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A rhyme by my three year old…

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present to you, a guest post by my gorgeous (if a bit cheeky) daughter.

I give you…. Rhyming with wine gums.

“I quite like my mummy, but fear she’s obsessed,
and weirdly fixated on getting me dressed?

I’m happy to stay in my jim jams all day,

but when I suggest this she just says “No way!”

I watch her approach with my clothes in her hand, as she tries to work out which escape route I’ve planned.

“Time to get dressed” she will loudly announce, as she marches towards me preparing to pounce…

But little does she know that now I am three, my mummy’s no longer the big boss of me!!

I’ll stay in my jammies if that’s what I chose, now I’m a big girl I’ll simply refuse.

I put forth my well reasoned argument so…
(She’s quite hard of listening so I just shout “NO!”)

Sensing a battle she quickens her pace, So I run up the stairs and my mummy gives chase.

Then as she gets closer I’ll dash for the door.
If she happens to catch me I’ll drop to the floor.

Sensing I’m cornered she thinks that she’s won, but really this war dance has only begun.

Jammies removed I run off in the buff and dance round in circles as she yells  “Enough!!”

It’s cute that her face turns a weird shade of red. As she wrestles to pull my top over my head.

I like to observe as she gets in a state,
And babbles on something about “blah blah late”

She wriggles on trousers and socks one by one, then slumps back exhausted, and thinking she’s done.

But one day she’ll learn that she can’t outsmart me!
I just wait til I’m dressed then say I need a wee…”

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39 thoughts on “A rhyme by my three year old…

  1. These made me laugh so much! Funny to imaging what’s going on in their little heads when we dare to try and get them dressed! x

    1. Thank you for having me! :0) #justanotherlinky

      I’m secretly very relieved that your 3 year old is the same! I’ve been waiting for her to outgrow this phase, for about 2 years….. any day now *crosses fingers for us both xx

  2. Totally brilliant… Princess Winegums is very talented just like her Mummy! Think she gave my little princess tips I recognise some of the tactics mentioned 😉 xx

  3. That is the best! I remember those days well. Only my kids wanted to be naked, it was really difficult to keep clothes on them, let alone change them! LOL

  4. So it’s not just my house this happens in then? Whilst this goes on, I also have a baby to contend with who is fixated to crawling to the potty and washing in its contents. Dont know what’s worse, getting dressed or getting ready for bed!

    1. Oh I feel your pain. We too have a baby. How do they manage to detect a full potty (and crawl to it at break neck speed) in the 30 seconds that your back may be turned? It’s a nightmare – but nice to know I’m not alone in it! Thanks for reading :0)

  5. Ha even though mine are 9 and 11 now, I still remember those days well! There are 19 months between my two so I’d finish dressing one of them, only to discover the other one had gotten naked again ha!
    Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix
    Stevie xx

    1. Oh dear, I no doubt have this to come, at least for now her 1 year old brother hasn’t worked it all out yet? *reaches for wine! Thanks for hosting. Love your linky. Dawn xx #PicknMix

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