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A Fond Farewell to #FartGlitter…

Badge for FartGlitter linky. Sketch of baby crawling.

Hello lovely #FartGlitter peeps!

Thank you so much for popping by to link up with us, but yes, I’m afraid you read that right. *sniffles*

#FartGlitter linky has been running for 40 weeks now.  Coincidentally I have had the absolute pleasure of co-hosting for the last 20 of those weeks and I have loved reading, sharing and commenting on all of your brilliant posts.  That being said, hosting a linky does need a large amount of time and commitment, and sadly The Mama is no longer able to maintain #FartGlitter having recently moved to a whole new country and taken on a new and more demanding job.  We all know that this linky would not be the same without Poop Rainbows Mama, and so despite her very kind offer to hand over the reins to me, it feels like the right thing to do would be to hang up my host hat with her and let #FartGlitter retire gracefully into the sunset, with a large glass of Spanish sangria, a big wodge of cake and a cheers to you all from us both.

Thank you all so much for linking up with us over the weeks.  You will still see me out and about doing my thing on the linky circuit and I will look out for your posts there too.

Thank you Mama! I’ve loved co-hosting with you and I am really very grateful for the opportunity.

Big bloggy hugs.




28 thoughts on “A Fond Farewell to #FartGlitter…

  1. Hi Dawn, it seemed so wrong that I clicked the like button on your post! I may have not joined in that often and feel sad that, this week, your final week, I still have no parenting post to share…. A sign that maybe my parenting skills aren’t up to much or I’ve just given up!

    It does seem that all good things must come to an end. I look forward to seeing you around on the blogging circuit though.


  2. Oh. My. God. Guess what? I just hopped over after drawing up my new resolutions schedule discarding the linkies that don’t work for me and sticking with the ones that do…and I was about to link to fartglitter today for the first time in a while! Thanks for doing such an awesome job as co-host lovely. P

    1. Aw Prabs!!! I’m so sorry to mess with your new schedule, but touched to know that you were keeping #fartglitter! Thank you for linking up with us over the months. I will be hunting down your posts to read on the linky circuit. Big fan of your work! *hugs* x

  3. Ah such a shame, this one of of my faves!! But completely understandable, the amount of time you must put into it is admirable and I agree with going out on a high 🙂 See you ‘out and about’! xx

  4. You and Mama have been such brilliant hosts. Will miss #Fartglitter but it’s totes understandable and great to go out on a high as From Day Dot said. I’ll look forward to reading your fabulous poems here and in linkys xx

  5. Ah this is sad but I feel like linking up is a lot of work so I can’t even imagine hosting a linky ? Wishing you both all the best, I mean I’ll still be popping up on your blog every week Dawn, fangirl that I am. I am also keeping my personalised featured badge!! xx

  6. Ahh first chance I’ve had to actually write and share a post in weeks too! 🙂 Totally understand though, it must be SO much work. Massive well done and thanks for hosting #fartglitter , obviously look forward to still seeing your awesome rhymes on the interwebs! xx

  7. It will be missed but I totally understand your reasons. Running a linky is very time consuming…especially on your own. I have actually though about having guest co-hosts for #momsterslink from time to time. Would love to have you if ever interested. Cheers my friend! ???

    1. Thank you hon! I don’t know how you manage it on your own but yep please! I’d love to come and do a spot of #momsterslinking as a guest if you need a hand one week. Just give me a nudge (and a little bit of notice) and I’ll be there! *excited face* xx

  8. I just wanted to thank you for all the weeks of #FartGliiter. You and many of the bloggers that joined in, gave me a smile or a chortle, or even a hearty laugh, week after week! You are wonderful! M’wah and xoxoxo <3

  9. Fartglitter was one of my first linkies I got involved with and I was lucky enough to be selected a a featured post too. It was the first linky I’d add my post to each Monday. Sad to hear it will be no longer (I was only searching twitter for today’s link up only to find out this news instead :-().

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