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A Very Bloggy Birthday!

You’re not going to believe this, but my blog has just turned one!
That’s 12 whole months of rhyming – I just don’t know where it’s gone?

And so I thought a little rhyme to mark this special day,
Might be quite nice to share the things I’ve learned along the way.

And maybe these few words might strike a chord with someone new,
A mummy, just like I was, thinking “Could I do that too?

This blogging thing was not what I expected at first sight,
In truth I’ve read a hundred times more posts than I could write.

I’ve learned to speak HTML though still in numpty style,
I’ve bluffed my way through most things with a hashtag and a smile :0)

I’ve squeaked whilst hitting publish, thrilled to see who might engage,
Could this one send me viral and secure me a front page?

I’ve pressed the big red button, sworn, and broken out in sweat
And phoned my hubby sobbing that I’d killed the internet!

The parent blog community has swept me off my feet,
I’ve “met” the nicest people I could ever hope to meet.

I’ve found the perfect outlet to consume my lack of time,
A way to take the memories and capture them in rhyme.

But with this brand new year I’d like to set myself a mission.
Nothing too adventurous, just this: WORLD DOMINATION!

I’m not suggesting viral posts or anything so swish,
I’m over chasing stats now, but I do still have one wish…

From time to time (I’m such a geek) I like to check my app,
And check out who has viewed my site by looking at this map:


Shows map of the world with numerous countries in yellow
WordPress stats since going self hosted in March.


In all the yellow countries, someone’s kindly found my site,
(Quite possibly by accident and wondered “What’s this….. nonsense?”)

I truly am astounded that my blog has reached worldwide,
I look at all the countries and I stroke my screen with pride.

I recently “claimed” Russia and was overcome with joy!
My yellow empire doubled with one click from that big boy!

So on my bloggy birthday, may I share a little plea.
I wondered if you’d maybe do a teeny thing for me…

If any of you lovelies have a cheeky outing planned,
A little trip or holiday to somewhere like…

I realise that the wifi there might be a trifle tricky,
So any of my white bits please – I’m really not too picky.

If maybe on your holibobs you fancied checking in,
A little click from Zambia – you know, that sort of thing.

To turn my world map yellow would be really quite okay.
In fact, I’ll just be honest – it would make my fudging day!

I’m really very giddy *does a big excited face*
To keep on with my journey *rushes off to pack a case*

But looking back with fondness at my blogventures so far,
I’d like to thank you lovely peeps – each one of you’s a star! ?

The best way I could think of was to virtually bake,
A super. yummy, tasty, birthday, blogosphere sized cake!

Not only have I baked it but I’ll even share it too!
And serve it iced with #bloglove – just especially for you.

Hand drawn sketch of a birthday cake with Dawn of Rhyming with Wine and Annette of 3 Little Buttons
Thank you to Annette at www.3littlebuttons.com for this gorgeous sketch x

To all the lovely people that have tolerated my nonsense read, followed and shared my posts. (Not least my amazing #blogwidow hubby!)  and with special thanks to the following bloggers who have been such fantastic bloggy friends this year.  If you don’t know them already please check them out – they’re exactly why the blogging world is so much fun!

The Mama – My Kid Doesn’t Poop Rainbows

Gem – Colley’s Wobbles

Mrs Lighty – Sugar and Spice and All Things Spliced

Annette at 3 Little Buttons

El – Agent Spitback

Silly Mummy – R is for Hoppit

Lucy – This Mum’s Life

Talya – Motherhood: The Real Deal

Sarah – MumMuddlingThrough

Catie – Diary of an Imperfect Mum

Sarah – Run Jump Scrap

Charlie – Mess and Merlot

Ellen – Babies Biscuits and booze

Morgan – Morgan’s Milieu

Mackenzie – Reflections From Me

Trista – Domestic Momster

Sassy – Thinking Out Loud

Prabs – Absolutely Prabulous

Debbie – Debs Random Writings

Heather – Shank You Very Much

Becky – And Then There Were Two

Louisa – The Little Book of Sick

Julie – Picking Up Toys

and of course – Sally at Meet Other Mums

Not forgetting all the amazing people that link up to #fartglitter with The Mama and I each week, plus all of the brilliant writers who have taken part in my #Cheers guest post series. I would honestly list you all if I could!

I’ve probably missed about a gazillion of you off here and I could go on and on….

Hugs, cake and #bloglove to you all.

Dawn x


Image HTML map generator

106 thoughts on “A Very Bloggy Birthday!

  1. Yey! Happy Bloggiversary. Today the Internet tomorrow the world! As you know you are my favourite blogger in the whole wide world. Your posts make me smile so much, and even better I can call you a friend. Thank you xxxx

  2. Happy blogiversary Dawn!! Right, let’s get started on this world domination-I can see that getting Russia wouldve been a big boost…!! You totally deserve to rule the world, there’s no other blogger who can make me laugh and cry with every single post, the way you can. Your talents deserve to be known worldwide. Thanks so much for the mention-you were one of the first bloggers I connected with, and I’m glad we are still firm virtual friends a year later! Here’s to another fab year!!

    1. Yey let’s do it together! Thank you for your very kind words. You know I’m a little bit in love with you and your amazing blog so it means a lot. How have we been doing this for a year now? Eek! Very much bloglove, hugs and cake to you lovely xx

  3. Happy Blogiversary!Where did that time go?Wow!I wish I could say I was going somewhere exotic but I’m not!Although if the fella does whisk me off somewhere hot and exotic pffffff,I’ll be sure to check in 🙂 xx

    1. Ooh ooh might I suggest Botswana? No? How’s about Antarctica? #pushingownagendaslightly ??? Hope you do get to go away lovely. Thanks for hosting my very first guest post and everything! (How is that nearly a year ago? I mean really??) Hugs and cake xx

  4. Happy block birthday! Thank you for being such a pleasure to read, as well as a beautiful person!
    Big hugs and Love for the shout out too ❤️???? xxx

  5. I’m trying to think of a comment that rhymes,
    Thanks for the laughs, the so many times,
    You’ve made us giggle, guffaw and splutter,
    Our tea all over our kids like a nutter,
    Dawn keep doing that thing that you do,
    Being the best rhyming mumblog, yes that is YOU! X

  6. Ahh you wonderful thing, a whole year of your fabulous rhymes online!! Thank you so much for the mention and the slice of cake, you’re so kind. You absolutely deserve world domination and undoubtedly it will come! Congratulations darling, here’s to many more years of reading your beautiful words xx

    PS Annette’s sketch is gorgeous!

  7. Ooh happy bloggy birthday! Very excited to be mentioned in the birthday celebrations! No Greenland related plans imminent though, I’m afraid! Here’s to many more bloggy birthdays for your fantastic blog! xx

      1. Well, I do aim to be the instigator of tea snortings, just not from Greenland! I’ve just realised that somehow we have been remiss & failed to discuss cake here! I hope there was real cake as well as the lovely virtual bloggy cake! #fartglitter

  8. Happy Blog Birthday.
    You should be very proud, just a year, I thought you had been doing this for a lot longer as you seem like a pro. I don’t doubt that you will get world domination soon 🙂 You are very talented and I genuinely enjoy reading your posts. xx

  9. Happy blog birthday!! I’m sure this time next year you would have achieved world domination..look how amazing you’ve dobe already! Thanks for bringing me and so many others such fantastic reading material over the last year. You’re fab xx

    1. Aw thank you Wendy! I always love reading your posts and #fartglitter would not be the same without you joining us each week. Thanks for such a lovely comment – it’s making me go a bit soppy! :0) You’re very much fab too. Sending cake as always xx

  10. Happy blog Birthday my lovely blogging friend! I’m so glad to have found you amongst all the thousands of blogs and am honored that you mentioned me as one of your “specials” ❤️ Keep up your amazing work! The BLOG world would never be the same without your rhyming, wine, and of course cake!

  11. hmm not sure I will make it to Greenland, but it was nice to see Australia all yellow! Thank you s much for the mention too! I feel completely honoured!!! Happy Blogging Birthday, you are doing so amazing, I always love visiting your website and am continually amazed as you are so talented and I am super jealous. If I ever make it over your way we will share some champagne!

    1. Aw Mackenzie thank you – that’s such a lovely comment. Your writing is always so moving and beautiful so your praise his high praise indeed! Shame about Greenland, but I’d much rather you come here instead! I’ll get the champers on ice! 😉 xx

    1. I’m such a geek aren’t I haha. I blame the ex travel agent in me. I still have a need to travel and this is the nearest I get nowadays 😉 Thank you for all your fabness this year and your bloggy help! Oh and thanks for linking up x

    1. It’s a bit addictive once you start checking that map haha. Like global bingo! I think we should all club together and one of us should travel the world clicking on everyone’s site. Bagsy me! I’ll do it! ? Thanks very much lovely x

    1. Ah thank you so much. Very much #bloglove back to you. Well my hubby says that once you’ve read one you’ve pretty much read them all. Meh. ? To be fair he has a point. I’m not sure how many more times I can get away with rhyming with “cake” haha xx

  12. Happy blogging birthday! It’s such a lovely milestone to get to, the first year! I was first introduced to your blog by the lovely Mrs Lighty and have always been in awe of your rhymes. Congratulations on a fabulous blog – I hope you celebrated appropriately with cake and wine! #fartglitter

  13. Yeeaaahhh world domination!! You can easily do it (or your readers can) and what a cool challenge to set yourself! Happy bloggy birthday, here’s to another year of fab rhymes! #FartGlitter xx

    1. I think it’s perfectly reasonable! Consider it a work trip and therefore a justifiable expense haha. In fact I’d better come with you. All those mojitos aren’t going to drink themselves now are they? 😉 Thanks muchly xx

  14. Oh, happy happy HAPPY birthday! I love your rhymes – they always make me smile and do a sort of hum to myself… I can’t believe you’ve managed to write poetry for 12 months; a real achievement! 🙂 Thank you for hosting #fartglitter

  15. Wow! A year of rhymes is quite an accomplishment! Mazel Tov and Kudos. Keep up the meter! I love visiting you and to see what you have come up with next. I am confident you have many a rhyme in your future! #FartGlitter

  16. Happy blogiversary to you! I hope you get to fill in your map a bit more. I’m afraid I only ever go to and from Tottenham, Palmers Green and Enfield. They don’t seem to be separate countries, I’m afraid! 🙂
    x Alice

  17. I’m not ashamed to say that this made me cry a little especially when I was listed as a blogging buddy! Thank you, sending lots of virtual hugs and cake and hoping we get to meet for real at some time. Congratulations lovely! ? ❤️ #FartGlitter

  18. Happy happy Blog Birthday, it’s a helluva achievement to rhyme all that time! Long may it continue that you do! Ok hands up I’m going to leave the rhyming to you! I want to go on Safari so if I do I’ll be checking you out from Africa. I totally agree, I’ve met some lovely lovelies since I started blogging and you are defo one of them, big bloggy love xx #fartglitter

    1. Aw very much big bloggy love back at you too. I adore your writing and genuinely feel like I get to go on a little holiday when I read your posts. Huge fan of your work and there’s always a big piece of blog cake here for you xx

    1. I must admit, every week I think “That’s it. I just can’t think of anything else to rhyme about…” Then something random just pops into my head. I’m definitely blogging by the seat of my pants haha. Thank you x

  19. Hi Dawn, sending you a huge hug for your first Bloggy Birthday (not forgetting the party poppers and fireworks too!). I am so happy to have ‘met’ you, your rhymes are always a pleasure to read. May your blog live long and prosper!

    Thank you so much for the mention too…. Hoping to get back in the blogging saddle really soon, if I can remember how!


    1. Hi Debs. Thank you very much. You are honestly one of the loveliest bloggers out there and I feel very lucky to have ‘met’ you too. Looking forward to reading all about your adventures over the summer when you’re back on the blog. Hugs and cake xx

  20. Aw what a gorgeous post Dawn! Happy first blog birthday 🙂 You really have made your mark and should be super proud. I had no idea you could look at a world map of where your blog has reached….off to check that out now! Tor xx #fartglitter

    1. Thank you Tor! That’s such a lovely thing to say. Hope you find your map – I’m sure you’ll have tons of yellow bits but if you want to join me in my mission to travel the globe just shout and we’ll spot each other haha. Dawn xx

  21. Big gigantic congrats, I love it when bloggers have made meaningful connections with other bloggers, that’s the real achievement (: Enjoy your wonderful summer ! #fartglitter

    1. For me, the connection with other bloggers is the whole reason for doing it, (well with a little bit of a
      travel agenda too apparently haha). There are so many really lovely people out here in Blogland aren’t there? Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy yours too x

  22. Happy Bloggy Birthday! I wonder if I helped with the yellow Portugal?! I definitely linked up when I was out there! Well done on a year and for nearly achieving world domination! Go you! #FartGlitter

  23. Happy Blog Birthday! Thank you so much for the mention 🙂 I can’t believe it’s only been a year, you have come so far. I will be sure to hop over to your blog on our travels 🙂 Thank you for being a fab hostess #fartglitter

  24. Happy Birthday/ Blogversary. You couldn’t have summed up your achievements in a better way… another lovely rhyme!!! (Greenland and Zambia hahahaha!). Here’s to another super successful year of blogging and making us all laugh. Cheers.

  25. Just popping back over from #FartGlitter! Happy bloggy birthday again! I hope it involved cake?! And next time I’m on my travels I shall read and comment just for you! xxx

  26. Well done lovely – great achievement. I’d love to go in an exotic holiday just to check in on your map but sadly we haven’t even managed a uk holiday this year …. There is still time!!! #fartglitter

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