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10 Signs that it’s Daddy Day!

The offspring and I are so lucky,

As The Daddy is truly the best,

And he looks after both of the offspring

When I pop into work for a rest.

But our days with the kids are quite different,

Despite the same parenting views,

You can tell when it’s “Mummy’s at work day”.

By observing these few subtle clues…

1) The Daddy – Β in charge of small offspring,

Shall instinctively head to The Park.

Where he tends to avoid conversation,

Preferring to circle – like shark.

2) The daughter, looks quite like a fraggle,

And shows off her “hair don’t” with pride.

There could be some vague trace of brushing,

And a half arsed attempt with a slide?

3) The offspring, on closer inspection,

Appear quite haphazardly dressed?

With scant care for coordination.

And a general distinct lack of vest.

4) The Daddy Day breakfast agenda:

* Breakfast shall always be toast.

* Porridge is “too much commitment”.

* Just butter. Β One slice at the most.

5) Their nourishing meal in the evening,

Will mostly be sourced from a tin.

With some sort of bean connotation,

And be scored as a #DaddyDayWin

6) All toys shall be Lego or Play-Doh,

Or some sort of den building game.

But not ever painting or sticking!

“Encouraging mess is insane!”

7) The nappy bag – stocked at the outset,

Shall promptly be left on the floor.

As “Daddies don’t need all this nonsense”

And “What the hell’s all this crap for?”

8) The grandparents tend to be called on,

Where Daddy will mostly get fed.

They might take the kids in the garden.

Leaving Dad to watch telly instead.

9) All Daddy Day chores shall be missions.

And listed with pride at The Mum.

To ensure that she notes his achievements,

And respects how much housework he’s done!

*puffs chest out and points at dishwasher*

As soon as my home time approaches,

The Daddy calls out “Mummy’s here!”

By this point he’s slightly disheveled, and itching to reach for a beer.

10) The children are shattered but happy

And just the correct side of wired,

Completely contented and grubby,

And perfectly “Daddy Day” tired.

The Tots are excited to see me,

To regale the adventures they’ve had,

And their eyes have that warm special sparkle,

That just comes from a day with their Dad.


74 thoughts on “10 Signs that it’s Daddy Day!

    1. Haha the mere thought of paint sends my hubby into a cold sweat. As does cooking anything of a non-tin based variety! He does however build a fantastic den and his Duplo towers are impeccable! Thanks for reading. πŸ™‚

    1. Hahaha. I love it! I firmly believe that my other half does actually have a better grip on the parenting thing than I do. Less fuss, no nonsense, everyone gets through the day relatively unscathed and happy. What’s not to love about that? πŸ˜‰

  1. If it weren’t for the fact that Arthur’s Daddy only does ‘Daddy day’ when he’s not working (weekend) and even then it’s usually just a daddy morning – I’d start to think that your children and my child have the same Father, reading this lol! #fartglitter

    1. Haha, well yes I must admit that Daddy Day in our family is a Saturday as I work Friday and Sat and the hubby works Mon to Fri. I think one day is enough for him though. Any more would possibly send him over the edge! πŸ˜‰ Thanks for reading x

  2. Haha! Love the breakfast agenda. Sadly, my breakfast concoctions – like lunch and supper – are rather like this, whereas NW is a marvel with home made pancakes. He does these on Sundays and we all have about 8 as we’ve been so malnourished during the rest of the week! Thanks for hosting #fartglitter

    1. NW cooks? Like actual food? The hubby does not cook. He warms. That is the full spectrum of his culinary skill. Actual pancakes? Wow! I’m so jealous *glares at back of hubby’s head with envy* πŸ˜‰ Thanks hun x

  3. My hubby loves to tell me about all the housework he’s done while I have my much needed Sunday lie in. Although, he is an excellent cook and I’m much more inclined to cook something with beans if I’m making dinner. Lovely poem , the daddy days sound fun to me!xx #Fartglitter

    1. Thank you. They are incredible fun and the kids love them! I think the hubby quite enjoys them too, however there will never be food of a non bean related variety! I’m so impressed that your hubby cooks! The hubby… not so much with the cooking. πŸ˜‰ x

  4. Sounds like a chaotic but fun day! I know there are so many differences between my hubby and I and that it definitely comes out in the ways that we interact with our little one. #fartglitter

  5. Love it! Daddy day is non existant here, maybe daddy hour or 2 where just number 8 happens; so I’d love to be a fly on the wall when daddy weekend happens this weekend! *evil laugh*


  6. Love it! So sweet. Love the ‘circling’ comment, why do Dads do that?! Although I was the one who put the vest on the baby backwards this weekend! #fartglitter

    1. Yes but at least there was a vest? I put one out with the outfits every Saturday and it generally gets discarded as useless piffle, along with most of the stuff I lovingly lay out and prepare. Hmmmf. Thanks hun x

  7. Haha daddy is quite good with hair and food in our house (he checks with me first) but the rest of the house is like a bomb site!!! Haha! Thanks for hosting xx

  8. Sounds exactly like our Daddy days here although I must admit hubby is a good cook his daddy day usually involves McDonalds and there’s always a trip to grandma’s especially if there’s sport on. Really enjoyed this! ?

  9. haha love this! Daddy certainly does things his own way and little man absolutely loves to have his boys only days. But I love that huge smile and running into my arms that I get when I get home. And since I’m a sahm it’s not very often I get to receive one of those, usually it’s Daddy since he gets it every day after work.

    1. It is really nice to be the one that’s been missed every now and again isn’t it. Ours usually come to meet me from the train and it’s so nice to see their faces light up as they spot me. Thanks Sarah x

  10. Ha, I love this! I’m still on maternity leave, so no “work rest” for me, but on the odd occasion that Daddy gets to have Alfie all day, he definitely does a better job than me – the baby is still alive AND the housework is done at the end of the day! I can barely get myself dressed πŸ˜‰ thanks for hosting #fartglitter

  11. I so totally loved this! Most dads (sweeping generalisation) seem to have a much more relaxed approach to parenting! I guess it’s all about the balance! #fartglitter

  12. This sounds exactly like our daddy day too! Our daddy days always involve Mcdonalds and ice cream, dirty faces and dirty knees! Fab poem as always! #fartglitter

  13. I love this! My husband is going to be watching the Popple for two days a week when I go back to work, and I have a feeling it’s going to go a lot like this – mismatched clothes, my daughter’s hair looking a mess, and trips to the park where he speaks to no one. I think he’s going to be surprised how hard it is to care for a small person for an entire day! #fartglitter

  14. Ah this is so lovely! And funny, I already know that this is going to be life with my husband when he becomes ‘Daddy’! I already can’t be away for one night without him eating just beans on toast or being fed by either his or my parents! #FartGlitter

  15. this is brilliant. I have so much admiration for your rhyming skills and being funny at the same time. and you are so spot on! love love love!

  16. lol this is so true. Daddy’s do parenting differently and why do they needed to be praised for emptying the bin or changing the toilet roll? I work too for a rest πŸ˜‰ x

  17. Ah this is lovely. When I read the title I thought it was going to be a bit of a rant about Daddy Day but I love it. What a great way to show your appreciation. xx

  18. Hi Dawn, we couldn’t have Mummy Day like that if we tried, but let the men have their day and revel in their success (on keeping the children out of harms way). There is nothing like a good hair don’t, it’s my favourite style… I wonder if that has anything to do with my Dad?

    Fabulous rhyme as usual!


    1. Yeah its great for one day a week isn’t it but any more than that would probably not be sustainable! To be fair to the hubby though Miss Tot tends to sport a hair don’t most days of the week. I spend ages plaiting and faffing about and she just dives into the sofa head first. He probably has the right idea – just don’t bother full stop! Thanks for commenting Debbie xx

  19. My other half looks after the kids at home three days a week whilst I’m at work. He does an awesome job of keeping them entertained and fed, and they are usually both present and correct when I get home πŸ™‚ The house does often resemble a bombsite, but then it does when I’m at home with them too!
    x Alice

    1. Haha sounds like you’ve definitely got a SuperDad there! I have to agree – the house is a tip when I have the kids too! It’s always a bonus when both are correct and present at the end of the day πŸ˜‰ Thanks for commenting x

  20. Aw I love this. My hubby has started to pick the kids up from kindergarten on a Tuesday and doing daddy-day-care and the kids LOVE it. It is nice as I get to do one very long day at work too which makes the rest of the week easy and flexible, so it is ace all round πŸ™‚ xxx

    1. It’s nice to be able to hand over once in a while isn’t it? It’s like an adventure for the kids in our house. They form a little team for the day and it’s lovely. One long day at work definitely sounds the best way! πŸ™‚ Thanks for commenting lovely x

  21. Love it! So accurate! What is it with the clothing?? My OH actually rarely picks the kids’ clothes, but they have worn some random, clashing stuff when he does. In fact, the first time he ever dressed the eldest, he had then gone round to one of our friend’s house, and evidently the first thing she said was, ‘Er, did you dress her today?’ – so odd was the outfit, there was no other explanation! #fartglitter

    1. … oops hit send a bit quick then! … clothing that he sees. If it is clothing and keeps them warm it is appropriate and functional. Forget coordination and style. He has no time for such piffle! πŸ˜€ Thanks for commenting x

  22. It pisses me off every year that on Mother’s Day my husbands work schedule somehow always ends up with him working and so I don’t get the day off. Then come summer he somehow always ends up with Father’s Day off and this year even took vacation and we are going on our big summer vacation during that time. Where he will do nothing but fish all day while I keep the kids at bay! Haha I rhymed. Thanks of hostessing #fartglitter and again I apologize for my delay in comments as I am slowly catching up.

    1. Aw no probs at all Trista. Thanks for popping by. My hubby always seems to wangle it that we’re away for his birthday. Mine is a week later and always coincides with coming home to an obscene amount of washing. Bleughh! Xx

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