Disney On Ice 2017 – A Passport To Adventure

Last week all of the magic of Disney came to Yorkshire. Disney on Ice brought their 2017 spectacular show  “A Passport to Adventure” to Sheffield Fly DSA  Arena, and we were lucky enough to be invited!  Our two tots are now 3 & 5 and this was their very first taste of Disney live-action.  To say that we were all excited is more than an understatement.

Ready.. Set… Sparkle!

We had chosen the Sunday morning showing at 1030 and so we were up and searching out tiaras and sparkly shoes as soon as we leapt out of bed (I say leapt – it was 6am for us because parent-life.)  Before we knew where the time had gone we were all in the car and on our way to Sheffield.

We had allowed plenty of time as we expected parking to be a bit, well “challenging”.  We arrived at 9.45 having fuelled up with a gingerbread latte to-go for our journey.  There was actually ample parking on site in the arena charged (for this event) at £7 per car.  This left us with all the time a tiny princess needs for last-minute tiara adjustments, before we joined the excited families on their way into the venue.

Disney On Ice at Fly DSA Arena

The arena itself is well signed and we quickly found our seats, having spent a few minutes browsing the fantastic merchandise.  There was a great range on offer including official Disney light up toys and multi-coloured ice slushies which Olaf himself would be proud of.  (A nod to fellow grown-ups though: The goodies on offer looked amazing but they did carry quite a price tag. Not necessarily more than you would probably expect at an event like this, but each light up toy was around £20.  Good to be prepared, so that you can divert tiny attention beforehand if this is more than you would want to find yourself paying.)

Inside the arena the atmosphere was electric.  The darkness twinkled with the colourful light up toys of so many excited little Disney fans. The ice glowed, the music started and we were welcomed by a team of dancers.  We were all invited to join in the “Fit To Dance” pre-show warm up.  Our two were really excited to see two characters from Zootropolis join in with the fun and they happily bounced and clapped along.

On with the show!

You could literally feel the wonder as Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy opened the show and became our tour guides.  They promised a journey through enchanting lands and they did not disappoint.  The show took us through four different beloved Disney stories, each with their own unique landscapes and magical effects.

The African Pride Lands

Disney On Ice characters from The Lion King Timon and Pumbaa.

We all love The Lion King, and it was such a warm and wonderful way to start our adventure.  Classical songs from the film including Circle Of Life, I Just Can’t Wait To Be King and Hakuna Matata thrilled us all as they filled the arena.  The littles were delighted to see Timon and Pumbaa, and “Daddy Pig” and I were wowed by the technical skill of the dancers as Simba and Nala performed to the beautiful Can You Feel The Love Tonight.

Image shows two ice dancers dressed as characters SImba and Nala of The Lion King dancing on the ice.

With A Sprinkle Of Fairy Dust…

We were swiftly whisked to the atmospheric streets of London and The Darling household for the story of Peter Pan.  I thought that the effects in this part of the show were some of the best. Tinkerbell sparkled and Peter performed a brilliant piece with his “shadow”.  With a sprinkle of fairy dust all the tiny eyes were wide with wonder as Wendy, John and Michael took flight to Neverland.

Image shows Wendy John and Micheal, the characters of Peter Pan, along with Peter himself flying in front of a large blue moon.

Captain Hook and Smee played brilliant baddies and brought a touch of humour, along with more dazzling effects.  A certain bitey friend of theirs also joined the ice and had the littles both pointing and gasping!

Image shows a giant crocodile on the ice with its mouth open wide and Captain Hook about to fall in.

Even Disney Heroes Need A Quick Break

As the lights came up our biggest little sat perfectly still and said “But I don’t want it to end!”.  She was relieved to hear that we were only half way through, and with a quick nip for refreshments we were ready for more.  We had been prepared for huge queues in the interval but actually they seemed to have it all very well covered.  Stalls were swiftly wheeled into place inside the arena and members of staff walked the aisles offering goodies for sale.

Under The Sea

Image shows Ariel of The Little Mermaid and all of her mermaid sisters sat on the ice in clam shells wearing brightly coloured dresses.

The lights soon dimmed once more and our tour guides swept us away to our next aquatic destination for The Little Mermaid.  The underwater effects were magical with colourful lights, bubbles and hypnotic dances.  It was lovely to see everyone’s favourites Flounder and Sebastian, and our littles had great fun booing Ursula as she made her larger than life appearances.

Image shows an ice dancer wearing a large inflatable costume as Ursula of The Little Mermaid.


And For The Finale…

It couldn’t really be a Disney ice-spectacular without visiting Arendelle now could it? The stage was transformed once more and the opening part of the story unfolded.  As Elsa unleashed her wintery spell on the land, the ice-stage filled with snow as it fluttered down creating a blizzard effect.  I don’t think that there was a closed mouth in the audience as Else soared around the ice performing her iconic “Let It Go.”

Image shows the character Elsa in a ballet pose on the ice with golden sparks at her feet on the ice.


The ice performance of Frozen was even more stunning than the film in my opinion. I even came home with an urge to let the tots indulge in it on repeat all over again.

Image shows Disney On Ice characters Anna and the snowman character Olaf from Frozen on the ice together.

Disney On Ice: A Passport To Adventure – A Journey To Remember

Finally,  the show finished with all of the cast on the ice and huge applause. We made our way out and back to the car, all beaming and feeling utterly wowed.  Miss Tot immediately asked if she could go again very soon.

I had been worried that it might have been too much for our littlest as he is only just 3. (He has the attention span of a carrot.) I won’t lie – there were a few times when his mind wandered.  The great thing about this show being so family friendly though is that this wasn’t an issue.  No tuts.  No angry glances.  A quick hug from Mum or Dad and a giggle together and he was soon mesmerised again by the show.

Overall we thought that the show was truly enchanting. Disney On Ice has kicked off the festive season for us in the most magical way.

Will we be back next year? ….Oh yes we will!

You can find out more about Disney On Ice – A Passport To Adventure and buy tickets here.

Image shows a collage of 4 of my own captures from our seats of the Disney On Ice Show.


Please note: Aside from the collage above, the images that I have included are promotional images by Disney on Ice.  This is only because I felt that the action shots I had captured from our seats didn’t really do justice to the brilliant effects and costumes. We were kindly given complimentary tickets for the purpose of this review.  All views, opinions and general giddiness are of course 100% my own.

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78 thoughts on “Disney On Ice 2017 – A Passport To Adventure

  1. I’ve always wanted to see Disney on Ice. I’ve been trying to convince my husband that it’s acceptable for me to go without my little girl as she is too young to appreciate it at the moment. But he’s not convinced. #dreamteam

  2. Oh wow what an experience, Evie would love Disney on Ice I’m sure! I can’t imagine skating dressed as Ursula is anything less than an epic challenge. #Dreamteam

  3. Wow this looks AMAZING! We love Disney in our house! I am so jealous! Haha. Great tip about the light up toys though – £20?? Eeesh! I must look into getting us some tickets for this, though – my girls would love it! #dreamteam

    1. I hesitated about mentioning the cost of the wands, but then I always think as a parent it’s good to have an idea before you get to the stalls. There’s nothing worse than ending up with disappointed littles if it’s more than you expected to pay. (Especially if you have more than one to buy for.) It was absolutely incredible Lucy. I can definitely recommend it and I’m sure your girls would love it. xx

  4. Oh wow! This looks amazing! I really want to go and see this, but I think I need to wait a few years until my little one is older (she’s only 6 months). I’m glad you and you’re family had a wonderful day out 🙂 #DreamTeam

  5. This looks fab! I am so looking forward to lots of things like this in the future as our baby grows up. Glad you had a lovely time!


  6. I can’t wait until our children are old enough to enjoy things like this. We have a traditional circus that visits our village and I’m busting at the gut to take them to that. Hopefully 2018 is the year my son will start understanding and appreciating these things! Fingers crossed. #DreamTeam

  7. Aww I’ve wanted to go to this for a while. I think next year when George is 4 will be perfect. I’m filling him up on Disney as much as poss but he’s quite selective and still finds a lot of them “scary”.

    Sounds like a fab day. Was well impressed with the £7 parking fee but £20 for a light up toy!!! Ouch!


    1. We were a bit worried that the “baddies” might be a bit too scary but actually they did it really well and my two enjoyed booing at Ursula. It really was a fab day and parking was a breeze. The light up toys are probably always that kind of price at these type of events, but I guess as a parent it’s good to have an idea so that you’re prepared. Especially with more than one little. I can definitely recommend it for a magical treat xx

  8. What a brilliant line up through the show. I hadn’t realised this was the one with Frozen in it! So lovely to hear that you all enjoyed it. Now biggest little has seen it, Little Button wants to go too! Ekk! It’s coming to London quite close to Christmas. I wonder if they still have tickets. Thanks for being a fab host on the #DreamTeam xx

  9. I always talk about going to see Disney on ice but I’ve never got around to it. We really need to! Lion King would definitely my boys fav 😍 . Great review x x #DreamTeam

  10. I’m excited to be on team DisneyOnIce with you Dawn! We go after Christmas to the 02, and these tips are really handy. I’ll be digging out our (overpriced) minnie ears from Disneyland to take with us, as well as some light up fairy wands from fireworks night too now! Thanks for the heads up x
    Thanks also for hosting #dreamteam x

  11. Disney really know how to put on a show don’t they? We’ve not been able to do it this year 🙁 sounds like you all had so much fun. I’ll never forget the magic in my daughters face, priceless x

  12. Oh my word, this looks amazing! I can’t wait until my little one is old enough to drag her along to things like this because I just got excited reading it! How they do all of that on ice while in those costumes is a mystery to me. Fantastic stuff #dreamteam

  13. This gave me goosebumps just reading. I am enthralled by any kind of figure skating and had I been there I may have actually wept at Let it Go on ice….which is probably why the teens don’t like doing things with me anymore…..#DreamTeam

  14. Hi dawn, I was wondering how to dress my daughters for the show? My three year old wants to wear a costume but I’m afraid it may be cold in the arena.

    1. Hi Sumra. Lots of children were in costume and it wasn’t too cold in the arena, although it wasn’t particularly warm either. Our eldest went in a princess dress with a sparkly cardigan over the top and she was fine. You might have a bit of waiting outside to get in so I would definitely say coat needed until you get into the arena at least. Coats can double as blankets for over little knees too inside maybe? 🙂 Hope you have a lovely time xx

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