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C25K… and Maybe Just A Touch Less Cake #2

Couch to 5K – Time To Get This Cake-Muncher Moving!

C25K is all about getting you from your couch to being able to run 5k.  I like my couch.  We go way back.  It was there for me at that moment when Negan introduced us all to Lucille.  And in Fortitude when Shirley did the thing with the fork.  And possibly even more horrifically, that time that Bratavio got through to the live final in X Factor.  5k is slightly more of an enigma though.   I’ve met it a couple of times doing Race for Life.  Mostly wearing a tutu.  Giggling and jogging a bit, followed by a lot of walking.  And giggling.  Lots of giggling.

Image shows me giggling in a Race For Life T-Shirt.
Race For Life-ing. Before all the having of the children.

It would take a lot for me to go from such a beloved friend to a relative stranger but as some of you will have already read, my jeggings are currently feeling the strain, and I am on a fad-free mission to shed a stone of wine rhymer.   By fad free I mean that I want to make positive life changes that I can maintain in the longer term.  Nothing too drastic or regimental as I have a habit of rebelling if the going gets too restrictive, and nothing that would cost me a fortune as we are moving house and so all non-house related expenditure is currently off limits.


I have read a number of brilliant blog posts about free apps for C25K which are designed to get an avid avoider of running like myself, off their sofa and running 5k within 8-9 weeks.  It’s something that I had originally signed up to do with a local running group after Christmas but had to cancel.  An app means that I can fit in a run when it suits me and my very limited child-free agenda.  It also means that nobody has to witness the slightly alarming shade of puce that I turn after more than 45 seconds of cardio.  I had me a reluctant plan!

Image shows Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon trying to smile awkwardly.
Image from Dreamworks Animation’s How To Train Your Dragon.


Having committed my plan to the Blogosphere in my first post it was time to download an app, dust down a pair of neglected trainers, argue with Daddy Pig over where the hell all my ear-phones had gone being as I never use them and used to have around 6 pairs!? and hit the pavement!  The app that I chose to download was 5K Run – Couch to Running by Vandersoft.  There was no science to this, it was just the first one that popped up in my app store and so far it seems to be doing the trick for me!

The first session starts with a 5 minute warm up for you to jog or walk and faff about with your new earphones to get them into the correct position.  You then get a beep and a friendly chap tells you to “Start running!”  Being the compliant person that I am I of course oblige and run like my cake depends on it. The first week is made up of 3 identical runs.  You run for one minute, followed my walking for 90 seconds, and repeat this routine six times, followed by a 5 minute cool down.

The whole run takes 25 – 30 minutes (depending which week), which even I can fit in as long as I set my alarm and get out of the house for 6am.  I schedule my posts quite a way in advance but at the time of writing this I’m coming to the end of week 2.  Each week the running intervals increase until by week 9 I should be able to run the full 5k.


I won’t lie to you – I thought that 6 minutes of running over a 25 minute period would be easy.  I haven’t run before but I have always done some sort of exercise over the years and didn’t think I was entirely unfit.  So far I haven’t had to lay down on the pavement.  However I was scarily close to throwing up the first time after having run half way up a bit of a hill mountain.

I have yet to be cornered by a savage stray dog like poor Prabs of Absolutely Prabulous, and I don’t have a robin guide as does the lovely Charlie of Mess & Merlot who has just completed the same C25K challenge.  I have however had to pause to remove a range of soggy canine nostrils from various places during my jaunts.  There is also a local heron that seems to have befriended me, so there’s that?

The support from you lovely readers has been incredible and has literally shoved my cake loving bottom out of bed each morning.  Thank you so much to each of you for your gorgeous comments.

I’ll keep you informed as I pootle on with my journey from this:

To This:
@rhymingwithwine @AbPrabulous @HeatherKeet @Mess_and_Merlot Go Dawny, you can do it! pic.twitter.com/CwMDCEJswY

Wish me luck!

Thanks to the lovely Gemma at Colleys Wobbles and Heather at Shank You Very Much for the tweets above!

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114 thoughts on “C25K… and Maybe Just A Touch Less Cake #2

    1. Oh I bet you would be fine! Like riding a bike? I keep surprising myself with the app. I’m on week 4 now and the intensity has gone up quite considerably already and so far I’m managing to keep up? (Just!) I’ve never run before at all so I’m sure you would nail it! Thanks Nichole x

  1. Run run run as fast as you can… you can’t catch me I’m trying to eat the gingerbread man!
    Good luck. Wish I could run. Buggered up my knee and I’m lucky to still walk. Ho hum. I’ll make sure that the cakes aren’t lonely in your absence ?#dreamteam

    1. Hahaha oh I love that. In fact I may make it my mantra whilst I’m huffing my way around the estate at sparrow’s fart tomorrow! Thank you hon. I knew I’d find someone I could trust to take over my cake responsibilities. ? xx

  2. Good for you! Keep it up and i’m sure you’ll be running the 5k in no time at all!
    Really wish i could do something like this but I’ve got issues with people being able to watch me run. Suppose i could get a treadmill lol #DreamTeam

    1. I’m with you hon. I hate people seeing me run as I’m asthmatic and literally look like an angry sweaty beetroot, and sound like a 90 year old chain smoker. It ain’t pretty! Luckily at 6am the spectators are few and far between, and anyone up at that hour tends not to shock too easily? 😉 A treadmill would definitely work too though! Thanks lovely x

  3. Oh God I tried this too and….failed! The cake (and wine, cider and chocolate) just called to me, what can I say?? Loved the post and perhaps I need to get those trainers out….damn you.

    1. Soz not soz. 😉 To be fair those cakes have an impressive range don’t they? I’m doing pretty well at the running, but slightly less impressively at the cake curbing so far. I’m stepping it up a gear… in the morning! 😉 x

  4. Hurray! Go you! I will cheer you on from the sidelines as my running avoidance (and love of cake) is still too strong at the moment! Haha. But seriously, keep going, and I hope it starts to get easier 🙂 #dreamteam

    1. Ooh go you! Kettlebells is brutal! I had issues trying to get up off the loo after one of those classes! No cake has never made my legs hurt!? S’all I’m saying. ? Good luck lovely. I’m feeling the burn with you! Thanks x

  5. I love your honesty, ‘there was no science to it’, I cracked up! There is a great app where you run from zombies, sounds weird but I think you’d love it. I’m totally with you on the time with a child agenda. Thanks for making me feel like I’m not the only one struggling with exercise. #dreamteam

    1. Oh me too lovely. To add insult to injury they’ve decided to change my inhaler this month to a weaker one and it’s not great. I’m not sure how far I’ll get myself to be honest which is why I’ve purposely not signed up for a race or sponsorship etc. I’m just going to push my little wheezy chest as far as it will go. It definitely makes it tougher though so I can appreciate exactly what you mean. Thank you xx

  6. You can do it Dawn!!! So funny you have befriended a heron on your runs! I went for one run about 2months a go and nearly spewed after, it’s kind of put me off but maybe I should have another go . Can’t wait to hear how you get on xx #dreamteam

    1. I’m not sure that he has befriended me to be fair. I think he just turns up out of bemusement to laugh at the purple panting woman as she heaves herself past each morning? ? Let me know if you give it another try. It does get easier I promise! xx

  7. Good luck! I’m so incredibly unfit right now that I should probably do something like this to help me get my arse in gear a bit. I used to exercise a fair bit, but I could never quite nail down the running thing. Lots of shin splints and moaning. #DreamTeam

    1. Ooh they sound painful. I’ve always been pretty fit but when my Zumba instructor left while I was having my littlest I just didn’t get around to starting up again. It actually feels quite nice to get moving again. Thanks hon x

  8. I’m sure you will do it with ease good luck my wife has done race for life about 6 times and a few 10k runs she does love running fab post thanks for hosting #dreamteam

  9. Well done for getting out there and doing it! I lol’d at your comment about the mountain – this is how I describe my runs (walks) to my husband at times!! ?
    Good luck x

  10. Haha, “alarming shade of puce that I turn after more than 45 seconds of cardio” – This is SO me! I joined a gym for a bit… Didn’t last long! Totally rooting for you though, you’re a better woman than I!! #DreamTeam

    1. I hear you my puce bloggy friend! I would love to be one of those glam gym bunnies that struts around in lycra with a healthy shimmer of fitness across her brow? I tend to look like I’ve been dropped on by a parachute and just had to wrestle my way out for oxygen. It’s an interesting look. Thanks honey x

  11. Ah good luck! You CAN do it. I have used the app and it works – it got me running regularly and I even did 2 10ks (pre children). Now I have sort of injuries/issues which is why I’ve stopped for a while. Running takes ages to build up but you will be surprised when suddenly you can run for 20 minutes. Definitely have cake that day. And wine…! Look forward to hearing all about it xx #DreamTeam

  12. It sounds like your doing a brilliant job! I’ve just agreed to join a running club C25K with a friend. I’m not very confident in my ability but at the very least it should give me something funny to write about! #DreamTeam

    1. Oh brilliant! I’m sure you’ll smash it. I’m on week 4 now and it does get strangely easier? Each week I think “That’s it! I’m flat out! I can’t step it up any more!” But then somehow the levels keep ramping up and so far I’m keeping up with it? Let me know how you get on and good luck xx

  13. Oh wow go you!!! I have never ran in my life since school and yet last year I randomly agreed to a 5k run/obstacle course….in mud! I did no training (how hard can it be?) and very nearly died on the way round, ha! BUT, I did it!! And if I can do it, as weak and pathetic as I am, I’m sure you will ace it! Although for me…never again! #dreamteam

  14. You are a bloomin star! To run to the end of my garden is a tough ask for me, you are now my hero…official! Oh along with my son who somehow has the genetic make up of a far distant relative of mine and actually does the 5k park run on a weekend (aged 10 with his dad) while I have a nap nap;) Thank goodness for diversity:)

    1. Yay! Your first 5k!! That’s incredible! I think yours was the first c25k post that I read and it definitely gave me the kick up the bum I needed to get running, along with my desperate need to shift some cake from my wobbly bits! I’m so impressed and it’s such an inspiration to know that it works and we can get there. I start week 5 on Monday… gulp! 😉 Thank you Sinead and congratulations again! ???

  15. Aww good luck hun – if I can do it – ANYONE can do it! I did it a couple of years ago and the sense of achievment when you finally RUN a 5k is amazing. You’ll ace it. Just remember to BREATHE! ? #dreamteam

    1. You did it too! That’s brilliant Jaki! It really seems as though it works and each week so far I’ve thought “that’s it. I can’t push myself any harder.” But then so far each week I’ve managed to keep up? I’m looking forward to that 5k finish line. Thanks lovely x

  16. Everytime I see these posts I consider trying this myself, I then tell myself to not be so silly and go back to bed hahaha!
    well done lovely, hope you’re doing good with it and looking less red and less out of breath! #dreamteam

  17. You can definitely do this! I attempted to and got a bit irritated by the woman talking to me but deep breaths. What a sense of achievement it will be when you get to the other side 😉 Thanks for hosting #dreamteam with me lovely xxx

  18. Go on Dawn you can do it. I use to do alot of running when I was younger and have been doing it on and off over the past few years. Much respect to you #dreamteam

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