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Doctor Doctor – A Guest Post by Day 48

Welcome to the 16th post in the #Cheers! Series!

Those of you that have popped by my site before will know that I am a tiny bit obsessed with rhyming. #Cheers! is a series of rhyming guest posts that I am honoured to share, mostly with a parenting theme, from some of the most talented and lovely people in Blogland!

This week I am thrilled to host a great rhyme from a fellow Leeds blogger! This brilliant new blog bounced onto the scene over the summer, and so to those that haven’t met her already, I am very pleased to introduce Emma from Day 48 and her gorgeous little boy Noah. When I read her introduction/disclaimer: “this blog is for real parents – if you dust, eat three meals three times a day, shower frequently or haven’t cried in the last 7 days you might want to reconsider your reading material.” I knew that hers was exactly the kind of blog that I needed in my life.  She writes cheek achingly funny posts about “Being Mum” and also blogs about health issues such as her weight loss ambitions before returning to work.  She is also behind the brilliant Lovely Little Letter Project which is encouraging babies and pre-schoolers to engage with a pen-pal of their own that has been matched especially with them.  I was delighted when she sent me her rhyme, and so without further waffle from me I shall hand you over to Emma…

Doctor Doctor

A Guest Post by Emma at Day 48

..Doctor doctor,
Something’s the matter,
A problem not fixed by tea or a natter…


New wrinkles are popping up every which where, 
This morning I found chunks of food in my hair…


No longer alone can I go to the loo, 
I still feel Ill loose my insides if I poo…


My belly is saggy, though could be the cake, 
The stretch marks I’ve got now must be a mistake…


All hot drinks are cold and my dinners luke warm,
Eating one handed surely can’t be the norm…


I’m tired and I’m tetchy, I’m covered in sick, 
Wine mixed with aspirin just won’t do the trick…


My homes always messy yet how hard I try, 
My memory’s shot and my mind’s gone awry…


There’s stickiness everywhere, crumbs on the floors,
I keep finding handprints all over the doors…


Doctor, oh Doctor this can’t be a fad, 
Help me dear Doctor am I going mad?


I wish I could send you away with a pill, 
But it sounds to me lady like you are quite ill, 


Will you recover? It’s tricky to say,
I see patients awash with such ills everyday,


You see Mrs Niblett, it’s worse than I fear, 
For your diagnosis is CHILDREN my dear. 


I’d suggest netflix and necking some wine, 
in 21 years I predict you’ll feel fine. 


Image shows Mum holding Baby and both smiling at the camera.

Emma, 28, Leeds, project manager and mum by day, blogger by night. 

Day 48 

“Mum, son and everything between unravelling all the trials and tribulations of this mum job thing (that I didn’t even apply for by the way!) and how it’s working out for us (marginally acceptably if you’re wondering!). “


You can find Emma on Facebook here:
Thank you so much for letting me share your poem with the #Cheers Series Emma.

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27 thoughts on “Doctor Doctor – A Guest Post by Day 48

  1. Hahah I adore this! So funny. I particularly love ‘I’ll loose my insides if I poo’ ? And yes my stomach is pretty saggy, I’m pretty sure it’s the cake but I tend to blame the baby… fab rhyme!!

  2. Haha, a great poem
    And one that rings true;
    Be it crying, a fat tum
    Or the thing about poo

    Nothing’s ever the same
    When a baby arrives
    I need wine, cake and laughter
    Just to survive!

    There is no cure for Mommyhood
    I believe it’s a chronic affliction
    Though that doesn’t mean the bad bits
    Are a mere work of fiction!

    So thank you for making me smile;
    I’m finding it tough at the mo!
    Now I just need my prescription of wine
    And I’ll be good to go!

    🙂 x

  3. I absolutely love this – it’s so true that looking back I felt like something was wrong with me too…yet all it was was the little person who had come into our lives and all the changes 🙂 Beautiful poem, thank you for sharing with #dreamteam Lovely to have you as always x

  4. I love this! I think most of us can relate to this 😉 Fab rhyme and I love that Ive found another fab blogger through your series. Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays, great to have you join us 🙂 Emily

  5. I’ve never understood how some people I know managed to maintain a show home and have perfect hair all the way through the early years of mummyhood. Sod ’em. Thanks for introducing me to a new blog Dawnie…yep that profile/bio’s got me intrigued! #dreamteam

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