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Dear Teacher… As Our Little Girl Starts School.

Dear Teacher…

Our homework is due in at last.
It’s taken 5 years but it’s somehow flown past!?

We’ve worked really hard, and we think we’ve done great,
If you’ll just overlook that we’re 10 mins late?

There were times when we questioned the task that you’d set,
But I reckon our work here’s the best we’ve done yet!

Our lapse presentation could maybe be better?
But I did what I could with a wipe on that sweater.

It’s not all our fault, just a bit of toothpaste?
Which is natural  when trying to get ready in haste…

The maths piece could use just a little more time,
As no matter how many they’re still sometimes “MINE!”

The colours are nailed and the loud ABCs,
Our manners are kind of okay thank-you-please?

We can sit for a story and write our own name,
We can catch like a boss and put Beckham to shame!

We are fearless and funny, we know our own mind.
But we’re thoughful and loving, we care and we’re kind.

We’re a little strong willed and we’re not keen on “no”,
But we’re set for adventure and ready to go.

So the first step’s completed.
We’re here and she’s fine.
She’s happy to learn and she’s ready to shine!

A loved work in progress, we’re well on our way,
So go easy as I hand her over today.

We’ve laughed and we’ve giggled,
We’ve cuddled and played,
So please know that we’ve tried and be kind with your grade.

We’ve put in the hours, the laughter and tears,
Committed our lifetime these crazy five years.

So here is our greatest achievement by far.
And I’m sure you’ll agree,
She’s completely A*.

96 thoughts on “Dear Teacher… As Our Little Girl Starts School.

  1. She is most definitely an A* Dawn! Such a kind little girl and I have no doubt that any school would bite your arm off to have her. Enjoy the last few days and see you other on the other side *and we can compare notes. Love to the family xxx

    1. Thank you so much Annette. We’re really proud of her (but yes I’m sure we could have an element of bias haha). Your little button is an absolute joy and a real credit to you. Good luck for the big day to you all. We can share virtual cake once we’ve waved them off. Big hugs xx

  2. Awww! She’s all ready to tackle school. Remember, if you celebrate too hard the first week, the teachers will smell the wine on your breath when you pick her up. Let’s hold it together until December and then even the teachers will be reaching for the wine! #DreamTeam

  3. This was such a fantastic read! So clever. I love the ending. I’m sure she is absolutely A* material! My two are still a few years off big school but things like this poem are bound to have me in floods of tears when that time approaches! X #dreamteam

    1. Ahh thank you so much. Believe it or not this one was my “humorous” starting school post. The real tear jerker only went live this morning. I could say that I didn’t cry today – but I would be telling big fat fibs! ?? Thanks lovely x

    1. Oh wow I’m not sure which would have been harder? At least you didn’t have to do the stealth crying I suppose? I had the biggest beaming grin on to try and hide my wobbly bottom lip haha. Hope all has gone well lovely. It’s such an emotional one isn’t it? Hugs x

    1. It’s such a huge milestone moment isn’t it? This is my first experience of handing over the big school, and even though it’s gone brilliantly I’m already in bits thinking about handing over my littlest in 2 years! Thanks lovely. I hope all went well for you too x

  4. Ah this is so lovely! I really hope she enjoys school! E started year 2 and I’m just like, where did the time go! We had spellings and homework the very first day too! #dreamteam

  5. Ahhhhh. This is lovely – but what a week hey?! I am so excited for the weekend, I have missed my Little Man so much and that time after school and before bed goes too fast! I hope it’s gone well for you lovely. #dreamteam

  6. Awww. Never thought of it like this before but then I’m not an early years/ks1 teacher. Congratulations to all the parents out there handing over their assignments and hoping for the best. They are all special in their own little way. #dreamteam

    1. Aww Bridget I really do hope that Emma settles in well. My little man also moved up in nursery last week so it was an emotional one all round. All part of growing up I guess. At least we get to be there with the big cuddles as they go through these milestones. ? Thanks lovely x

  7. So much love for this and it really struck a chord as my boy headed off for shool this week too. Hope your little lady got on OK and I would say you’ve done an excellent job x #dreamteam

  8. Lovely rhyme on homework and it sounds a lot more of a cheery affair in your house. We all hate it – the angst it causes every week! Hope your little one is getting on well at big school. Big steps but exciting chapters. #DreamTeam

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