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Welcome to Pass the Sauce Week 3

Well hello saucy linkers!
It is Tuesday.  Which in Blogland can only mean one thing….  Our beloved Agent Spitback is shaking her condiments and is ready to get her #PassTheSauce linky party well and truly rocking.  This week I am very excited (like a slightly irritating puppy), to join her as guest co-host!!  Thank you to the brilliant Prabs of Absolutely Prabulous for handing over the reins to me this week following her fantastic two weeks as guest co-host, where #PassTheSauce actually trended on twitter!! (No pressure then for this week folks?)
I have always been a big fan of dragons, (well you know they breathe fire and stuff so it is probably wise to stay on the right side of them)? But El and I bonded quite some time ago over a shared obsession with fondness for cake, and she is of course such a fabulous host that I couldn’t wait to strap on a tail and step up to the plate!
So here’s what to do, there’s a few rules of course…
Crack open the cake, take a seat, #PassTheSauce!
As The Agent says…
#PasstheSauce Linky, like all the sauces in the world, welcomes all sorts of posts, from crafts,  reviews, rants, DIY, parenting, stories, poetry, humour, just about anything and everything. Remember this is all about community and spreading the #blogginglove.
The most viewed post winner…
Our most viewed post Winner this week is Caring In the Chaos – Ending A Friendship – a beautiful, honest and poignant letter on when you have to end a friendship. Congratulations, Nadine, please take your badge crown!
Rhyming with Wine

#PasstheSauce Picks of the Week… (In the words of the hosts)

The Agent’s Picks :

  1. Our Children – Death of A Pet – Kerry Ann writes with beautiful sensitivity on a topic close to my heart as we are huge animal lovers in the Agent Household. She asks how can we help our child grieve?
  2. Craft Invaders – Fruit Spirits : Raspberry and Mint Gin – Sarah is an incredibly talented blogger who can make anything look good! Raspberry and Mint Gin – who wouldn’t love this recipe?

Prab’s Picks :

  1. Just Saying Mum – But Mum Is there Wifi? Helen’s post had my laughing. She took a popular parental moan about kids and phones and wrote about it from such a clever angle. I never in a million years would have thought of the Chanel bag analogy. The MTV video bit and the tan line on the torso…the whole thing was hilarious. This woman is one to watch
  2. Mess and Merlot – 40 before 40 – bravely took on a 40 point list post. It was a gorgeous read from start to finish with a brilliant series of choices, many of which I related to. Charlie is one of my fave recent finds too and again one to watch and has such an endearing thoroughly likeable style of writing.
The Agent wants to make a particularly special gesture this week – she says this:
“In other news, this week I will be linking up Absolutely Prabulous Post as my Host Post. Why, you ask? Prabs has been an absolute star in showcasing her guest posts, rather than her own posts for the last two weeks and I think it is a crying shame that we did not get to read any of her brilliant writing. So in true Agent Spitback “trendy” style (come on at least give me that, ok?), I have decided to give my host post spot to her this week, a blogger whom I admire with all my heart and that’s not just because of her brilliant writing. Prabs, thank you so much for co-hosting”.
Here come the rules…

Please link up ONE post, old or new.

They can be on any subject except giveaways.

Please use the linky badge on any posts you link up.

Please comment on the post before yours and also on both host and co-host posts.

Please comment and share the blogging love. You will only receive back what you give out, except for Cake.

The linky will run from 11am (GMT) Tuesday to 11am Thursday.

We will share any posts that have been tweeted to us using the hashtag #Passthesauce and our twitter names  @AgentSpitback and @rhymingwithwine.

If you link up, you are agreeing to be notified of future link ups.

I can’t wait to read all your posts!

Dawn x

Add the badge…
Rhyming with Wine

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