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Ten Candles – A guest post by Absolutely Prabulous

Welcome to the fourth post in the “Cheers!” Series!

Those of you that have popped by my site before will know that I am a tiny bit obsessed with rhyming. “Cheers!” is a series of rhyming guest posts that I am honoured to share, mostly with a parenting theme, from some of the most talented and lovely people in Blogland!

So, onto this week’s oh so talented Blog Superstar…  May I have a drum roll please, for the incredible Prabs of Absolutely Prabulous.  This is one of the first posts that I actually read of Prabs’ (I know – where have I been blogging all these months??) and I don’t mind admitting that I got quite choked up and emotional about it.  Prabs lends her usual blend of humour and honesty, with a touch of  beautiful reflection and a whole load of awesome ‘rhymingness’ for this post.  It’s no surprise to me that Absolutely Prabulous is a FINALIST for both the MAD Blog Awards and the Brilliance in Blogging Awards in the Best Writer Category 2016.  Good luck Prabs! I have everything crossed for you x

Over to you…


Ten Candles

Oh my goodness, Musical M, how is it possible that you’re now ten?!

I remember lying on my hospital bed, staring with wonder at your tiny head.

So many thoughts and so many feelings ran through me as I stared at the ceiling,

Still numb from that needle before it hit me, I now had life’s greatest responsibility.

Baby blues but also tears of joy…that scan was wrong and you weren’t a boy!

You were underweight, not properly responding; oh the struggle to feed you and worry over bonding.

The following months are wonderful memories; the wishes, the gifts, the flowers, the ceremonies,

Proud grandparents and siblings, smiles and affection…but let’s not forget the shock of a c-section.

Endless visitors with their congratulations. The first child earns rock star adulation!

One thing that was no surprise? My loving husband became a loving dad before my eyes.

Many great moments. One of the best: Daddy Cool saying “I love her so much it hurts!” as you slept on his chest.

I remember tidying your crib changing the bedding while you smiled as he sang tunes by Otis Redding.

Summer 2004 was an unforgettable time; the exhaustion of new motherhood…yet it was sublime.

It’s clichéd but it seems like only yesterday when I’d be up all night with you crying and then

Spend the entire day holding you in my pyjamas, trying to eat something myself – a daily drama.

I’d hold you and rock you and feed you for hours, praying you’d sleep so I could just grab a shower.

Endless baby and mama pics but don’t zoom in; my priorities had changed and I’d no time for grooming.

Parenting books, car signs with Baby on Board, mums’ coffee mornings…just don’t mention Gina Ford.

Sterilisers, muslins, bibs and high chairs, pushchairs and car seats and gates for the stairs,

Portable equipment from changing mats to potties; just leaving the house became seriously dotty.

Then we said goodbye to the UK and moved to the sun. Hello villa with pool: life in Malta looked fun!

Your first steps, the daycare years and I got pregnant with number two…failing to toilet train you before he arrived so I was up to my eyes in poo.

You were such a cute toddler, you made everyone drool. Then bam, just like that, you started school.

We realised quickly that you’re more arty…and we discovered playdates, sleepovers and endless parties.

Now I can’t believe we sent you, aged only three. But you seemed ready…your brother was so little…I needed the break, you see.

The years have rolled by and we’ve moved into a new phase. Teletubbies, Pooh Bear…long gone are those days.

Goodbye frilly frocks and Hello Kitty toys. Hello One Direction, tennis matches and talk of boys.

YouTube, Wii, Monster High and Rihanna; the tweenie stage…too old for Disney Princess but don’t ask for Hannah Montana.

Pierced ears, hair styles, cool threads and nail varnish. Can’t we just hang on before your childhood we tarnish?

I know I mustn’t control you but please don’t worship Miley Cyrus. And don’t stop reading, playing and creating or you’ll catch the ‘too-much-screen-time-virus’.

You’ll have to bear with me as I try to find my feet, parenting your changing character is hard but I know you’re still sweet.

It should get easier as kids get older but your STUFF is all over the place. And the forgetting to brush your hair or even wash your face!

The number of things you break or lose, it simply drives me crazy. The homework you ‘forget’…are you just too young or just too lazy?

I know the eldest usually has it rough. So I should go easier on you but I do find it tough.

I guess you could say we have a clash of personality but hey it’s not your fault; you’re just a mini me.

An impatient mum, it’s almost outrageous. Why get mad at an angel whose laugh is so contagious?

Ten candles later, should I have played more? Should I have been more fun and cared less about chores?

I know regrets are pointless yet those are my wishes…but I was so busy having babies and washing the dishes.

So ten candles later, here we are. You’re Musical M with a voice that could carry you far.

I love that we share a passion for music and words. Keep dreaming. Keep singing. Make sure you are heard.

Ten candles later, your life is a ball. With your great spirit and big heart, you deserve to have it all.

Making your cake, I think of each year symbolised by these ten candles. Now fetch your dress, do your face and hair and grab your party sandals.


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If you loved this as much as I did, a) go get yourself a tissue and dry those peepers, and b) have a nosy at Prabs’ bio and how to follow her…

Hi I’m Prabs, a London/Paris girl turned beach-loving mum in Malta & dedicated key loser. Greatest achievement: leaving the house with 3 kids (gold medal please). Biggest fears: running out of vodka & screwing up my kids (in that order). Married to: the luckiest man on earth. Core skills: reheating tea/avoiding housework. Needs rehab for: sarcasm addiction. Best trick I learned: wearing sunglasses at home so I can’t see the mess.

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40 thoughts on “Ten Candles – A guest post by Absolutely Prabulous

  1. Hi Dawn and Prabs, a very special rhyme for a very special girl. Sadly they do grow up too fast, I tried spraying mine in hairspray to to slow down their growth, but to no avail.

    I really must try wearing sunglasses in doors more, but I may end up in A&E!

    Loved it and I’m always in awe of people who can write posts in rhyme!


  2. Yep I needed tissues. Oh, just beautiful. I feel like parenting a ten year old is so, so far off but my littlest nephew is turning 4 and it only feels like a few months ago he was born! It just flies. This is such a lovely series, you’re all so clever with your rhymes! #bigpinklink

  3. I love this! And I was supposed to be a boy too! Which is why my baby pics have me in so much blue (helped along by my lack of hair until I was nearly 2!) #DreamTeam

  4. oh this post made me all tearful Prabs – what are you doing to me?! This line:
    “Many great moments. One of the best: Daddy Cool saying “I love her so much it hurts!” as you slept on his chest.”
    Just wow. It’s so hard seeing them grow up but I love the way you thought about the significance of each of those 10 candles – you lovely mummy you! And well done on the rhyming – Absolutely Fabulous! #ablogginggoodtime

  5. Beautifully written as always, Prabs but I did have a giggle at a few parts as well… “up to my eyes in poo”…hahaha… Thank goodness those days are over and there are more adventures ahead.

    Lovely series, Dawn…thanks for hosting.

    Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink

  6. Oh my word this is so lovely. It really hit me like a ton of bricks. Very talented and thoughtful post. It’s really made me think about my 7 month old and to cherish every second. #momsterslink

  7. That was so beautiful – that really got me in the feelies. Such a beautifully written post that just flowed across the page. I truly cherish every second with my daughter and consider her the gift I never thought I’d get.

    Thanks for linking to #ablogginggoodtime xoxo

  8. Oh gosh this made me cry!! How beautiful and what a perfect way to commemorate her tenth birthday! I get emotional with every birthday but ten, double figures, is a big one isn’t it? Happy Birthday Musical M!! #justanotherlinky

  9. How wonderful! Ten years gone in a flash but amazing how the tiny details from even the early days is still so vivid. I’ve got a 19m and newborn and am trying to soak it all up too. Before I know it, I’ll be doing a 10 year look back too. Happy birthday to your baby (for they always are and always will be no matter how old, right?) xx

    1. You have a similar age gap between tots to me lovely. It’s fun isn’t it haha. Totally agree with you though – I can already sense that there will be ten candles on those cakes before I blink. Thanks for reading xx

  10. Way to go Prabs! And Happy Birthday to your growing girl! They do grow so fast…I try to remember that when I’m losing my mommy shit and wishing there was a fast forward button. Someday they won’t be here for me to yell at. Great post and thank you Dawn for linking with #momsterslink :))

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