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Image shows the word "Pretrend" and a dictionary style explanation.

A subtle change has happened, since I morphed into a mum.
And sometimes I don’t recognise the woman I’ve become?

I half suspect I’m past it now, and question it a lot,
And wonder if I’ve got “it” still?
Concluding – I have not.

For instance, not too long ago..
I uttered “bants” at work.
My twenty something colleague thus assumed I’d gone berserk.

I wandered into New Look for a voucher for my niece,
Then rushed back out before the staff could call the style police.

I’m sure I once did have “it”, way back in the olden days?
I ponder this whilst checking out some new fandangled craze.

I’ve strutted into ‘nightclubs’ and I’ve thrown my greatest moves,
Considered chugging Jager-bombs whilst twerking with the ‘youves’!

Image shows a pair of ridiculously high stiletto shoes still in the box.
As if humans actually wear these? I own them. That will have to do. *puts them back in the box*.

I ought to just accept that I no longer am on trend,
But in my head I’m still eighteen, and so I just pretend.

But even just the thought of it now makes me need a snooze,
And truthfully I’d rather be at home in comfy shoes.

The concept of a hangover just makes me want to cry.
I didn’t even notice that my January was dry?

I’ll sit in garden centres with a coffee and a scone,
Then just to keep things current I’ll do Insta on my phone.

I’m “down” with Social Media and almost speak Snapchat
Though when it comes to twitter I’m a bit more of a *whispers*… tw@t?

I’m quite on board with Hygge but that too is kind of fake,
And not because I’m with it, but because I quite like cake.

Image shows a burning candle, a "Hygge" book and a mug of frothy coffee.

I love a Yankee Candle just to help create a mood,
I’ve had a bash at quinoa and I’ve spiralised some food.

Though non-fat soy chai lattes I’m afraid are not for me.
I’d rather have a hob nob and a lovely cup of tea.

But working in the city is an urban trending race.
I chase it in stilettos and just end up on my face.

I try to get my diva on and clutch my travel cup,
Whilst wading through commuters and attempting to keep up.

It’s such a huge transition from the person I’ve become,
The boo-boo kissing, bottom wiping, snug and frumpy mum.

My offspring as a rule are rather tricky to impress,
As far as being ‘with it’ goes, my two could not care less.

And so I don’t know why I try to cling on to my past,
But sadly all these fudging years fly by so fudging fast!

I figure it’s an age thing so I’ll carry on #pretrending,

My quest to still be with “it” shall alas be never ending!

meet other mums

This post originally featured on the fabulous Meet Other Mums blog page, for whom I am proud to be a regular blogger.

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95 thoughts on “#pretrending

  1. *spits tea out* Brillaint! I return to work in three weeks and have many of these pretrending hurdles to overcome… not least the fudging wardrobe!!! Eugh. Thank you for making me laugh at my soon to be self!! X

  2. Dawn, I bloody LOVE this. This is like me, every single day. My older kids have given up on me and best of all, they look at me with that “look” and say “Do you even know what that means, Mom?”

  3. Lol another brilliant post – I need to give up the ghost and stop trying to wear clothes that just don’t fit properly anymore and kidding myself that I’m really enjoying the big Saturday nights out with the girls that I’m lucky enough to escape to now and again – it’s lovely to see them but I’d much rather be in a quiet pub having a nice meal and a chat than in an incredibly noisy bar filled with scarily young people doing shots! #DreamTeam
    Siobhan recently posted…The Mum ReflexMy Profile

    1. Oh thanks Nige! Sorry about the tea. Now tell me – is it green tea extract with a hint of ginger though? If so I’m not sure we can be friends any more. I’m not cool enough for anything beyond PG Tips! 😉 x

  4. Love this!
    In my head I’m still 18 too but in reality, even though I still go on the occasional night out, I definitely don’t drink as much and I’ve swapped heels for flats lol #DreamTeam

  5. Eeek I think I am heading this way. Having been out of “cool” (do people even use that phrase anymore??) circles for so long, I’m desperately out of touch. Hubby manages a team at work that employ quite a few work placement students so he sometimes use the lingo at home and I have no idea what he’s on about! Haha #dreamteam
    Lucy At Home recently posted…Bloggers Bluff 18: Mummy and LissMy Profile

    1. I actually had my own moment of clarity last week at work. I jokily called one of my (admittedly somewhat younger) lovely male colleagues my “work huband”. I meant it affectionately. I like to think we’re good friends at work… He responded with a heartfelt smile and the words “work son maybe?”. #mortfied #iamofficiallyold #imnowthemotherfigureoftheworkplace ?? x

    1. I find it’s always good to keep just one pair though. Just for proof that you do still have “it”. Or at least that cardboard box in your wardrobe does? I’m with you though. Sell the rest and buy some comfy fitflops instead! 😉 Thank you Sunita x

  6. <3 tea and a scone sounds like a dream to me compared to a night out 😉 I think it helps if you never aim to be 'with it' in the first place. Then you can't suddenly be 'without it'! x #DreamTeam

  7. Oh how things change. So many of these lines make sense, especially *hangs head in shame* the hangover and I looked at myself and thought I’m wearing things I never thought I would but they’re comfortable! *Did I just say the C word?* #DreamTeam
    Mama Grace recently posted…My First Party BagMy Profile

  8. This is brilliant Dawn. I’m with you on the hangovers and wouldn’t dare enter New Look without a teenager in tow! Great poem the perfect insight into ageing gracefully ?

  9. Brilliant Dawn!
    In the garden centre with a scone and a cup of tea!! Why is that the only bloody thing they sell at garden centres? Made me laugh out loud! Thank you!

  10. I think we all pretend at some stage and the fact is parenting changes you whether you want or or not. Never would I have imagined I would get so excited about removing a piece of snot from a child’s nose, lol X #dreamteam

  11. Oh I have all of these feels too! Who even am I? How am I meant to behave now? Who am I kidding?! Most favourite line has to be this “I’ll sit in garden centres with a coffee and a scone, Then just to keep things current I’ll do Insta on my phone.” Truly inspired! I think there’s a few of us in this club, thankfully! #DreamTeam
    justsayingmum recently posted…Pushing Adulthood AwayMy Profile

    1. It was my hairdresser that alerted me to the fact. She was getting all giddy because she only had 4 sleeps left until she could have a drink. I did that thing when I tried to remember when I might have last had one… and couldn’t! Thanks so much Nat! x

    1. Oh thank you Becky! I’m quite a fun of “fudge” although any time now my eldest is going to start shouting “What the fudge!?” … and I will have absolutely no idea who she’s picked it up from! ?? xx

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