Because you’re all awesome! :0)

I started this blog just a few weeks ago,
having plucked up the courage to give it a go.

Been following bloggers for two or three years, I’d laughed at their giggles and shared all their fears.

So finally, buoyed up, I posted a rhyme,
and launched to the universe “Rhyming with wine.”

As I hovered on “publish” my heart missed a tick, I finally clicked and tried not to be sick!

I shared with my friends, sure they’d think me a freak? (But they already know I’m a bit of a geek!)

Then my poem appeared in a someone’s blog feed, and that someone decided to have a quick read.

They read and they liked and they commented too.  They welcomed me in to this blog world so new.

My interest ignited I wrote my next rhyme, as I published, I panicked a bit less this time.

I’ve spent half my days trying to figure out stuff. How to tweet? And do Facebook? And oddly enough,

I have managed to Google my way through the most,
And now (sometimes) successfully manage to post.

But I’ve had a few hiccups whilst finding my way, and buggered up something at least once a day.

My twitter name’s not what I’d like it to be, I must have submitted a bit too quickly?

@RhymingW? See what I mean?
My typing apparently got a bit keen.

I’ve twittered the incorrect site once or twice, but no one’s complained yet, as you’re all so nice!

I’ve bodged up a linky and linked the wrong post.  I’ve had to seek guidance  from more than one host!

But slowly it seems that I’m finding my feet.
Each day I’m excited to see who I’ll “meet.”

I’m touched by the kind words and comments received.  I’ve had more support than I could have believed.

It’s striking to see, in this parenthood game, that our hopes and our fears are all really the same.

And together we don’t have to go it alone, with this brilliant community here in our phones.

So thank you to all who have taken the time, to read and to follow my  “Rhyming with wine.”

As I carry on rhyming (and getting stuff wrong), I’m honoured and grateful to have you along.

Thank you all.

Dawn x

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38 thoughts on “Because you’re all awesome! :0)

  1. Aww I love it!I’ve linked the wrong post and pictures too!You cringe at the time but we all do it!I’m totally still finding my way but you get to interact with some really lovely people (you included) I love your rhymes,keep ’em coming Xx

  2. Fabulous! I find it hard to put into words what I want to say, and you seem to do it so easily in rhyme! I agree, keep them coming lovely x

  3. Fab poem! I’m really enjoying reading all of your rhymes 🙂 Learning FB, Twitter etc is a full time job – you’re doing fabulously! xx

  4. LOVE this! Every line totally spoke to me! I’ve just joined the tweeting ranks too and holy hell, I’ve hit “delete post” more often than “tweet”. Onwards and upwards 😉 You are doing such a great job and I always get such a great sense of satisfaction with the perfection of your rhymes!

    1. Aw thank you so much! And I am so relieved to know that I’m not the only one that is not very good at this whole twittering malarkey haha. As you say, onwards and upwards…We shall muddle through together! ;0) x

  5. Love this 🙂 Don’t worry we’ve all done these things! More than once too. I once scheduled an entire weeks worth of posts with the wrong URL – stupid! I look forward to reading all your posts #bestandworst

  6. Marvellous – now I just need you to show me how use apps and twitter and probably face book too as I gave no idea how to do anything other than read other peoples posts!

    Love the rhyme.


    1. ??? You know me! Beyond useless at this stuff, but now being useless in public. The world would be a much safer place if I stuck to just reading other people’s posts too as I’m a liability on here! But yep, I’ll hook you up ? xxx

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