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#DreamTeam Linky Week 37

Hello & welcome back to the #DreamTeam linky party, hosted by the lovely Annette & Bridie, and now co-hosted by yours truly!

How has your first week back at the grind gone down?  Are you still wading through all of the least favourite parts of a selection box? (Yours obviously – not the kids – we would NEVER do such a thing – not even for the sake of their health.)  Or are you desperate for Gillian McKeith to come and knock on your front door just so that you can show her the contents of your fridge with smug pride?  (Does anyone else actually do this?  Every week after I do the shopping I stand back and look at my fridge and wonder what Gillian would think?  Usually whilst shoving some chocolate covered heap of naughtiness to the back and attempting to hide it behind some brocolli.)  Those of you that made resolutions – how are they going?  I haven’t really made any this year.  I need to get my backside moving and wind my neck in a bit after eating all of the Christmas but otherwise I’m going with “I shall remove my make up with actual make-up remover and not my pillowcase every night” and so far I’m winning!  Speaking of January resolutions (or lack of) check out my featured posts from last week:



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Both of my featured posts have a definite New Year twist about them.  I read so many great posts about new starts and resolutions – both blogging and otherwise.  I really enjoyed reading them all and could relate to everything I read, but these two in particular hit a chord with me.  If you haven’t already, have a nosy and you’ll see why:

Mad House Mum – Ffs Have Some Fun!

Alison nails it for me with this.  January is, without doubt, the bleakest, coldest month of the year with the entire planet apparently on a diet, broke and trying to give up all of the naughty things that make them happy.  Why do we do this to ourselves?  We strip our homes of twinkles, our cupboards of treats, and apparently our souls of all joy for the month?  Why?  Round of applause for this post please – it’s brilliant!

Mess & Merlot – Lean in 15 (Years!)

Charlie has the kind of health and well-being ethos that I truly aspire to.  Her post also blows a proverbial raspberry at the whole January regime when it comes to diet and self image.  I don’t want to give too much away as I wouldn’t be able to do it justice, but I read this post on the 2nd January and I have found myself repeating parts of it as a mantra.  I can honestly say that it has changed the way I feel about tackling the festive pounds that I’ve piled on, and I feel like I’m embracing January from a much better place because of it.  Thanks Charlie!


Help yourselves to the featured badge both of you:

Rhyming with Wine



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  1. Thanks so much Dawn, delighted to be one of your picks and even moreso to hear that it’s made you feel happier about the whole ‘tidying up selection boxes’ situation we find ourselves in post Christmas 🙂 Enjoy your Chomp! xx #DreamTeam

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