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A little rhyme for your cards…

As some of you may know from my last post, I’m a sucker for Christmas crafts with the kids, *tries to keep a straight face.*  Each year so far we have done some hand and footprints onto card, which we’ve then made into Christmas cards for the grandparents and family.

Inside I’ve written a little rhyme from my two tots and I just thought I’d share the rhyme I wrote last year.  If any of you were thinking of doing something similar, and were looking for a rhyme to fit then please feel free to pinch it if you like it, and adapt it to suit you and yours.

Here goes…

We wanted to make something special
To say “Happy Christmas” to you.
So our mummy did cut up some cardboard,
And paint us in glittery glue.

It might not be very expensive,
But it really is one of a kind.
We don’t have much else we can give you,
But our hands and our feet and our time.

As we eagerly wait now for Santa
We can’t wait for Christmas to come.
We love all the new decorations
And building a snowman looks fun!

But Christmases come and go quickly
And in no time we’ll be big and tall.
So we sent a keepsake to remind you
of this time when we both were so small.


If you just have one tot you can of course swap all the “us” and “we” to “me” and “I”, and then just swap the last line for “of this time when I still was so small.”

“Mummy” can also be swapped for Daddy / Grandma etc etc…

Hope it comes in handy for someone out there. It went down well on our cards last year. I’m just crossing my fingers that I can match it this year!?

Thanks for reading as always and Merry December to you all.

Sending mulled wine… :0)

Dawn x


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37 thoughts on “A little rhyme for your cards…

  1. This is fantastic. I love love love this: “We don’t have much else we can give you, But our hands and our feet and our time.” And what a great tradition with your kids. I think it will really help to teach them the important stuff about Christmas. It’s over 41°C here today (which I think it about 106… too hot to even be bothered opening a conversion thingy) and even thinking about putting that much effort into anything is making me want to curl up for a sleep, but if it cools down a bit I’m doing this for sure. xx

    1. 41 degrees??? Gah!! How are you even managing to type? I can’t imagine it being so warm at Christmas time. It’s the one time of year that I’m happy for it to rain and be miserable so that I can curl up in front of the fire and twinkly lights. I’ll definitely want to swap with you in January though. Cold and wet but no twinkly lights. Bleughh!! X

  2. That’s so lovely. Some of the of the children at the toddlers group Rev T runs made him a home made card and he was thrilled! The mums bought him a bottle of wine!

  3. Aww, that is a gorgeous poem.
    I have placemats made for me by my boys at nursery that have their little handprints on. They are very special to me. #Fartglitter

    1. There’s something special about handprints isn’t there? I think I’ve gone a bit overboard capturing ours though. We’ve got salt dough plaques, framed ones etc etc. I just keep thinking that they’ll never be this little again *runs for the paint* xx

  4. Awwww what a cute idea! We are doing footprints, for grandparents, but I might have to add this too. #fartglitter

  5. So gorgeous and surely more precious to friends and family than a generic store bought gift. As always your rhyme is right on point!

  6. LOVE! What a lovely idea I am so rubbish at the messages written in our hand made cards which are basically just a lunatic scrawl done with my toddler but this is just lovely. Thanks so much for linking to #coolmumclub lovely! xx

  7. Love it! Shame you can’t sell it to hallmark (but promoting handmade cards isn’t really their thing, is it?) In awe of how you write so many brilliant rhymes. I find it such hard work to just do the occasional one, & they always end up pretty flawed! #coolmumclub

    1. I disagree – your recent version of “Fairytale of New York” was sheer brilliance! Thank you though. Yeah I don’t suppose Hallmark would be too keen on promoting handmade wares. I’m sure they could do a line in “make your own cards” though with handprint kits for you to put together at home? Hmmm. Email to Mr Hallmark…? 😉 x

  8. What a lovely little rhyme! I’ve been trying to come up with a poem for the Hubby’s Nan, but it’s not working at the mo, I’m hoping inspiration will hit soon! 🙂

  9. Ah that’s so sweet to share something that we can all pinch! Need to pin your post for years to come when Baby Lighty doesn’t hate doing hand and footprints so much (yes messy play didn’t go well!!). This post, and your Christmas crafts post, have passed me by, I’m sad to say, so I’ve come to you today via the #coolmumclub 🙂

    1. Aw thanks for popping by lovely. I tried the hand print kits that you can buy when Mstr Tot was tiny. They are just like a baby wipe, totally non toxic and clear. You wipe their hand and then press their hand onto a special contact paper that’s included and it develops into a perfect print with no mess at all. I’m a bit obsessed with tiny handprints haha xx

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