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10 Signs That You’re Addicted To Blogging.

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How do you know if you’re addicted?

Many of you that read this post will be bloggers yourselves.  You are already fully paid up citizens of Blogland.  You get it.  But do you ever wonder how far your #bloglove will take you?  Is your phone now an additional limb?  Have you started to speak in HTML? Are you lost without an hourly stats fix?  Are you… *dramatic pause*…addicted?  The following guide may just help you to recognise those tell-tale signs:

(If you are not a blogger at all but just happened to pop by for a nosy, *waves* come on in and have a chortle at the darkish side of our #blogworldproblems.  You may even need this information to support a bloggy friend in need one day!)

An addicted parenting blogger* – Self Assesment:

  • 1. You assess your inclinations to visit a place based entirely on photo opportunities, and the likelihood of the kids doing something ridiculous which will make interesting post fodder.
  • 2. You avoid the coffee shop nearest to work before going in on a morning.  You do not want to risk bumping into people that you may know. You may end up feeling obliged to head into work with them 5 minutes early.  Those Instagram pics aren’t going to like themselves you know!
  • 3. You wait for an appropriate moment at home to go to the toilet.  You sneak your phone into your pocket as you go.  Stealth.  Special attempts are made not to be seen doing so.  You consider doing a commando crawl to the bathroom but realise that you no longer have the stamina.  You get very huffy when you are followed 20 second later by small people that want stuff.
  • 4. Dental appointments are arranged just for the uninterrupted time to catch up in the waiting room.  You are disgruntled when your dentist is running on time.  You are however, thrilled to find out that you need a root canal. You look forward to all of the quality time you will be able to spend thinking up posts with nobody demanding juice or their nose / bottom wiping.
  • 5. Responding to non-blog related emails sends you into an uncontrolled rage.  You do not have time for that sh*t!
  • 6. You are blatantly rude to the nice person that tries to start up a conversation with you on the train.  You had important stuff scheduled into that 20 minute journey.  Chatting to strangers about the joys of Network Snail is not on your list!
  • 7. You charge your phone battery every time you pass by your charger.  Just in case.  Better to be safe than sorry.
  • 8. Before going on holiday you spend around three weeks scheduling and planning to ensure that your site is not neglected while you’re away.  You consider packing some clothes and essential items approximately 45 mins before you’re due to leave the house.
  • 9. Your housework is always rushed.  Everything in your house is given a “quick flick over” because “you’ve got a lot on this week”.
  • 10. You convince yourself that not all weeks are like this.  You just have quite a bit to get done this week.  Next week will be less demanding…

Or just maybe…

You aren’t addicted at all? Maybe you’ve just found a passion for something that makes you feel a part of an incredible community of supportive parents.  Perhaps you’re just a life-starved mum or dad who worships their kids with every ounce of their being, but misses the challenge of work and the opportunity to have an actual thought all of their own? Maybe you just love it.  Possibly even more than cake? Just maybe… ?

  • 11. Denial. 🙂

NB: Please note that I only have experience of the parenting blogger kind.  However I understand that similar symptoms can be experienced across all of Blogland. Let’s raise awareness.  Any other symptoms welcomed in the comments section below.


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141 thoughts on “10 Signs That You’re Addicted To Blogging.

    1. Ps. Love the sound of that cherry bakewell shower gel! I’ve just popped by your site for a catch up but can’t leave a comment for some reason. Hope your April is as fab as March had been! …And let’s hope for a good season finale on Monday for The Walking Dead! 🙂 x

  1. Hahaha I love this. Especially about the dentist – so true. In fact I was so gutted when I went to a new hairdressers and had about 5 linkies to read and comment on and she wanted to chat. Nooooooo! #bigpinklink

  2. Haha a LOT of those are very familiar! Though I kind of agree with no 11 though – as long as you’re not COMPLETELY rejecting actual human contact, then I reckon there’s no harm in indulging your passion for blogging!

  3. No, no, no this is silly isn’t it. You can’t get addicted to blogging… or social media. I do it because I like it. I don’t ‘sneak’ my phone anywhere, I’ll simply ignore the little hands tugging at my trousers until I’ve finished this comment. Totally normal behaviour.
    What was number 11? X

    1. Exactly. I mean it’s not good to indulge such errant trouser tugging behaviour. It’s definitely a behaviour that it better to be ignored. Excellent blogging hobby comes to the aid of we parents yet again! ?… Number 11? No no. Definitely only 10 here people. ? Thanks lovely. This made me grin! Xx

    1. Oh yeah. Definitely guilty of that one too! Or when someone asks you how your day out to *random place* went and you want to tell them just to read your blog as it has all the details in there? ? ? Thanks Jeremy.

  4. Hi Dawn, *standing up* my name is Debbie and I am a blog addict *mumble, mumble*… Although real life has been a little busy and has gone and gotten in the way recently. I can so relate to weighing up photo opportunities for blogging and Instagram posts when I am and about or invited out, I am almost ashamed to admit to that (not quite, though). And the number of times, I hear myself saying I have a lot on this week when in reality all I really have planned is blogging, is really quite a lot…. I’m a blogger and proud of it!


  5. Haha this made me laugh to. I am forever sneaking off to the toilet in work to check notifications and reply quickly to any blog emails. I can’t even switch off for the whole 16 hours I’m actually employed for that’s a problem isn’t it! #blogcrush

  6. Ah this is so true! Particularly #denial haha! I love that I’ve found a passion with lots of other amazing people and I’ve got to experience some truly wonderful events. I am also much more aware of my photography “skills” these days and love to look for a good photo op. #DreamTeam

  7. Arghh love this…. Archiving ideas for blog posts because they blatently relate to a recent conversation with a friend twiddling thumbs until acceptable amount of time has passed.

    Feeling slight annoyance when looking through gallery how much kids have been in a state of undress due to the heat rendering most recent cute pics ‘useless’

    Love this post!

  8. I think I’m in denial. In fact I know I’m in denial. It’s when someone starts talking to me and I’m 100% not listening because I’m reading/tweeting/writing something on my phone. Or I’m going through my phone deleting 29/30 photos of Hugo doing the same thing #instaaddict! #DreamTeam

  9. Nope, not me at all…. It *will* be easier next week. I *won’t* catch myself obsessing about everything that still needs to be done. I am *not*addicted. But on the off-chance… is denial a symptom of addiction..? #dreamteam

  10. This post me a smile as I found myself engrossed with blogging stuff on the train recently ignoring everyone else. So maybe I’m a tad addicted as well #dreamteam

  11. Oh, #3 is definitely me. I’m really bad about trying to sneak my phone into the toilet with me – as though my toddler isn’t going to follow me in 30 seconds later. I really should know better by now. #DreamTeam

  12. I approached this post with serious trepidation. Surely I was to have at least three, but 10 for 10! OMG! Is there a new Linky Anonymous forming on our behalf! No one will take my phone away, will they. Well, maybe it was just this week. Uh-oh. I have all 11. YOU ARE BRILLIANT! #DreamTeam

  13. Haha ! I think I need the men in white jackets I’m a lost hope. The first thing I do when I open my eyes in the morning is reach for my phone I’m obsessed great read Dawn thanks for hosting #dreamteam

  14. In one way this post made me smile but in another it reminds me that I am disturbed by how too many bloggers let blogging take over life when if anything it should always be the other way round in my view. I like to step back from time to time to prove to myself that I can and have never found myself chained to a phone so there is hope for me yet.

  15. Oh my stars my first six months of blogging were so this….all of this and more! I really thought I might have to check myself into a program somewhere. Then the book writing and promo took over…totally consuming and non stop. Now I finally have found (somewhat) of a balance.

    Thank goodness.

    Who knew it could all be so addicting? Not me.


  16. I’m going to add number 11 – you mix more with bloggers than your real friends! Oh my word the shift in my friendship group since I’ve started blogging – I’m exaggerating but you get my drift!! It’s just fab isn’t it?! #DreamTeam

  17. Haha! I’ve found myself avoiding conversations in public because I have a precious 10 minutes where I could do ‘blogging stuff’! and all the other points to be honest, yep I’m Helen and I’m addicted to blogging x

  18. #dreamteam at the moment I’m trying to balance growing my blog and being present in family life.. its trickier than i thought…i span from denial to addicted hourly.

  19. Ah ha!!! Loved the ending!! V.worried that all 11 points apply to me. Other symptoms I’ve experienced are forgetting my children’s names and saying thank you to ATMs (the latter may be just me getting elderly and nothing to do with blogging though). Such a great post, you are an amazing writer!!xx #DreamTeam

  20. Haha! Fab post Dawn, I must have said yes to most of these. It’s amazing how much blogging takes over everything. A good measure to see how addicted a blogger is, is if you can go cold turkey on the blogging front for a week. No blog posts, photos or social media… not sure if I would be able to 🙂 I mean… is that even possible?! #DreamTeam xxx

    1. I’ve recently tried it. I did actually manage over a week of not blogging or promoting my stuff, although I couldn’t stop myself reading and sharing everyone else’s still haha. So no, I don’t think it is possible. Good job we love it. ?? xx

  21. Hahaha! I was sitting in the doctor’s waiting room yesterday and a woman decided to strike up a conversation with me. I was hoping to use that time to reply to comments, so was furious! And the sneaking into the toilet thing with the phone! i actually put the phone down my knickers last week cause i didnt have any pockets! OMG How sad and bad is that??
    Great post as always

  22. Oh goodness…I’ve got the bug! Another one for me, leaving to do the afternoon school run 15 minutes early so you get uninterrupted time in the car to catch up on stuff on your phone – then notice another Mum coming over to your car and feel you need to hide behind your seat so they can’t see you! #dreamteam

  23. Dawn, too funny! We food bloggers can have a bit of a problem as well – can’t plan a meal without wondering how we might turn it into a blog post. Hate making some of the stuff we love to eat because it isn’t photogenic! (Like my post today!)

  24. I just scrolled down here to get to the comments section, so if the amount of comments you get is related to you addiction, then it’s paying off. I’m still at the I just hope some bored b*gg*r reads what I’ve written. I do feel guilty about not publishing often enough and worry about the ups-and-downs of my stats. Okay, maybe I have slight addiction!

  25. Ha ha! This is all so true. Mr H frowns at me now when he sees me take my phone into the bathroom. And he knows that making a cup of tea always takes a very long time as it involves a great deal of instagram liking and social media updates. Brilliant post. Thanks for hosting the #DreamTeam. Hugs Lucy xxxx

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