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A 2016 Rhyme for your Christmas Cards

It’s that time of year again!  My silver glitter pen has been retrieved and dusted down ready for the writing of very many Christmas cards.  I’m actually not that great at writing cards.  I always manage to get all of my presents bought in October and November, as everyone knows that present buying = shopping, whereas wrapping presents and writing cards = admin.  The former I am all over but not so much with the latter.  Since starting my blog I have found myself coming under increased pressure to come up with a touching little rhyme for my cards.  “Merry Christmas, with lots of love” no longer cuts it for my friends and family, and so we now have a tradition of making a number of cards by hand for some of the special people in our lives.

Image shows two children painting their hands and printing Christmas cards at a kitchen table.

I’m a big lover of hand-prints and so my personal favourite is to paint my tots hands in glitter glue and let them each create a sparkly hand-print onto cream card.  We then turn these into Christmas cards, and have also framed some as gifts, along with a little Christmas rhyme.  I always end up including a reference to the John Lewis ad for each year as they feel like a little milestone for me as I look back over the years.  (I love those ads with a capital heart!)  My grandma now has a lovely montage of hand-prints and rhymes which show them both growing up as the Christmases have passed by.

In the true spirit of Christmas I feel like I should share some useful tips or festive recipes at this time of year, but as I’m not very practical and my baking skills are not to be relied upon,  I thought I would share this year’s rhyme with you all.  If any of you quite fancy copying it for your own Christmas cards please help yourselves…*

A Christmas 2016 Rhyme

Throughout twenty sixteen, you’ve been there as we’ve grown.

And like #BustertheBoxer – the whole year has flown!

So we’ve sent you our hand-prints to capture the time,

And our Chistmassy  love in this short little rhyme.

As the evenings fall darker and frost fills the night,

And the Christmas tree flickers with twinkling light,

As ginger spiced candles and warmth fills the air,

We write you this message to show that we care,

To thank you for all of the things that you do,

For the love and the memories – for just being you!

Merry Christmas, New Year and to all that’s between.

As we wish you a magical twenty seventeen.


Image shows a handmade A4 Christmas card with two glitter handprints and the poem handwritten and decorated with glitter, next to a Christmas candle and a gingerbread toy.

Wishing you all a brilliant Christmas and a truly magical 2017.

Dawn x

*I would be absolutely thrilled for any of you to use this rhyme in your cards or gifts, but just ask that you please don’t republish it without reference and linking back to this post. 

This post first featured on the Meet Other Mums website for which I am proud to be a regular blogger.




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