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#DreamTeam Linky – Week 57

Hello!  Welcome to the #DreamTeam linky party, hosted by the lovely Annette & Bridget, and myself.

Hold on to your cuppas lovelies we have two announcements this week!

We have a new badge for you lovely linkers and for those of you that have been featured!  Please pop by and pick up your new swish badges by copying the code below.
We have also made the decision to ask that all linkers please link up with just ONE POST ONLY from this week.  We absolutely love reading all of your posts and we are thrilled to be welcoming new linkers each week to #DreamTeam.  Our little community is continuing to grow and as such we regularly have over 100 link ups which is incredible!  This being the case we feel that we need to introduce a one post only rule please, just to ensure that we hosts can give each and every post that links the time and bloglove that it deserves. Thank you for your understanding.

This week I am linking a guest post by one of our #DreamTeam regulars – Steven at Fitdadz.  I’m sure that you will all have come across his brilliantly inspirational health and fitness posts.  I personally have taken quite a few of his tips on board over this last couple of months.  Speaking of which – those of you that read about my C25K mission…  I did it!  The day before we moved house last week I managed my very first 5k run!  Non-stop and without dying or needing a cake or anything!?

Anyway, enough of my waffle let’s do linking:


#DreamTeam will go live every Tuesday morning from 6am and will close Thursday evening at 9pm.

Please link ONE POST only, old or new.

By linking up, you are giving us permission to send you an email and/or tweet reminder for the #DreamTeam each week.

Each of us will choose 2 posts to feature every week, and our featured bloggers will get their very own prestigious #DreamTeam featured badge.


Last week I was somewhere underneath this heap of boxes as we moved house:

Image shows a huge pile of boxes taking over a room entirely.

(If you fancy a bit of a soppy read here is my ode to our little home that we raised our babies in as we waved it bye bye. *sobs*)

Our lovely regular guest co-host Nicola of All Things Spliced very kindly stepped in for me. (Thanks so much Nic!)  Here’s what she says about her faves:

“My first favourite post from last week is by the completely fabulous Absolutely Prabulous. The post is about whether the writing matters any more in terms of blogging awards, and Prabs’ thoughts really strike a chord with me. My writing isn’t always SEO friendly, or well promoted, but it’s always honest. And for me personally, that matters more than all of the other parts of blogging put together. But what Prabs says about about the fact that the writing seems to have gone from being a successful blogger really rings true. I’ll even forgive her for meaning that I don’t have a hope in hell chance in the Readers’ Choice award category as I’d be up against her!!

My second favourite post is ‘Weaning – a Poem’ by Muffin Top Mummy. It’s fun and really sums up weaning in a lovely little rhyme! I know my fellow poet co-host Dawn will appreciate the poetry behind this one!!”

I have read both of these posts and I couldn’t agree more on both counts!  Congratulations to you both!

Please do check out the featured posts from Annette and Bridget as always too. 

Featured bloggers – Please help yourselves to the featured badge:

Rhyming with Wine



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Rhyming with Wine
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5 thoughts on “#DreamTeam Linky – Week 57

  1. Oh Dawn I’m so honoured and your readers’ choice joke made me laugh. Nothing to worry about my love; I’ll be getting a vote from my mum and my husband this year and that’s it! Thanks so much for choosing my post. Super chuffed! xxx

    1. It’s very well deserved Prabs – you know I love this post. (Well all your posts really!) You have our lovely Mrs Lighty to thank for the feature this time though as I was off last week so she guest hosted for us. The joke and giggles are all hers too! 😉 xx

  2. I need to apologise! I’ve linked two posts, and ironically one of them is about linkies and mentions following the rules! I feel so stupid! Please don’t ban me!

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