig! When the chips are down and they step up to the plate it means so much. Sounds like you are part of another Dream Team at home 🙂 Glad you are being looked after, hope you are recovering well xx Nicky #DreamTeam
    mums army recently posted…Undercover MidwifeMy Profile

  2. Awww this is lush and I’m glad you’ve been looked after and it wasn’t a disaster. Seriously, he stepped up, so maybe suggest a baby break when you can enjoy the time he’s looking after them. #DreamTeam
    Mama Grace recently posted…A Few Wee QuestionsMy Profile

  3. Awww!!! Hahaha though too because he started the week off exactly as my husband would – picking a single task then taking a “well-earned” break. But glad he came out trumps at the end – he sounds like a top bloke. Also, as a side note, that bouncy castle you have looks bloody epic #DreamTeam

    1. There are definitely a lot of chores that I do that have been deemed “not necessary and a waste of time”. Maybe he has a point? (Although the amount of dust building up is starting to make my eye twitch haha). Thanks Lucy xx

  4. Awww you’re such a cutie! My husband is amazing at single-tasking too..! I’m leaving him on his own with the baby for 5 days later this month and hoping he’ll realise it isn’t all rainbows and laughter. We’ll see – he’ll probably end up bossing it like Daddy Pig. High five to your husband for being such a star 🙂 and I hope you’re on the mend now #DreamTeam
    Muffin top mummy recently posted…My body is beautiful because… a brand new guest seriesMy Profile

    1. Ooh of course – is this the little accidental holiday that got accidentally booked hehe? (I’m testing my own memory here though which is not to be trusted haha.) If so I bet you can’t wait! Hope you have a fab time! Thanks lovely x

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