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A Birthday Thank You!

I had a lovely birthday but it seems that by mistake,
I somehow got to bed-time and had eaten zero cake?

It’s really quite concerning that a cake-fiend such as I,
Should let a birthday without cake just casually pass by?

I reached out to the blogosphere in such a time of need,
And threw my cake dilemma out unto my twitter feed.

And sensing my distress two bloggy besties heard my call,
Both were quite bewildered that there’d been no cake at all!?

How ever could we sort this out with such a lack of time?
A genuine cake deficit! Perhaps call 999?

But secretly the fab Annette can virtually bake!!
So tiptoed off and rustled up a perfect virtual cake!!!

And as I woke this morning I could not believe my eyes!
As waiting in my news-feed was this fabulous surprise:


So thank you lovely bloggy friends, you’re absolutely great!
A girl needs friends like you around now that she’s *gulp* 38!!

Oodles of #bloglove to the lovely Annette at 3 Little Buttons for her wonderful sketch, and to Gemma at Colley’s Wobbles for leaping to the rescue in my hour of cake need! You are both superheroes and need like a cape or something. ย Yep. ย That’s it. ย A cake cape! :0) xx

Ps. Cake shortage aside I genuinely did have a lovely birthday.ย  Thank you to my amazing family and friends for making it such a special day and for utterly spoiling me.

Love, hugs & virtual cake to all!


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14 thoughts on “A Birthday Thank You!

    1. Ah thank you! So pleased you enjoyed it. I’m a bit of a rhyming addict myself. I have to stop myself talking in rhyme sometimes. I can only imagine how irritating I must be haha. Thank you for stopping by xx

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