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(Not) Baking with Children.

We’re stuck without car and it’s starting to rain. I study the offspring, they’re going insane, “To the kitchen!” I bellow, “We’re going to bake!” The Tots both leap up at the prospect of cake. They race for a chair and they fight for one each, Then drag it to climb upon so they can… Continue reading (Not) Baking with Children.

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*pokes wobbly bits and sighs*

I hate bloody diets, I find them a pain, But my once comfy jeggings are feeling the strain. I tried in November, a pre-Crimbo surge, But found myself swamped by a gingerbread urge. Then Christmas arrived, best intentions all fell. I ate half of Asda, plus Santa as well. I’d generally cut back in January,… Continue reading *pokes wobbly bits and sighs*