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Alton Towers & The Rollercoaster Restaurant

An Alton Towers Festive Break – Part Two

(If you missed part 1 you can find it by clicking here.)

We recently stayed at the Alton Towers Resort for a Festive Break.  We arrived on New Years Day and spent our first day of 2017 exploring the Alton Towers Hotel and the interconnecting Splash Landings Hotel.  We had a great time splashing around at the Alton Towers Waterpark, and attempted a trip to the panto…  (Oh no we didn’t – thanks to our 2 year old doing his best screeching plank rendition!)

Anyway, after so much adventuring we were ready for food…

The Rollercoaster Restaurant:

Image shows the entrance to the Rollercoaster Restaurant, with bright lights and a steel and glass frontage.

We had booked to try out the new Rollercoaster Restaurant, which is actually in The Forbidden Valley area of the main theme park itself, and so around a 10 minute walk from the hotel down the “Golden Pathway”.  It was a beautiful clear night and the sky was full of stars as we all wrapped up and strolled into the park.  There was something exciting about being there and seeing the huge rollercoasters lit up at night.  Both kids loved it!  The Rollercoaster Restaurant is the UK’s first.  You order your food from a tablet at your table, and instead of it being brought to you by a waiter or waitress, it is sent to you on a rollercoaster track directly to your table!

Image shows numerous steel rollercoaster tracks all intertwining through the room and across the ceiling of the restaurant.
The kitchens are actually in the bright hatch that you can see top left.

This was definitely something new and exciting!  The food all came strapped into small stainless steel pots, and arrives with a label with the diner’s place number so that you know which meal is for whom.  There were a couple of minor issues with timings in that our starter arrived after our mains, but in fairness we had been warned not to order our mains until we were ready for them, as the food is pretty much sent as soon as it is ready.  (We obviously ignored this advice because Daddy Pig does not like to wait for food!)  We all really enjoyed the novelty factor, and the food was beautiful.  I had a festive turkey roast with all the trimmings which was absolutely delicious, and Daddy Pig had a balti which he said was really tasty.  I had expected the food to all be stew type dishes – especially as some of the dishes literally do a corkscrew loop before arriving at the table, but we were pleasantly surprised at the menu and the quality of the food!

We had full intentions of heading back to enjoy the festive family entertainment, but by this point both of the tots were shattered and ready for bed, so we followed the golden pathway and the stars back to our room and tucked the kids into their bunk bed, before collapsing into a small coma ourselves about 15 minutes later.

The Next Morning:

We woke up at 6am due to a 2 year old shouting “MUMMY DUDDLE NOW!!” ready for more action, and soon found ourselves tucking into yet more food with a hearty buffet breakfast at Flambos family restaurant on-site in the Splash Landings hotel. The Boy inhaled sausages, The Girl inhaled pancakes, Daddy Pig inhaled all of the things, and I had a latte the size of my head and then vibrated back to our room to pack.

Our second day was all about the theme park itself.  A number of the smaller rides, including CBeebies Land were open, exclusively for hotel guests.

Alton Towers and CBeebies Land:

Image shows the entrance to the Alton Towers Theme Park with a Christmas Tree and a huge Christmas bow and fairy lights.

Despite it being a festive break, I really wasn’t expecting the park to be all that Christmassy with it mostly being closed, but it really didn’t disappoint and even though it was now the 2nd Jan, it delivered all of the festiveness with a side of twinkles and an extra helping of Christmas songs.

Image shows the view out across the gardens and lake with the Towers in the background. The gardens are filled with small Christmas trees, all decorated with baubles and red bows.

My inner elf was suitably impressed!  We of course headed straight for the parental utopia that is CBeebies Land…

Image shows the entrance to CBeebies land with a white picket fence.

We were welcomed in with themes from the kids’ favourite shows, a few of their beloved characters were there to greet us too.  Not one for pleasantries though the kids were off in search of adrenaline fuelled action and so we headed straight for a trip around Greendale in one of Postman Pat’s vans…

Image shows the back of both kids' heads wearing woolly hats and each gripping a steering wheel in Postman Pat's van following a track.

From there we managed to get around all of CBeebies land with next to no queues, including a boat ride around “In The Night Garden”, a spin on the Numtums Number Go Round and a blast on the Octonauts Rollercoaster Adventure.  A whole heap of fun was had by all – even Daddy Pig – who apparently took command in Justin’s Pie-O-Matic Factory and fired numerous spongy missiles at numerous unsuspecting parents.  (I was shopping at this point – because shops.)

All in all we have had a fantastic New Year break and definitely one that we will all be able to look back on all year and smile.  We have waved a fond farewell to 2016…

Image shows all of the characters of In The Night Garden along with Iggle Piggle waving bye bye.

…But if this is what 2017 is going to look like then bring it on!

Wishing you all a brilliant new year!

Dawn x

Disclosure:  This is not a collaborative post (and it definitely doesn’t rhyme!) But we just had a fab time and in the spirit of using my blog to capture our adventures as a family it seemed fitting to include it.  Thanks for reading.

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110 thoughts on “Alton Towers & The Rollercoaster Restaurant

  1. If 2017 looks like Iggle Piggle and co, then we probably need to worry!! ? But seriously, this looks fantastic! Is Baby Lighty a bit too young would you say? How amazing was the Rollercoaster Restaurant?! Definitely want to give that a go!! Happy New Year to you, Daddy Pig and the Tots! xxx

    1. Thank you lovely Mrs L! We’ve been taking the tots from as soon as they could walk so I’m sure Baby Lighty would love it! It’s so family friendly and all the CBeebies land rides are for teeny tots and parents so you’d be fine. Happy New Year to you too with hugs xx

    1. Actually I was waiting to pay behind a lady that was complaining that her food was cold. It was hot when it arrived. But by the time she got around to eating it, it was cold. ? They just refunded it straight away! I wouldn’t have dared to complain about anything – even if I’d needed to. It was New Year and I don’t need that kind of Karma haha. The restaurant is brill! Definitely worth a visit! ?

  2. That resturant looks like good fun! How unique! I wondered what on earth a roller coaster resturant was and how you could eat while on one ?? #DreamTeam

  3. This looks brilliant! We took our 3 year old to Peppa Pig World last year and it was amazing, he loved every minute of it. Think CBeebies land might be next on our agenda. That restaurant looks fab! My other half would love it! #dreamteam

  4. oooh Cbeebies land my 15 months would have enjoyed himself seeing all of the characters there, maybe I should add it to our bucket list. Glad you have fun #dreamteam

    1. Definitely add it – in fact go get a pen now I insist! (Because I am a dinosaur and write lists with a pen still of course. I am sure you probably have a much more current list format haha). Hope you get to try it and that you enjoy it as much as we did. Thanks for commenting x

  5. I’m liking that roller coaster restaurant, what a fab idea! When I read the title, I was thinking you would be on the roller coaster and that really would go horribly wrong! xx #DreamTeam

  6. My girls are just a bit too old for CBeebies Land, okay a lot too old at 13 and 11, but I feel a spring or summer trip may be in order for the restaurant alone. I love the idea of the food having its own rollercoaster. Glad you all had a fab time #DreamTeam x

  7. Reading your description of the food made me salivate. I loved the pictures from the kids park, it looked like heaps of fun. I would have to travel more than half the country to get to a place like that! #DreamTeam

  8. The restaurant sounds so cool! Sounds like you had a lot of fun – a theme park with little queueing? The ultimate surely? Bet that made a huge difference too! A great time to go, will have to bear in mind as now mine are both at school we can usually only go away in the holidays when everywhere is rammed!! #DreamTeam

    1. It just takes all the fun out of it when the queues are crazy doesn’t it? It was fab at this time of year but only really the teeny rides open so maybe not so great for much older children if they’re after the big thrills? The water park is amazing though. Sure they’d love it! Xx

    1. Thank you. It’s quite a few years since I’ve been to Waterworld but I remember being really impressed with their bigger rides. I don’t think there are quite as many large flumes at Alton Towers, but they have an flume coaster which literally propels you upwards at points which is great! The Whacky Waterworks play area is huge and great for younger kids wanting an adventure, and just the overall atmosphere is, in my opinion, a lot better due to the calypso type theme, lighting and all the special little touches that Alton Towers are so good at. I’d definitely recommend it for a family splash day out. Thanks for commenting.

  9. CBeebies land is fab – we went for my daughter’s birthday last year. And I’m loving the idea of the rollercoaster cafe – it reminds me of Mr Potts’ invention in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! #DreamTeam

  10. It’s funny, both my husband and i used to be real rollercoaster nuts and stayed overnight here in the early days of us dating. I’d love to go back with the kids. That restaurant looks really cool, as does Cbeebies land – wow! Thanks for hosting Yvadney x #DreamTeam

    1. I remember staying with the hubby pre-kids too and we had just as much fun, but it’s amazing how much you see differently when you’re there with little ones. I think you get to experience it through their eyes don’t you? Thank you for linking up x

  11. I love the sound of the rollercoaster restaurant! That is pretty cool and something kids must just love! I was really looking forward to reading this after last week 🙂 ! Further inspired to try a mini break of New Year! Happy New Year! #DreamTeam x

  12. Ahh I LOVE Alton Towers, we went this Summer, it’s not overly far from us, and this has made me want to go back! Cbeebies land is fab isn’t it? Love the look of the roller coaster restaurant, I didn’t see that when we were there! #dreamteam

  13. This looks ace. I’ve not been to Alton Towers for nearly 10 years and it hadn’t even crossed my mind that there would be something there for my daughter until she was much older. Will have to look into it now. I love theme parks. Was it expensive to stay?

    1. I thought it was quite reasonable to be honest. We paid £160 to stay New Years Day and that included breakfast for the 4 of us, plus tickets to both the water park and then the theme park the next day. I know you can go out of season really reasonably if you go when the park is closed and if you can go Sun to Thurs? We used to pay around £65 for the room, breakfast and water park entrance during winter. It’s really family orientated too. Thanks Catherine x

  14. I only just found out about CBeebies Land so I’m VERY excited to read about it! My little one would love it. He would be (almost ) as thrilled as me to receive dinner via a roller coaster ride too. Great review thanks x #DreamTeam (still in shock at the non rhyming. is this really you speaking?!) x

  15. The Rollercoaster Restaurant sounds awesome!! It would be such a fun place for, say, a first date or a fun night out!
    It looks pretty cool, too! Do you think you can go back and get video of the food coming down?? J/K

    1. I so should have done that! To be honest I wasn’t really planning to write a post about our stay at the time so I didn’t really get that many photos either (I am such a bad blogger!) At least it gives you a good reason to go and check it out though! 😉 x

  16. having read your first post and this one, ive actually been inspired to take Ben for his first birthday to Cbeebies land. I’m umming and ahhing over whether to wait the extra two months for the hotel to open but then I dont think he’ll appreciate it and for the extra cost im undecided.
    It sounds like you had so much fun and the rollercoaster restaurant is a definate must when we go there next!
    Thank you for giving me the idea (my husbands wallet wont like it hahaha) #dreamteam

    1. Yay! Aw that’s fantastic – I’m sure you’ll have the best time! I know it isn’t open yet but with the others you can walk around and enjoy the facilities at each of the hotels on the resort anyway so even though we were booked into Splash Landings we actually ate in the park and spent our evening in the Alton Towers hotel. I’m sure Ben will love CBeebies land though. Sorry to your hubby, but not really as I’m sure you’ll have such an amazing time! Let me know 🙂 xx

    1. Ooh fab! I hope you have a great time . If you can make a reservation for the restaurant I would. We booked in advance but we wouldn’t have got in otherwise as it was fully booked when we got there. I’m sure Ollie will love it! X

  17. That restaurant sounds so cool. Mr Button doesn’t like waiting for his food either, so this would be perfect for him. It doesn’t look very busy at all, did your littles manage to get on all the rides they wanted to visit? #DreamTeam

    1. It really wasn’t busy at all. The Boy took a bit of a turn for the grouchy at about 12 so we ended up heading home early. (Teething I think!) We’d mamaged to get on pretty much everything by that point though anyway. I’d have easily stayed all day otherwise though. Thank you x

  18. This looks great! I remember going to Alton Towers when I was a teenager and loved it . I know little Emma would love to see Iggle Piggle too, she would be in her element! Thanks for hosting #dreamteam with me x

  19. The rollercoaster restaurant sounds interesting. Cool idea to sit and be able to order at your table. Surprised this is not something being tried out in other restaurants. The Christmas scenery is making me miss Christmas. Only another 12 months to go! Hope you have a great 2017. Keep rhyming.. #dreamteam

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