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Dear 2nd time Mummy to be…

Following on from my recent post: Dear Mummy To Be…. I was asked by the lovely Lisa at Mummascribbles if I could write a post for a mum expecting her second baby. I think those of you with two little bundles of joy would agree that second time around the advice and experience might be slightly different….

You’re back with a bump! Baby 2 is on board!
You’re thrilled and excited, but thinking “Oh Lord…!”

Breathe – And try not to throw up on the floor.
With tot number one on your back shouting “MORE!”

Sleep – For at least 7 minutes a day.
It’s okay. You don’t need much sleep anyway?

Stare – At the mountain of toys on the floor,
Try not consider the concept of more.

Shop – Just a bit. You don’t neeeed all that stuff!
(94 muslins should be just enough).

Your “must haves” from last time have barely been used,
But your once pristine pushchair looks somewhat abused!

Pack – All those old mat leave box sets away,
Your pregnancy hobby is now “Stay and Play”.

Bake – Home made snacks shaped like faces and stars,
Your tot snacks might soon come from Walkers or Mars.

Blend – And create whilst you’re still in the mood.
Your next weaning plan will be just:
“Is it food?”

Grab – While you still have one hand free for you!
Five entire fingers with nothing to do?

Drink in the marvels you’re free to behold…
Think of the coffee and cake you can hold!!??

Rest – Let your CBeebies friends babysit,
You haven’t yet “Nested” but don’t give a *toot*

Sorry – Dear friend, but it can’t be denied…
….Nap times in future shall not coincide! :-/

But try not to swear every time you are told:
“Your work isn’t doubled, it’s increased ten-fold!”

In fact, no, ignore that, each time it is said,
Slap that kind person quite hard in the head!

Chill – It’s just labour. You’ve done it before.
Your womb is a pro this time, you know the score.

Relax – Your first baby will NOT be love starved.
The love that you have will be doubled not halved.

Once baby two’s here all these feelings will lift.
You’ll see that you’ve given your first born a gift.

A precious new sibling and friend of their own.
To love and support them in time, when they’ve grown.

And the beautiful moment they first play together,
Will give you a memory to treasure forever.

 2nd time mum to be

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104 thoughts on “Dear 2nd time Mummy to be…

  1. I love love love it!!! I might have to print this out and frame it! Thank you for writing this – so much is true already and it’s nice to know what to else is coming. If I have a natural though, it’ll be my first! My body won’t know what to do…Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!! xxxx

    1. Thanks so much for the inspiration! I had a really complicated birth first time around too and so I just kept thinking that it couldn’t be any worse? Second time around I managed it all naturally and it was really and truly (I won’t say easy) manageable and I genuinely look back on it fondly. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it all goes smoothly for you. Xxx

  2. Hi Dawn, another excellent rhyme and I’m sure that Mummascribbles will be very pleased with it too. You’ve summed up what it’s like to be a Mum second time round rather eloquently and enjoying those last few weeks with a free hand is one of the most important thing a Mum of one and a bump can do. Who knows when she’ll have it again!


    1. Hi Debbie. Ah thanks for such such a lovely comment! I’m pleased you agree. That one free hand is such an underestimated commodity until you don’t have it any more haha. Hope you have a lovely weekend in the beautiful Zakynthos (I’m so jealous!) Dawn xx

  3. I think you’ve summed it up beautiful you clever thing! Like you my second birth seemed like a breeze compared with the first and despite it being tough going with 2 it’s worth it to see them in fits of giggles together ?

  4. I absolutely LOVE this, and I’m not even pregnant!
    I mean, honestly, I’ve had friends who this would’ve helped soooo much during their second pregnancy- ESPECIALLY the concerns about loving number two. This is so great, and something I’ll definitely want to read again, whenever we decide to plan for #2! <3 #justanotherlinky

  5. Lovely poem! I love the bit about naps not coinciding – that’s the one of the things I would really worry about if we had a second child. How do you ever get anything done? #justanotherlinky

    1. It’s a juggling act but you soon get used to it. We had an almost exact 2 year gap and as our little one has got older and a bit more demanding, our eldest has got more and more independent. It seems to balance out ok. 🙂 Thanks for reading x

  6. Aww that’s great!! I wish I could write like that!
    We just have Mia at the moment but I can imagine all to easily, how stressful it will be to have another one!! 🙂


  7. I adore this (but then you know I adore all your posts – got my fingers crossed for you in the MADS lovely). Everything is spot on – it is sooo much harder but it’s true – when they play together it warms my heart almost to boiling point 🙂 enjoy hosting #fartglitter

    1. Thank you lovely! *on so many counts!* I’m certainly not expecting anything at all but it had knocked my socks off to be nominated! ? We’ve entered the “bossing around” phase now and I know it shouldn’t be, but it is sooo amusing to watch as the little man refuses to comply haha. Thanks again for your comment xx

    1. I did think about you and when I was writing this hun, along with a few of the other lovely bloggers out there all expecting their second bundles of fun at the moment! I remember feeling terrified but I promise it will be OK. You’ll love it :0) xx

  8. Aww I love this :). Now pregnant second time around and I’m thinking about lots of these things already. Another lovely poem 🙂 xx #Fartglitter

  9. Nailed it yet again. It is definitely ten fold too ? Sometimes I surprise myself with the amount I get done with two. Other days I barely manage to go outside to put the rubbish in the bin. Take each day as it comes (and with plenty of tea and cake). It always helps when you have an amazing friend who you can share these moments with and they totally get it. Amazing link up. Fab work and I knew you would nail it. Long live Rhyming with Wine and #fartglitter. Gem xx

    1. Aw stop it you’ll make a dotty rhymer all emotional! ? I totally agree with the whole “take each day as it comes” advice, and you know that I find tea and cake a key survival technique in the Rhyming household! Thanks so much for linking up lovely, I’ll be popping over soon xx

  10. Another piece of genius! Loved it, especially the 94 muslins. I must admit those were my favourites and I had heaps. I do have to disagree about labour though! It always feels like the first time for me, eek! Thank you for hosting #fartglitter

    1. Because 93 muslins would just not cut it! 😉 There was one moment in my second labour when I thought “oh fudge – yep I remember what it felt like now. Yep. Seriously. FUDGE!!” At least second time around you know you’ve survived it once? #bonus Thank you for commenting and linking up x

      1. Of course not…a woman can never have too many muslins. Nope, I always have labour amnesia and then I yell “Why? why? Why did I put myself through this again?” And then I want to smack my husband. Coming back from #PasstheSauce

  11. This post has made me excited to be a second-time mum – not that I am looking at becoming one any time soon, but it’s nice to know that when I do it shall be fun and exhausting but amazing and unreal 🙂 thanks for hosting #fartglitter

  12. I’m so torn about having another for all of the reasons you’ve cited above!! Watch this space to see what happens… By the way, if you’re ever feeling in the mood to write another guest post, I’d love to have you over my way…

    Thanks for hosting #fartglitter, this is a very exciting development!! 🙂 xxx

  13. This is so lovely, especially as I am expecting my second too. At the moment I’m not stressing…all will be fine, especially all that love!! Hope you had a fab week hosting xx

  14. Dawn I adore this! I want to have more children (I’d like 3 or 4, or so I say at the moment while I have just 1…) so this is lovely to read. Who needs a hand free anyway?! I already have about 70 muslins so I’m basically ready…

    Also here from #fartglitter, love that you’re now co-host! X

    1. Ok so we need to form a plan…. I’m stopping at two so can’t really give much advice. We’ll throw it out to the Mummies of 3 and then rhyme their advice to him! (We’ll just pick the encouraging bits of advice of course). Good luck in persuading him. My hubby was definitely just sticking at one, until he woke up one day and said “Let’s have another!” You never know… Thanks for reading xx

  15. Awww what a funny, sweet and very true poem. Love it! Especially about your love with double not halve.#passthesauce

  16. Every word is truth! Oh, those days of letting Mr Tumble keep the eldest occupied as I tried to sneak a nap on the settee. Now pregnant with my third and the other two won’t sit still! Please someone tell me that my work will only be tripled!

    1. Well I don’t have experience of three but I hear that actually your workload will be halved as the eldest will be old enough to start babysitting and so you can just chill out with a cuppa and a hobnob? Or something like that anyway 😉 Good luck lovely! Sending virtual *non alcoholic* wine! X

  17. Love it – they really are a new buddy for their sibling and its all so true what you have said! I am on number 4…. yeah no comment!
    You are one clever lady x #bestandworst

  18. Lovely! Nap times definitely don’t coincide, but eldest has been telling me that little one is her best friend (little one has a tendency to answer this with ‘no’, which is a little mean). #justanotherlinky

    1. Haha yep we have the same here. Big one announces “You’re my best friend” and pounces on him with some kind of giant bear / wrestling hug. Little one screeches and bats her away. It’s the best! 😉 Thanks for reading x

      1. Haha! My eldest copes so well with little one being mean to her, and that only makes me feel worse for her! (I also get this when she is friendly to children out & about & they are mean to her – doesn’t bother her at all, makes me really sad!) In fairness, my little one is actually very taken with her big sister, and incessantly asks for her if she’s not there, but she isn’t as much of a hugger as the older one! Back from #fartglitter

        1. I know what you mean. It breaks my heart when I see either of them try to play with another child and get snubbed. It’s nice that your two are taken with each ot her. Ours are the same and I hope it stays the same as they grow up! (All things crossed and trying not to think about the teenage years!) X

  19. Oh, I REALLY love this. My best friend from NCT has just given birth to her second and I am trying to give her support whilst not conveying the message that the first six months are probably going to be hell on earth. So strange how we *forget* (blank out!) Lovely rhyme as always! #coolmumclub

    1. It is those first 6 months isn’t it? I’ve met a few brand new mums of two and if you look deeply into their eyes you can see the panic and exhaustion. I normally just whisper “it gets easier – pinky promise”, because it really does! Thank you lovely and congrats again on your Tots 100 shout out! Well deserved xx

  20. Brilliant as always! Do you have one for 3? I was in such a fog I’m surprised the kids and I are still alive today. I don’t think I ever slept. And the toys were insane as at the time we were in our old house where 5 kids shared 2 rooms so the toy room was what was supposed to be the formal dining room lol. Thanks for hostessing #fartglitter

    1. Thanks Trista! We’re definitely stopping at two so I won’t be experiencing 3 any time soon. I can only imagine and my hat goes off to you! I’d have to let you give me the facts for that one haha. Thanks for commenting xx

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