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For The Teachers, As Miss Tot Graduates Reception Class.

For carpet time, for show and tell, for glitter, paint and glue.
For Biff and Chip and Kipper, not forgetting Floppy too.

For number bonds and phonics and for counting up in fives,
For funky camels, disco stars and Christmassy hand-jives.

For building tiny characters and cheering on their wins.
For making cardboard spaceships with the contents of our bins!?

For somehow making silence with one hand up in the air!?
For never ending patience as you ask them all to “SHARE!”

For counting with small fingers and for drying home-sick eyes.
For kind and gentle nudges and encouraging the tries.

For making precious memories and passing happy hours.
For taking them within your arms whilst they’re away from ours.

For waiting with a friendly smile to meet them at the doors,
And caring for our little ones as if they each were yours.

For showing tiny minds just what this world of theirs can be.
For growing tiny people, as you do, so perfectly.

From all of us their grown-ups, this rhyme makes its way to you.
It isn’t made of yogurt pots or silver sparkly glue.

But it’s made with all our wishes, not by hand but with much thought.
To say a special thank you from your class that you have taught.

Thank you for the countless hands you hold and things you do.
Thank from each one of us, to every one of you.

To all of the teachers and teaching assistants who have taken my little lady under their wings this year.  In doing so you have given her wings of her own.
Thank you

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