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The Battle of the Nap – A #Cheers! Guest Post by Babies Biscuits & Booze

Welcome to the 13th (lucky for me!) post in the #Cheers! Series!

Those of you that have popped by my site before will know that I am a tiny bit obsessed with rhyming. #Cheers! is a series of rhyming guest posts that I am honoured to share, mostly with a parenting theme, from some of the most talented and lovely people in Blogland!

This week’s rhyming guest superstar is no other than the lovely Ellen from Babies Biscuits and Booze.  I have been a huge fan of Ellen’s work ever since I read about the fact that she has an actual BISCUIT DRAWER!  I was instantly smitten (both with the blog and the drawer), and  I now consider her to be my “Go To” expert on which biscuit should be consumed with which children’s book thanks to her fabulous Babies Biscuits and Books series.  Every now and again she knocks my socks off with a post which send out a virtual hug to all of us as we bumble through this parenting thing, and then if that wasn’t enough…  she only goes and flippin’ rhymes….


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The Battle of the Nap 

I pop him in his cot with my fingers crossed 
He looks up at me and giggles. I’ve lost. 
I put on the mobile, refusing to give up 
Walk away, and within seconds he’s stood up 
This is our daily battle – he refuses to nap 
I always give in and he sleeps on my lap 
I just can’t listen to him wail and cry
I am all too aware that time really does fly
Soon he won’t want to sleep on me
My role as a bed will end eventually
I guess I’ll just embrace these snuggles 
Enjoy the sleepy kisses and cuddles 
But if anyone asks, this is what I’ll tell
He goes down brilliantly, naps so well
He’s got a great routine and loves his cot 
He’s a fab sleeper, my little tot


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I’m Ellen and I blog at Babies, Biscuits and Booze. I am a new (ish) mum trying to figure out this motherhood lark and writing about family life and the hilarity of parenthood. Usually found wearing novelty sunglasses and eating cake. I write lots of poetry but it is very rarely read by anybody, and I can’t usually rhyme so this is a special treat because I am such a huge fan of Dawn’s fabulous Rhyming with Wine blog that I was desperate to be part of the series!


I can be found on Twitter @el_clayton and
Instagram @babiesbiscuitsandbooze  


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Thank you so much for your lovely comments Ellen *blushes and shuffles feet* 😉  It’s a real pleasure to share your rhyme as part of the #Cheers! rhyming series.

Help yourself to the badge if you fancy?

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If you would like to feature in the “Cheers!” series, whether you are a seasoned poet or brand new to rhyming and just fancy giving it a go, please get in touch! I’d love to hear from you!

Dawn x

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75 thoughts on “The Battle of the Nap – A #Cheers! Guest Post by Babies Biscuits & Booze

  1. Oh Dawn what an introduction!! I am blushing haha ? You’re very kind. There’s always biscuits to share with you in our biscuit drawer my dear. Thanks so much for having me, it was fun to write and such a treat to be on your blog! xxx

  2. I love it! You are so right about time flying. My four year old never wants sleepy cuddles now. So it’s lucky that my near one year old does! He won’t go to sleep without being rocked in his buggy or fed. Those cuddles though – precious! A wonderful rhyme.

  3. Ellen this is brilliant! You know I adore you anyway but this cements the fandom I have for you!!! ha ha. I am with you on the frustration of them fighting naps – just sleep child!!!!!! But reading this made me smile. Next time I am on the edge I’ll be reading this again to make me smile xx #fartglitter

    1. I am a teensy bit relieved that I’m not the only one facing these battles – most of the Mum’s I know seem to just put their babies down at set times and it’s easy as pie! Thanks for your comments, Ellen

  4. Awww I used to love letting my girls fall asleep on me. I’d make sure I had the tele remote next to me and catch up on the programmes I’ve missed whilst they snoozed! Housework can wait 😉

    1. It’s a great excuse to be pinned to the sofa isn’t it haha. It’s a killer when you can’t quite reach the remote though and end up having to tolerate The Numtums or some other waffle 😉 Thanks for commenting hon x

    2. Oh yeah if I don’t have my phone, a book or the TV remote handy he is usually woken up by me trying to get one of those things ? Thanks for your lovely comment, Ellen

    1. Oh bless you, I just feel I don’t really get the benefit of him napping as I can’t do a lot! The snuggles are fab though. Thanks for commenting, Ellen

  5. What a brilliant introduction and poem! I’m afraid NC is exactly the same and I often tell people he sleeps brilliantly. It’s the giggling up at you that really makes it(!) Lovely to read this this morning – lots of fun! #fartglitter

  6. Oh yes, enjoy every snuggly sleepy cuddle for sure. I can remember reading my two to sleep at nap time too. Since I’ve been blogging (quite new) I’ve been really impressed by the poetry I’ve read…it’s proper clever stuff! #fartglitter

    1. Ah thank you, it’s my first foray into rhyming so it’s lovely to have had such a positive reaction – I really appreciate it! Thanks for commenting, Ellen

  7. Lovely rhyme and I completely relate! What I wouldn’t give to put down for a nap in the day! Why do these babies fight it? Although you are right, he won’t want to lie on you forever and it is cute when they fall asleep on you.

  8. Ahhhh. Yes. I remember these days so so well and I too used to give in and let him snuggle asleep on me. I didn’t care in the end. It’s a great excuse to make the most of precious cuddles and put your feet up at the same time! Soon they’re running around all day long not wanting or needing to nap – that’s when the fun really begins. Enjoy it while you can! #fartglitter

    1. Ah what a gorgeous comment, I do appreciate the snuggles most of the time! That’s true, I will lose my chance to relax at all before too long I’m sure. Thanks for reading, Ellen

  9. Nice to meet you Ellen and I love your little rhyme. My littles all gave up napping by the time they were 2 so it’s been sometime since I have seen anything resembling a nap unless they have worn themselves out or stayed up too late the night before giggling with one another across the halls. Thanks for introducing me to Ellen, Dawn and of course for hostessing the fabulous #fartglitter.

    1. Ellen – meet Trista – she is quite simply the coolest Momster blogger in the world. Trista – meet Ellen – amazing bloggy buddy (and she likes biscuits almost as much as I do) 😉 very much #bloglove to you both xx

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