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Baby led weaning – a rhyme.

Some books suggest it’s a good thing to do?
So I thought we’d perhaps have a bash at it too.

Your sister’s tastes are quite selective at best, so baby led weaning seemed like a good test.

We patiently waited for week 26,

Whilst planning your diet of soft carrot sticks.

So, no need to stand with the blender for hours.  We’d simply just pass you a handful of ours.

The moment arrived, I approached you with glee.
A banquet of freshly cooked veg for your tea….

…….You studied the carrot and poked it about.
Then stuffed in a handful and spat it straight out.

You eyed up the odd looking broccoli spears.
Examined them well.  Then stuck both in your ears.

A mouth full of pasta gets spat down your clothes.
Then back in your mouth.  Then back out of your nose.

A fistful of mash and a singular pea.
Rubbed into your eyebrows and then slung at me.

So finally finished, you’ve filled up your tum (but really just stashed it all under your bum).

I survey my child and resolve with a frown,  the only solution’s to just hose him down?

With infant removed I observe all around.
My once quite clean kitchen’s been razed to the ground.

Where once was a home is an active war site.
What once was a floor is a mountain of ***** (rubbish).

So now up steps Mummy, with Hazmat suit on!
All set for the mission to get this mess gone!

An armoury packed full of cleaning delights. (Well mainly just gloves and some cheap baby wipes).

The high chair is scraped and floors are swept clean.
The walls, doors and celings and all that’s between.

We finally finish our cleaning ordeal.
Switch back on the oven and start the next meal……

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25 thoughts on “Baby led weaning – a rhyme.

  1. Lovely rhyming posts! My kids are 5 & 2 now and still messy, I constantly hoover the floor as there’s a lot of crumbs underneath, I don’t know why, lol #coolmumclub

  2. love the poetry!! 🙂 we did BLW but also delayed food until after 9 months when they were more interested. It meant I was strapped to them with my boob more often for much longer, which wasn’t fun either…but with so many kids I am never eager to start feeding the new baby, and the mess that goes with it!! Great payoff though for eating habits later on (although they’ll always be messy) 😉 #coolmumclub

    1. Thank you. 😉 Our little man is 14 months now and I must admit that so far his eating habits are so much better than his sisters and he’ll eat everything that we put in front of him. I’m definitely an advocate of the BLW, oh but the mess!! Bleughh. I can see why you held off as late as possible haha x

    1. Gah! It feels like it takes forever doesn’t it? Luckily my little one eats anything and everything now, after having wiped it in his hair and stuffed it up his nose of course… Thank you for hosting #coolmumclub x

  3. Bwahaha, loved loved loved it! Broccoli spears in Ears!! what a glorious description! I used to lay out papers underneath the high chair, had to be totally prepared. Exactly like a military operation! Thanks for sharing, Dawn!

    1. Paper underneath high chair? What new level of genius is this? And why have I never considered it?? I applaud your preparation! My approach has always been a bit more “carnage clear up”. Thank you! *considers how much newspaper would be required to cover whole house….* :0) x

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