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Early pregnancy – a little rhyme about those first few weeks.

I was very lucky to have two relatively straight forward pregnancies, but as I’m approaching my youngest’s first birthday I can still remember those first few weeks.  Needless to say I will never be able to face a Ginger Nut again…..

Your mission begins with a little pink line, and a baby awaits at the finishing line.

The whole planet stops as you pee on a stick,  and you study the leaflet in case it’s a trick?

The giddiness then sweeps you straight off your feet.  Along with exhaustion which now has you beat.

You’re loving each magical minute it’s true, or would do if only you could leave the loo.

The morning light shines through your window each day, as you reach for a biscuit to keep sick at bay.

You slope into work looking awfully green, throw up in the loos and try not to be seen.

You peer at your boss as you try to breath in, convinced he will spot you’re no longer as thin.

The family occasions are simply the worst, as you cling to your secret and try not to burst!

You question and Google and read all the trite, you’re totally thrilled but you feel bloody sh*te!

Your hubby avoids you or tries to at least, in case he says something to enrage “The Beast.”

You try to eat well, get your 5 every day, but then stuff in some cake – you’ll get fat anyway!?

Your bottom has now inexplicably grown and your boobs have a postcode now all of their own.

You meet with your midwife and realise with doubt that this beautiful creature will one day come out.

You count down the weeks and you hold back the sick, but that tough first trimester is over so quick.

You lay on the couch and try hard not to pee. The sonogram’s up and you’re trying to see…

That beautiful face and those loveable eyes, two arms and two legs, perfect though small in size.

All else is erased as you hear that heartbeat, looking forward with love to the day that you’ll meet.

You leave that trimester now glowing with pride with your bump and its so precious cargo inside.

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