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Adventures in Rockpooling…


It’s a sunny bank holiday Sunday!
(Why are you laughing? It’s true!!)
The Tots are both fizzing with boredom,
As we try to work out what to do.

The hubby’s consulting his smart phone
To calculate where might be best,
The BBC weather app argues
That for sunshine we ought to head West.

So into the car we all wrestle,
With buckets and spades and arm bands,
And tell the nice chap in the sat nav,
That we’d like to attend Heysham Sands.

Now we’d chosen this spot with intention,
It’s renowned for it’s many rock pools.
Which we thought The Tots might find amusing.
(Yes. We really are those kind of fools).

The beach could be seen from the car park.
The offspring were giddy to burst
But ooh, there’s a cute little cafe…
We’ll just have a bit of cake first!

And while we are stuffing our faces,
Our little Miss spots a pink net,
Which has to be thus duly purchased,
And she cherishes like a new pet.

Successfully nourished and watered,
We gallop out onto the sand.
The little one squeaks with excitement
In a language we don’t understand.

He giddily stares in amazement
As he studies the sand on his toes,
Pauses for just a few moments,
Then finding his feet… off he goes!

We instantly head for the shore line,
The sand becomes much more like mud.
And within less than 45 seconds,
We stop as we hear a wet thud…

Then a pause….
Then a screech from a wet little boy.
Who now seems to look like he’s half dipped in sludge,
so is soggy and crying.
…Oh joy!

He’s still not that great at the talking,
But gives me his most distressed “Mmmuuhh!”
And articulates hard with his finger,
That he wants to go back now thanks.

So “Daddy Pig” leaps to the rescue,
(As rock pools aren’t really his thing).
The boys wander back to the sand dunes,
While Miss Tot and I start “Rock-pooling!”

We eagerly reach the first rock pool,
My daughter peers in, net in hand.
But nobody swims up to greet us.
This rock pool is clearly unmanned!

We squelch on from one to another,
And try not to slip on sea weed,
With Little Miss “I’ll just walk through it”
Whilst Mum holds her wrist, taking heed.

I pick up some rocks with excitement,
To see who is living beneath,
But just find a little more sea weed,
And bugger all else underneath.

I desperately hoped for a starfish,
Assumed at the least there’d be crabs?
But whatever lived in those rock pools,
Was evading my tot’s eager grabs.

(Although we DID find one or two crabs,
It’s just that were a bit dead,
And I wasn’t sure how to explain it),
So we poke at some sea snails instead.

We move on to picking up seashells,
And gather up quite a nice hoard,
Then “Daddy Pig” calls us back over,
As The Boy is now getting quite bored.

The tots wander back with their buckets,
So proud of their seashells and stones,
I say “We can make a shell garden!”
(Ignoring their Dad and his groans.)

And so as we pull in our driveway,
The tots both bounce out of the car,
And gallop straight into the garden,
I smile at how happy they are.

We carefully unpack their treasures,
And lay them out onto the ground,
But I suddenly feel rather guilty,
When a handful of sea snails are found!?

It seems that amongst all our sea shells,
We’ve landed the odd stowaway,
And two hundred miles from the coast now,
It seems this will be their last day. πŸ™

*moments silence*

“Oh goodness” I say to my offspring,
“These poor little snails. I feel bad!”
“It’s OK.” Miss Tot reassures me,
“We don’t have to be very sad.”

“We’ll just keep them here in the garden”
She says with a beautiful grin.
“And next time we go to the seaside,
We’ll take them and put them back in!”

OK kiddo. Good plan!

May or may not include the corpse of several sea snails, all patiently waiting to be returned to the sea.
Sorry sea snails! #oops


This post originally featured on the fabulous Meet Other Mums blog page, for whom I am proud to be a regular blogger.

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108 thoughts on “Adventures in Rockpooling…

  1. I love this, fantastic! Makes me want to get out this summer and have lots of adventures with my two, despite the lack of funds, having not been long back from maternity leave xx

  2. What a fun day out! Can’t decide whether I identify more with your mud-soaked boy or the stranded sea snails – I’m usually the one who comes to grief one way or another on outings like these. #fartglitter

  3. I’ve never done rock pooling before, we were more of a crabbing kind of family! I shall have to take Alfie when he’s a bit older – hopefully he’ll enjoy it more than your little one! #fartglitter

  4. Sounds like a lovely day out at the seaside, even if a few sea snails had to be sacrificed! Great haul of shells, takes me right back to when I was little. #fartglitter

  5. I vividly remember my little brother being knocked over by a frewzing wave around that age when my parents hadn’t thought to bring any spare clothes. Oops. We’re off to the beach on a sunshine hunt tomorrow. Probably won’t be doing any rock pooling though as when I suggested it to the Mummy last time she looked like I’d suggested letting the Baby feed some great whites.


    1. We did thank you lovely. Ooh and thanks… I must admit that rhyming with the contents of a rock pool had its tricky moments. I was relieved that we didn’t find an octopus. That would have sent me over the rhyming edge! ? xx

  6. Love this and it’s reminded me about our plans to go crabbing. It’s such a shame that you didn’t find anything else in the rock pools, but your tots sounded very content with their treasure. Can’t stop smiling after reading this rhyme, it makes me feel all summer holiday like. #Fartglitter x

  7. This poem reminds me of the time that we collected shells at the beach as a kind and discovered when we came home that one had a crab still living in it! I think I got scared and threw it across the garden – I’m pretty sure that was its last day too. #fartglitter

    1. Is it wrong that I was so tempted to try and make them a little sea of their own in a bucket with some salt? Not convinced it would’ve worked? Although possibly slightly more conducive to life than being thrown across a garden ?? To be fair if one of our stowaways had pincers I’d have launched it too! Thanks for commenting hon x

  8. It sounds like our days out! Always seem to go a little better in our heads!!!! We also start all adventures with cake. (Is there any other way?!) Don’t feel guilty, we used to come back to our buckets and discover that one capture had eaten the others. Oops! Thanks for being a #bigpinklinker

  9. I always think its amazing how you can tell a complete story in a poem each week. I LOVED this verse:- We eagerly reach the first rock pool,
    My daughter peers in, net in hand.
    But nobody swims up to greet us.
    This rock pool is clearly unmanned!
    So funny and so true, we only ever find dead crabs! We always spot people who have found bigger better stuff too! Also like you cake mention – yes cake must come first in any situation! #fartglitter

    1. All we could hear was another annoying family shouting and bragging about all the wonderful crabs they kept finding. I think they were lying and just watching us trying to casually follow them in circles to try and peek at their fictional catches! Hmmf. At least there was cake though. As you say – very little else matters πŸ˜‰ x

  10. Oh what a lovely day out! And of course, we would have an accident with wet clothes, wouldn’t we? I love your little adventures and allowing us to have a peep. It really feels like you’re sitting right next to me, reading it loud to me while I have my cup of tea and biscuit of course. Thanks for hosting #fartglitter

  11. Ooooh I love your optimism. I don’t know if I ever really did crabbing as a kid and it doesn’t really appeal to me if I’m honest, but I love a good beach day. Poor Master Tot falling over in wet sand, not fun. I wouldn’t feel too bad about the sea snails! #fartglitter

  12. Ah I love the seaside and rock-pooling! I can’t wait until my two are old enough to enjoy these adventures!


  13. Loved the bit about ‘why are you laughing’ re the weather and the pink net being like a pet. If there is another blogger out there who is able to literally tell a story and make it rhyme without it reading awkwardly in stilted poetic verses, I’ve not found one. You’re probably bored with me saying it but you have such a gift. And these can all be so easily distilled into a book…something to consider? Re rock pooling, I didn’t even know what that was til my sister came out to visit a few years ago and her hubby (English) was thrilled to discover we live right near a beach with huge crabs. You just don’t go rock pooling as an Indian growing up in Wembley lol. But now I walk down to the end of our road go crab-hunting with my kids and they love it. #FartGlitter

    1. I bet you have the best rock pools there! Did you know that crabs like bread? Sad geeky tip from me but take a loaf to feed the fish and just scatter some around the rocks too. In no time you’ll be surrounded by the little scuttlers each clutching a piece of bread πŸ™‚ (True story!)

      Thank you so much for such a gorgeous comment Prabs. That’s one of the nicest I’ve ever read and had just made my afternoon. Sending cake! Xx

  14. I love this! Such a great way to tell a story. I love it even more as we are on our seaside holiday next week and if the weather is as good as it has been recently then we’re in for a great time! #fartglitter

  15. Love it!!! Although you’ve got me dangerously close to thinking its a good idea to venture to the beach with 3 little ones…I must stop reading now and let common sense return to me!! #fartglitter

  16. Ooopsie to the little snails! Overall a successful day out eh? Reminds me of Scarborough as a kid with my dad. The rock pooling sounded ace with cake as fuel!! Thanks for hosting xx

    1. Definitely not my finest moment (sorry snails!) I loved Scarborough as a kid! We still go from time to time and have a pink and yellow ice cream from Jaconellis. It would be rude not to eh? πŸ˜‰ Thanks Sarah x

  17. Awhhh lovely! I can’t wait for the summer holidays now and to get out there hunting for crabs and starfishes. Sorry to hear about the sea snails, but it sounds like a fantastic adventure! #BigPinkLink x

    1. Ah you too then? I love that kind of thing. It’s just a shame that we’re so far from the coast otherwise we’d be there everyday. The local wildlife is probably quite relieved though πŸ˜‰ Thanks for your comment hon x

  18. Ah, good old Heysham sands and its rock pools. We were there with my daughter at Easter (well at Morecambe Battery) during a visit to family and we’ll likely pay another visit over the summer. It was fiendishly windy last time though, so hoping it’ll be a little calmer and warmer next time! #fartsglitter

  19. What an awesome day out you had and told in your wonderful style as usual love your posts thanks for hosting #fartglitter

  20. Fantastic! Those poor sea snails!! We are going away this weekend and my girls are SUPER excited to go rockpooling, I’m sure we will find a million sea snails….!! #fartglitter

  21. This is so clever!
    I love it – and love the rock pooling idea. I do have visions of me being the one ending up on their backside socked and covered in crabs! hahaha.
    Dyring to take ours to a lovely sandy beach, we live in a seaside town, buts its all pebbles booooo.
    Looking forward to reading your next rhyme already x

    1. Haha it was quite a novelty for me to not end up falling face first into the seaweed. I’d love to live in a seaside town. We’re so far from the coast, and at least pebbles don’t get stick between your toes like sand does? πŸ˜‰ Thank you lovely x

  22. Ooh I’ve never done the rock-pooling thing, the thought of it makes me gag a bit but I bet the kids would enjoy it. They know not to even ask if they can bring stuff back to our house now, I have a strict ‘no more crap in the house’ rule until you get rid of the crap you already have – though I might make an exception for the garden πŸ™‚ You always impress with your ability to tell an entire story in rhyme you clever thing! #fartglitter

    1. Hehe thank you Charlie. The garden idea wasn’t really that inspired, it’s just that the house is now overflowing with crap so it’s now kind of spilled out into the garden too. Thanks for your lovely comment xx

  23. Moments silence- I know it’s the sad bit but it made me laugh. My Mr is a rock pool avoider as well. Pity you didn’t see starfish though but sounds like a great day! #momsterslink

    1. I have a weird need to let Miss Tot hold a starfish. I think they’re fab! Mstr Tot seems to be of the non-rockpooling persuasion. Takes after his Dad! We’ll have to do a girls only rockpooling trip. You can come too! πŸ™‚ Thanks lovely x

  24. Ahh how exciting I cannot wait until I can take Little R rockpooling, although actually I think it will be a nightmare in reality! In my imagination, it will be brilliant though πŸ˜‰ #fartglitter

  25. Haha – oh yeah, I’m sure they’ll be fine, they’ll adapt! πŸ˜‰ My sister was good at falling over, fully clothed, in the water at the seaside when we were little. Also falling into sea anemones – not advisable! #fartglitter

  26. My kids are fascinated with sand crabs. I particularly think they are disgusting little creatures. The crabs not my kids, of course lol. I love the picture of your beautiful treasures even if some of them had to sacrifice their existence. Thanks for linking with #momsterslink and I apologize for my absence as I haven’t been blogging much lately.

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