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#DreamTeam Linky – Week 79

Hi!  Welcome to your #DreamTeam bloggers linky – hosted by Annette of 3 Little Buttons, Bridget of Bridie By The Sea and myself.

Here’s how it works:


1. Add one post to the #DreamTeam linky, which goes live every Tuesday morning at 6am and will close on Thursday at 9pm.

2. Add the #DreamTeam linky badge or a text link to the bottom of your linked up post. If you are adding this to a side/bottom bar or linky page, please do ensure this is clear to avoid being missed out of commenting.


Rhyming with Wine


3. Share your post on twitter with the linky hashtag #DreamTeam. Tag in your hosts for retweets @3_LittleButtons  @BridieByTheSea @rhymingwithwine.

4. Please comment on each of the hosts linked posts PLUS the post directly before your own (a total of 4 posts as a minimum). If the post before your own does not carry the #DreamTeam badge or text link, you are not required to leave a comment.

5. Optional. Get into the party spirit and tweet/add comments to any additional posts you have really enjoyed. Other bloggers are more likely to return the favour if you do! It’s a #winwin all round. As hosts, we will aim to retweet your posts again as we read them, as long as you have included your twitter handle in your sharing buttons.

*By linking up, you are giving us permission to send you an email and/or tweet reminder for the #DreamTeam each week.

If you are new to linkies I have written a separate post with all of the how-to stuff here which might be handy.

A little note this week from Annette, Bridget and myself:

We have a fab little community of bloggers who make this linky so special, and a pleasure to run. Thanks everyone! *High fives, all the cake, and Halloween goodies. Over the last couple of weeks we think there’s been a bit of link dropping happening. This is when a blogger links their post without the badge or text link, and also doesn’t engage with any commenting at all.

Whilst we all know that there’s times when commenting is forgotten, link dropping is very different. Often seen as a deliberate attempt to quickly increase stats by taking advantage of a linky community. If you are new, and doing this by mistake, please don’t worry. We would love you to message us and we can help you out on what’s expected. After all, we’ve all had our own first time linky boo-boos.

If you’re reading this as a link dropper.. please stop *we say politely.

Dreamteam bloggers are not required to comment on or retweet any posts that do not carry the dreamteam badge/text link.

Thanks, DreamTeam hosts xxx


A huge virtual cake kind of thank you to Nicola of All Things Spliced for stepping in for me last week!  Here’s what she says about her featured posts:

“My first favourite this week is Nighttime Parenting: When your Kid chooses you for the night shift by The Squirmy Popple. I related to this so much. I am also the nighttime parent, and it isn’t because Mr Lighty refuses to get up, but more because a) he just doesn’t hear Baby Lighty if he wakes and b) I set a precedent for getting up when I was on maternity leave and Mr Lighty had to get up for work the next day. It’s tough, especially now that I’m back at work myself, but it’s got to be done. And I do love comforting Baby Lighty when he needs it in the middle of the night!

My second favourite is Them’s the Breaks: Injury Life Lessons by Shinners and the Brood. As much as I don’t like the fact that poor Sinead has recently suffered an injury, I loved the fact that her female friends have rallied round her. That’s what true female friendship should be about, and it really made me smile. Hope you’re on the mend soon Sinead!”

Featured bloggers – Please help yourselves to the featured badge:

Rhyming with Wine
I hope that those of you with littles have enjoyed a brilliant half-term holiday filled with all kinds of pumpkin based shenanigans!  Wishing you all a very spooky Halloween.  Thank you for linking up with us and we’ll look forward to reading and sharing your posts!



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