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A Valentine’s rhyme for The Hubby…

Roses are red, violets are blue,
Here is a rhyme of the things that you do…

You’re called “Daddy Pig” which is quite fair enough,
As you really are “rather an expert” at stuff!

There’s very few things in the world you can’t do.
(Well OK there might be the odd thing or two?)

“But each of those things”, You’ll be quite quick to say.
“Are pointless and therefore don’t count anyway”.

But your hearing is somewhat selective at best,
Which makes me repeatedly nag like a pest.

And you’ll open a carton of milk from the fridge
When the old carton still has some left – just a smidge’.

Which is NOT because binning the carton’s a pain… (Nope!)
You just can’t mix the milk as the “Cows aren’t the same”!?? :-/

All “Daddy Day” dinners shall come from a tin!
“Instructions” shall always be filed in the bin.

And your masculine skills are displayed like fine art
As you proudly let rip an earth shattering fart.

But you do always drive (as at driving I’m crap!)
Whilst I, as your co-pilot, have a short nap.

And you’re always the one with the Grand Master Plan!
You work hard to make life the best that you can.

You love and protect our one “Family Day”,
And set for adventures you whisk us away…

You commit to us all.
You protect and provide,
And you work hard to bring home the bacon with pride!

There is nowhere on earth that I could rather be,
Than snuggled with you watching crap on TV.

And I know that I could be considered hard work.
As my dotty bird habits might drive you berserk?

So maybe I’ve been just a snipsy bit rude?
(If you plan to rhyme back I’m officially screwed!)

As you’re loving and loyal and true to the end,
My partner and soulmate,
My very best friend.

And you’re always the very best Dad you can be,
We love you to bits, both the kiddies and me.

So tonight as we chill (with my feet in your hand!) :0)
And look forward to all the adventures you’ve planned.

Please know I’m in awe of the things that you do,
And there truly is no better husband than you.

Happy Valentine’s day Mister.

Love always
From your dotty Mrs


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55 thoughts on “A Valentine’s rhyme for The Hubby…

    1. Thank you :0) Yep I usually read mine “at” The Hubby and he probably listens to about a quarter of it. I shoved this one under his nose though this morning as a draft and he got to decide whether to publish or not hehe. Hope you have a lovely Valentines Day and get spoilt by Mr Lighty and your little man! ? xxx

  1. Fabulous – farting Matt eh? I shall look at him differently now ?


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  2. “Can’t mix the milk because the cows are the same” is totally something my husband would say! Loving this rhyme, very sweet #MarvMondays

    1. Thank you. It is most definitely not, in any way, just a scam to get out of dealing with an empty milk bottle. Nope nope. It’s good to know that your beloved would pull this stunt too though. Thank you for commenting x

  3. As always, I loved every rhyming word. Everything flows together like a sweet sing-song bird. Thank you for sharing, because, as they say, sharing is caring.
    My rhyming is crap, but trying to play along is sort of a trap. I can’t wait to peek at what’s in store for next week! xo

    1. Your rhyming reply is a fabulous treat, as rhyming with trap is of course no mean feat!
      I’m thrilled that you’ve read and enjoyed my short rhyme, so sending huge thanks, and some nice kosher wine :0) xx

  4. That’s really sweet! I hope your husband liked the poem your wrote for him:) I love your rhyming too. I’m not that good at it but you have a real knack for it! Popping over from #abitofeverything

    1. Aw thank you! He allowed me to publish it so I think he found it quite amusing 😉 I’m sure you’re great at rhyming! I just like to rhyme as it makes my posts look longer (lots of spaces you see 😉 ) Thank you for your lovely comment x

  5. Aw, I LOVED this you talented lady!!! One of the best Valentine’s Day poems I have read. Thanks for sharing with #abitofeverything

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  7. Dawn, your poetry is pure magic! That made me go all warm inside, as well as laugh. You sound like a pretty perfect couple 😉
    Thanks for being my favourite poet of all time, and for linking up with #coolmumclub

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