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10 Reasons I’m #RockingMotherhood

About a month ago (Yes – I’m a bad blogger!) I was tagged by my lovely #DreamTeam fellow co-host – Bridget at Bridie By The Sea, to share 10 reasons why I am rocking this motherhood gig.  This idea originated from a post by Pat at White Camellias.  She wanted to take the time to “focus on the positives for a moment and be proud for all the little things we do right day after day”.  I absolutely applaud her for this, as I think that we tend to very easily fixate on the bits we aren’t so great at.  We give ourselves so little credit for all the things that we are, quite frankly, kicking ass at!

Image shows a dark blue square with #RockingMotherhood tagline


It has taken me a while to write this as there haven’t been an abundance of things that I’m rocking at jumping into my head.  You will probably have noticed by now that this is also not a rhyming post.  Let’s face it – I’m fishing in a fairly small pond to find 10 things.  I don’t need to narrow it down further by restricting it to items that rhyme with “Jammie Dodger”.

So, #RockingMotherhood in 10:

1. I do baking.  OK so I don’t have the greatest repertoire, but butterfly buns and shortbread I am all over!  I have even advanced to the stage where I am now comfortable (I mean this in the loosest sense of the term) with standing back and letting the tots do the actual stirring and making of the things.  This here is our latest attempt which I have fondly named “Shortbread meets The Walking Dead.”

Image shows a baking tray with a number of dismembered shortbread people and teddy bears.

2. I speak child.  No I don’t mean that I can understand what my two rattle-boxes are jabbering on about. (Mostly Jammie Dodgers FYI).  I mean that I can literally speak child.  The BFG was one of my favourite books as a child, and as such I is fluent in Frobscottle, whizzpoppers, and all sort of wibbly words that normal Human Beans is not speaking much of.  It amuses the small people greatly.  I do however have to be careful at work as I can get a bit excitable and forget that I work in Financial Services and as such it is not acceptable to speak child to one’s manager. (Yes. I have accidentally done that.)

3. This also makes me quite good at reading stories.  We read a story every single day without fail and I do all of the voices and everything.  I can recite the whole of The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo’s child off by heart and with all of the accents (true to the animated films).

4. We do ducks.  I am good at ducks.  I even buy proper duck food. (We try not to mention the time that The Boy took out a duck with a small bread/loaf missile).  We have a lot of well fed ducks in our area and I’m pretty sure that we are responsible for that.

Image shows Miss Tot feeding ducks and swans.


5. Organised.  I am this.  Irritatingly so.  The upside of being obsessively organised is that there is never a World Book Day or a “Bring some stuff into nursery” day that I have missed.  I am on it.  I am all over it.  In fact I am possibly suffocating it, but that’s fine!  Don’t worry kids.  I have a diary (or 6) for that!

6. I’m actually quite handy with a set of googly eyes and a pipecleaner.  I have also learned to control my eye twitch at the moment that my kitchen becomes instantly turned into a crafting bombsite. *puffs chest out with pride*.


Image shows a kitchen table and chair covered in bits of paper and the boy doing some sticking in the middle of it all.


7. We do a lot of adventures.  Adventuring is what I like to do best.  Luckily Daddy Pig is even more of an adventure seeker than I am, and so the tots are very rarely bored.  Last weekend there was some snow somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere.  As such the hubby made it his mission to find it with his trusty weather app.  It was raining at our house, and we got a few odd looks packing up the car with a shovel and a sledge, but within an hour we were doing this:


Image shows a snowy landscape with trees and Miss Tot being pulled by her dad on a sledge.


Well Miss Tot and Daddy Pig were.  Mstr Tot was mostly doing this:


Image shows Mstr Tot in my arms pulling a very unhappy whingey face.

But you know, the thought was there!

8. Like most mums I have to say that I am very good at cuddles. (Or as The Boy calls them: “Duddles”.) I have a full selection which I carry with me for all occasions.  I find that they are particularly effective in healing bumped heads and bereft small people that have had their favourite toy forcibly removed from their grasp by their slightly possessive big sister.

9. I also specialize in The Monster Cuddle.  This involves a certain amount of growling and chasing small people on your knees so that you can eventually catch them and generally give them a good monstering.  It tends to make them giggle a lot and can cause friction burns to the monster’s knees, but it is a favourite in our house, and I am the best at it in the world.  Apparently?  The Boy cannot say “Monster Cuddle” and so instead he comes up to me and “RAAAAH”s in my face.  Often in public.  I speak child though as detailed previously so it’s fine.

10. Sometimes, well most of the times actually.  As a mum I tend to run about with my head up my own bottom.  I’m generally trying to keep all of the things wiped and all of the offspring provided with whatever their current unreasonable demand of choice may be.  I can however always be counted on to throw an impromptu dance party for the tiny people (and me).  We have a number of favourite tracks to throw shapes and jiggle to.  We have very much enjoyed this one as recommended by Alana at Burnished Chaos.  Although for now we are all about this…


(You are welcome!)

So that is why I am #RockingMotherhood.  Over to you now:

Gemma – Colleys Wobbles

Charlie – Mess and Merlot

Lucy – Lucy at Home

Wendy – Naptime Natter

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… and not forgetting this new and exciting linky which is all about the #bloglove by Lucy and Wendy as detailed above!

130 thoughts on “10 Reasons I’m #RockingMotherhood

  1. Oh Dawn I am sure you are fabulous at many many things way and above these!! I love that you speak child, and we too are often found having an impromptu dance party (I say this as Baby Lighty dances like a madman to Justin’s House). His current favourite though is a song by the Wiggles about getting a giant teddy bear to sleep and then waking him up by shouting in his face?! It’s, erm, interesting?! #DreamTeam

  2. I’m one of those mothers who still feeds ducks bread and I’ve never read the gruffalo. I’m only 15 months in tho, there’s still time ?? #Dreamteam

    1. Haha well I hadn’t read the Gruffalo when my first was 15 months yet either, and I can’t promise that bread isn’t sometimes on the menu for our ducks too! I’m sure you too will be fluent in Gruffalo in next to no time ? xx

    1. Aw thank you Laura. That’s possibly just because there isn’t a “10 reasons that you suck at being a mum” tag – but if there was I would probably come across a lot less fun haha. Thank you so much for your comment though. It’s lovely to read that and I think we all need to give ourselves some mummalove every now and then. Right back to you too. ? xx

  3. Oh my word I’m sorry but is your name supermum?!!! Amazing! Fluent in child, reading with voices every day, not missed a world book day – my children are not allowed to read this post ever!! Seriously impressed and you are totally rocking motherhood – in fact you are the rock!! #DreamTeam

  4. This has made me feel a lot better about my mothering – thank you. I can at least do some of these. I was very good at ducks! Mine are all tweens and teens now but cuddles are still important! #DreamTeam xx

    1. Aw that’s good to know. I feel as though I’m on the clock and that the cuddles will run out as soon as they start school? It’s lovely to hear that I’ll still be getting my ‘duddle’ fix for some time yet. Thank you ? x

  5. I love this! I am so rubbish at voices whilst reading, my only saving grace is that Hubby is even worse πŸ˜‰ I’m pretty organised but I am definitely not suffocating it! I wish I was some days.

  6. Ahhh this is a lovely post. I also specialise in the Monster cuddle, this is a popular activity that ends in lots of giggles and dodgy scuffed up knees for mummy!!

  7. Ah ha ha ‘walking dead biscuits’ thanks for the laugh. I’ve had some daft baking creations in my time and I can’t even blame kids.

    I want to say a HUGE thank you for using proper bird food for feeding the ducks. I hate to be a spoil sport when I see parents and kids feeding the ducks with bread BUT it is so so so bad for them and the rest of the pond environment. So a big big thank you. The ducks must love you ?

    1. Thank you lovely. I must guiltily confess that I do sometimes take bread if we’re out of duck food and I know I really shouldn’t! I much prefer to get duck food and feel like I’m doing right by them where I can. I shall slap my own wrist though and be sure to keep my supplies well stocked in future! Thank you ? xx

  8. I’m very impressed by all your baking, crafting and adventuring – all things I could probably be better at. I’ve nearly memorised The Gruffalo too, along with a bunch of other children’s books – surely that’s got to be a good party skill? #DreamTeam

  9. Ah I love adventures too, and baking (although I have to sit on my hands to stop myself interfering with the kids when they’re trying to “help”!)

    Thanks for the nomination πŸ™‚ I definitely need to get on and do this! #DreamTeam

  10. Great post, I love th idea of the post as like you said we are often not great at focusing on things we are doing well. Love the monster cuddle! I was doing something similar with my little boy when he started crawling but have been unable to keep this up recently at 38 weeks pregnant! #dreamteam

  11. Ahh mama! You’ve got it nailed! I still struggle with the chaos that comes with crafting too! (memories, I mean memories, who doesn’t want googly eyes glued to the dining room table!?)

    I love that you dance. Uptownfunk is a favourite here too!

    As for baking. I love to bake. Involving the toddler is a great excuse for when it goes wrong (that happens a lot!)

    You are definitely #Rockingmotherhood

  12. you truely are rocking motherhood lovely! I have amazing visions of a duck being beaten by bread… oh the visions… definitely one that will take a lot to shake for the night hahaha! #dreamteam

  13. What a brilliant idea to list the positives we all do as mums rather than thinking about the negative things and beating ourselves up that were not ‘perfect’. You are definitely rocking motherhood! #Dreamteam

  14. Oh it definitely sounds like you are rocking motherhood to me. I really enjoyed doing this tag. I like the fact that you’ve learned to step back and let the kids do the work when baking. I’m slowly trying to do this too!!

  15. #dreamteam #candidcuddles #marvmonday ohhh i lvoe this and so enjoyed writing mine. So sound like a super creative and fun mummy. I have to say though i LOL’d at the line ‘I’m good at ducks’ haha, never loose this super power πŸ™‚

  16. Yes Dawn! You are totally rocking motherhood, love that you cN speak too! Thanks for the tag, the linky mention and for joining us at #BlogCrush xx

  17. Great post! Your walking dead short bread look brilliant, down the same hole and all that jazz! You know your rocking motherhood when you don’t even flinch at the thought of a crafting disaster!!! #DreamTeam

  18. definitely you are a rockingmotherhood! I like to read all post from Mom who are rockingmotherhood:) Your is one of the funniest:D

  19. I love that you speak child and do ducks! And very impressed with the baking as that’s an area I’m afraid my kids have realised is not mummy’s forte. You are definitely rocking this motherhood mallarkey #dreamteam

  20. I love that you speak child and do ducks! And very impressed with the baking as that’s an area I’m afraid my kids have realised is not mummy’s forte.
    You are definitely rocking this motherhood mallarkey #dreamteam

  21. Wow you sound like such a fun mummy! Love hearing about the monster cuddles and dancing… Brill about finding the snow too. Well done! #DreamTeam

  22. Oh I absolutely love this, you are most definitely rockingmotherhood! All of these reasons are fab. Monster cuddles are the best, and I’m slightly jealous that you are fluent in child speak. I would love to be able to do that. #dreamteam

  23. Top quality postage there Dawny Dawnster! The battered and baked people were a particular fave! You are indeed rocking motherhood and indeed bloghood. #DreamTeam

  24. You certainly are rocking at motherhood! And I absolutely love ‘Shortbread meets the Walking Dead’!! I actually lol’d! I also love the fact that you went off in search of snow…I am doing this next time there is snow somewhere in the uk!

  25. Aww this is lovely – thank you for the mention! You are most definitely rocking motherhood…you reminded me that I also talk toddler which makes us awesome πŸ™‚ Thanks for hosting #dreamteam with me xx

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