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Get Dressed Right Now! – A #Cheers series guest post by 3 Little Buttons

Welcome to the 10th post in the “Cheers!” Series!

Those of you that have popped by my site before will know that I am a tiny bit obsessed with rhyming. “Cheers!” is a series of rhyming guest posts that I am honoured to share, mostly with a parenting theme, from some of the most talented and lovely people in Blogland!

So this week I am thrilled to bring you another of my bloggy besties – Annette from 3 Little Buttons.  Her beautiful blog shares family adventures, craft and recipe ideas, great reviews, blogging tips and inspirational lifestyle posts.  She illustrates her posts beautifully by hand and in my opinion she is just one of those bloggers that makes the blogosphere that bit smilier.

Sharing with us her first rhyming post, I give you the lovely Annette:


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Get Dressed Right Now!


Little Miss Button is like any threenager,

Full of squealing and protests and peculiar behaviour,

But the thing that she really truly detests,

Is the simplest task of just getting dressed.

When the time comes she opens her eyes,

Peeps from the covers, ‘it’s morning’ she cries,

Chirpy and cheerful she jumps up and down,

I bring in her clothes, but oh gawd… there’s that frown.

With a squirm and wriggle she attempts to escape,

In Super Girl style the bedcovers her cape.

She throws a big wobble and struts up and down,

‘I’m NOT getting dressed mum’ she booms monkeying around.

Just your pants I plead, these excellent pants,

I wave them at her as I do THAT mummy dance.

Look! I yelp swinging them way up high,

She gives me THAT look and she prances right by.

‘I’ve got you’ I pounce with all of my might,

I wrestle Miss Button as she goes to take flight.

Somehow I do it, she’s back on the bed.

But with elegant grace, she flips her legs over her head and kicks me right in the face.

*true *

Then there is silence, but not the golden kind,

She uncovers her eyes, worried what she might find.

A patch on my face feels rather hot,

Her widening eyes tell me that it’s not just a dot.

Anxious and cautious she gathers her clothes,

She folds them politely and is full of ‘Oh no’s’!

She fixes the bed, as best as she can.

I call for Mr Button, right… I need a better plan.

He eyeballs my cheek bump and says with conviction,

That if she doesn’t get dressed she can forget playing kitchen’s.

There will be no making or baking, or fun trips out,

If she continues to behave like a miniature lout.

In a last ditch attempt I turn to the tactics,

Getting ready for another blast of vocal gymnastics,

I will go along with Miss Buttons dramas,

That’s ok, I smile sweetly, go in your stinky pyjamas!

My name is Annette and I am a 30 something mum to Little Button (3 years old) and wife to Daddy Button.

3 Little Buttons is a humorous family and lifestyle blog all about our adventures, mishaps and everything in-between. Dotted with crafty, tasty and adventuring ideas, I also like to share blogging tips and reviews of things which I think you will love.

If you are looking for a good deal of giggles and buckets of ‘OMG… now THAT is exactly what it’s like’, then you can follow Annette here:

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Thanks so much for letting me share your brilliant rhyme Annette!  I can absolutely relate to the trauma of trying to dress a little one, and I hope your cheek is feeling a bit better now 😉

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If you would like to feature in the “Cheers!” series, whether you are a seasoned poet or brand new to rhyming and just fancy giving it a go, please get in touch! I’d love to hear from you!

Dawn x

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24 thoughts on “Get Dressed Right Now! – A #Cheers series guest post by 3 Little Buttons

  1. The strength of a toddler
    Never fails to amaze me
    I know I should stay calm
    And not let it faze me

    But the will of a child
    Is surpassed by none;
    The dreaded word, “No!”
    Brings a full tantrum on

    I feel your pain
    (In both senses of the word)
    They have so much control;
    It’s completely absurd!

    We love our kids,
    Wouldn’t have it any other way
    But I heartily recommend
    A large glass of wine at the end of the day!

    Thanks for sharing, very funny and very accurate!


    1. I’ve just stood up and clapped! Standing ovation to you bloggy friend,
      It is clear that your commenting skills have no end!
      I wish I could give your fab comments a share,
      You’re a commenting, #blogloving hero I swear! 😉 x

  2. This could have so easily been my scenario every morning with one of my teenagers who always seem to find a means of getting distracted during the process of getting dressed. It is an endless challenge whatever the age.

  3. I love this! Really good and so true! My daughter either loves to be in PJs or completely naked. Sometimes just knickers which is great! She’s only ever happy when she fashions herself and sometimes it’s quite an interesting selection of clothing! #BestandWorst

  4. Oooh those little monkeys! The moment when they realise that they’ve gone too far is a funny one isn’t it?! Changes the whole atmosphere. She might soon get into the phase of only wearing what she chooses and dressing herself. That has it’s own stresses! Thanks for joining us at the #bigpinklink

  5. Cheeky little thing – how cute! We do dressing post breakfast and this often helps but my daughter can be really difficult somedays too. Best thing is let her flipping choose and hope that summer dress will be warm enough! Hope the kick didn’t hurt too much!! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst xx

  6. Haha I love this – cheeky Little Button 😉 So funny and I can just imagine it now…brilliant poem from the gorgeous Annette, I really enjoyed that. Thanks for sharing xx #bestandworst

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