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Going “Out Out!” 20 things that have changed in 20 years.

I have a fantabulous circle of friends,
A tribe that have been there through all of life’s trends.

But over the decades life moved us apart,
And they’re not round the corner but still in my heart.

Our drunken adventures have truly been missed,
So we thought we should have a night out and get drunk!

We thought back with fondness of nights out gone by,
And picked out a Newcastle venue, “Why Aye!”

Our first trip in years and we knew things might change,
But now that we’re older a few things seemed strange!?

So I’ve written this post if I may be so bold,
Just to share what it’s like to go out now we’re”Old!

So I’ll start with the ritual of pre-night out prep,
A few of us seem just a touch out of step;

1) Choices of outfit are laid out on beds,
Eyebrows are followed by quick “mani-peds”


….Then a WhatsApp appears asking:

What should I do?
My fake tan expired in 2002!

And my gloves have disolved!?”
(Which quite frankly makes sense –
The packaging postage was just 19 pence??)


2) The BBC weather app has to be checked,
And clothing selected with all due respect,

It really does get colder Up’t North you know. Better pack a scarf just in case.

3) We buy extra water and pack some to go,
As “We’ll need to hydrate after drinking you know!”

4) With minimal luggage, each one of us packs
An obligatory mountain of train journey snacks.

In case of famine during the 2 hour journey…


We get there, and Google to find our hotel,
And soon all our party have checked in as well,

5) Our hotel room “Pre-drinks” are now done with class.
Not swigged from a bottle, but sipped from a glass…

No more drinking wine out of a mug while we get ready! #allgrownupnow

We each then get dressed whilst repeatedly told,
That we each look fantastic and NO-ONE LOOKS OLD!

7) One friend is quite shocked and concerned by the news,
That we haven’t all got “Fold up handbag sized shoes?”

As “How will we each be remotely alright, if we’re still in our heels at the end of the night?”

Folding flat shoes for apparently popping in our handbag?
Folding flat shoes for apparently popping in our handbag?

8) We head out flat shoe-less and risking the pain,
With super cool brollies to fend off the rain.

Drinks – Check! Handbags – Check! Umbrellas though? I mean seriously?

9) We enter a bar and there’s quite a to do,
As we find us a barman that still serves Taboo!

This made one of our party very excited!

10) We stand with our drinks and attempt to look cool,
Then spot a nice corner and each grab a stool.

Our glasses are “chinked” and the party can start,
It’s instantly like we were never apart,

We chat and we giggle, it’s just like old times,
As vodka is splashed over ice cubes and limes.

But I can’t go too long without needing the loos,
So we head for a wee in obligatory twos

11) We instantly gag as we walk through the door,
And try to walk in without touching the floor.

We do what we need to and try not to think,
Of the things that appear to have died in that sink!?

(No image here… use your imagination.  You’re welcome!)

The party continues and cocktails enjoyed,
The old dance floor radars are duly deployed,

So brollies engaged we head out of the pub,
And program stilettos to seek out a club.

We find one and manage to get in the queue,
But not without first being told what to do!

(Apparently queues have got more complicated in recent years?)

We note now that entrance is no longer free,
And somehow the kitty is handed to me,

12) I offer a twenty to pay for our four,
But apparently night clubs now cost a bit more?

My £20 is met with a look of disdain,
As I lay out more bank notes again and again….

But still we are in, and the night is still ours,
Bring on more vodka let’s do the small hours!

We tried not to notice the age of the crowd,
And we boogie our socks off whilst singing aloud!

As new songs come on we all nod and approve,
And try to engage in some new funky move.

(No images here either – again – You’re welcome!)

So proud that the songs are still ones that we know!
*coughs*…. They’d all been remixed from two decades ago. 

13) It’s back to the bar where the juvenile staff,
Serve four pints of water and try not to laugh.

14) We recognise home time without any force,
And leave of free will (via chip shop of course).

15) My feet are in bits and I’m not on my own,
But our shoes stay in situ until we get home!

16) We tiptoe and “Ssshhhhhh!” as we walk through the door,
(We’d somehow been booked on the family floor?).

17) My make up is carefully wiped from my face,
No longer removed by a white pillow case.

18) I message the hubby to wish him “Night night”.
So he’ll wake in the morning and know I’m alright.

19) I wish my fab roommate a pleasant night too,
And nobody’s head is engaged down the loo.

No-one is battered, We all feel alright,
We’ve all had a brilliant, hassle free night.

20) I wake to a message, dispatched at lark’s fart,
That fills me with joy in my hungover heart,

As one of our party has text us to say,
“We’ve done more than half of our steps for the day!”

The joy was real! 6074 steps and I hadn’t even got out of bed?

So thank you all ladies, for such a fab time,
Thanks for the giggles, the memories and wine,

The years may pass by on the road to “Old Fart”
But we’ll never be older than 20 at heart!

Dust down those diaries, let’s set the next date!
The Grey Goose is calling!

….I can’t bloody wait!


Dedicated to the ones that couldn’t make it this time. You will be pleased to know that we drank extra just for you.  See you for the next one! xx

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99 thoughts on “Going “Out Out!” 20 things that have changed in 20 years.

  1. Love this!!! Totally just had a weekend away with my high school girls. Sounds very similar; though I am impressed you managed clubbing. We impressed ourselves with pubbing. Another difference, is 20 odd years on, we actually start with a proper restaurant meal and that is kinda the highlight…eeekkk #FartGlitter

    1. Ooh an actual restaurant meal too! We toyed with this idea and usually would have done the same, only I went straight from work and so we decided to multi task and eat on the train instead haha (there is still a teenager in me somewhere!) Hope you had a fab time lovely x

  2. Fabulous! I love catching up with my trusty ‘old’ girlfriends and drinking Taboo (who knew you could still get it!!??). And you went to a club, respect! x #fartglitter

  3. Ah this is great – it’s so true too – things are so different. I remember being 24 and thinking I’d never drink gin because it’s gross and usually drank by old ladies. But now? Crikey I love a g&t! Thanks for hosting #fartglitter

    1. Now that is hardcore! Respect to you for managing gin! I can’t master that one. I spend all the next day sobbing that my next door neighbour’s dog died when I was 6 (or something). 😉 Thanks for linking lovely x

  4. I actually have night out planned for this coming Friday, so now I will know what to expect!!! I love catching up with old friends, it is always like we have never been apart. The hardest thing now is that one of our high school girlfriends passed away a few years ago and where there was always us 5 now there is 4 and we still feel like someone is missing, because she is. Sorry to get all soppy on you. Love your work!! #fartglitter

  5. Brilliant! I wet myself a little bit at train snacks. I so need a pair of those folding flat shoes though! Proper dragon’s den idea there. Great post for #fartglitter x

    1. They are a genius idea. I was just a bit bemused by one of our group checking in such a matter of fact way… “Right then, have you all packed your folding shoes?” Eh?? Hahaha. I’m so buying a pair for next time though 😉 x

  6. Ohh this sounds so fun and, oh my gosh, you can get foldable shoes?!Definitely investing in some of those once baby is born and I can go out dancing again , heals are a killer. Glad you had a great night lovely and no one ended up being sick!!xx #Fartglitter

  7. This really made me giggle! I’m an avid step-counter so receiving a message noting you had already done half of your steps made me laugh 🙂 sounds like you all had a great time!


  8. I love how you wrote this post! I haven’t caught up with my friends in such a long time. I really must make time 🙂 #FartGlitter

  9. Ahhhh amazing!! I haven’t really had a proper night out since being pregnant – we are only 26 but most of my friends don’t go out out much these days anyway! We’ve had lots of pub trips with the baby in tow.
    Anyway this made me laugh so much, the snacks on the train are amazing as are the umbrellas! I love that you’d done so many steps too, what a bonus. #fartglitter

  10. It sounds like you had a great night out! I haven’t been ‘out out’ in about 7 months, but now that my daughter is sleeping a bit better at night, it might be time to have another go at going out after dark. No heels for me, though – I’d just fall over! #fartglitter

  11. Yes this pretty much sums up our nights out too. We seem to drinks half the amount but have twice the hangover??!
    Yeah we did find it amazing waking up to 17000 steps one day and 5000 the next before even getting out of bed.
    Note to self: mus be done more often!

  12. Ahh this is so well done. I love a good poem. Hilarious and I love that you check the weather. I don’t know how we all used to stand in tanks and mini skirts in winter. Madness. #FartGlitter

  13. LOVE this!! Have shared with my best friends who will totally get this!! So funny how times have changed! Going out OUT is a rare occasion these days!! #fartglitter

  14. Geordie shore eat your heart out! Nothing beats a good old boozy night out with the girls and some drunk dancing – required for the soul to remind you that YOU ARE STILL YOU!


    1. I actually did manage to catch a little glimpse of ME while I was away. Bit wrinklier but good to know that I’m still in there somewhere under the baby snot and biscuit crumbs 🙂 No Geordie Shore crew to be bumped into though (boo!) :0) xxx

  15. Bloody genius! Loved that from start to finish and also thought your fitbit steps punchline was inspired. So true about meeting up with old friends and it’s like no time has passed- freaky! Thanks for educating me about folding shoes too! 🙂 #fartglitter

  16. Haha this is fab – really made me giggle! Also confirmed to me that even at the age of 31, it seems I’ve been ‘old’ for a while now lol!! Can’t remember when I last went out out!! #fartglitter

  17. Oh I love your poems so much ❤️ Glad you had a good old girls night out. Mine seem to be planned a year in advance these days ( with a few months recovery time factored in!) I’m going ALL out, out this weekend with my mummy friends- Amsterdam- gahhhhhh! Thanks for hosting x #fartglitter

    1. Oh my word!? Actual out out in like a whole nother country and everything!? Hope you have an amazing time. Please write about it afterwards – I need the gossip! Oh and don’t forget to pack your folding shoes! 😉 Thanks hun xx

      1. Pah ha – I am TOTALLY considering the folding shoes. I’m the only one wearing silly heels out it seems but my reasoning is I’ll have about a year to recover before I get another night out ? I know, get me, leaving the country!! Back via #coolmumclub

    1. Thank you Sarah. This was my first night out in a lot of years to be honest and I thought I’d forgotten how to do it. Turned it it was still fun although that was entirely down to the fab company :0) Thank you for reading and commenting xx

  18. Love it!! I can still party like I’m in my twenties, it’s just the hangover tht kicks me back to reality. I’ve just found you through #blogginggoodtime and I’ll definitely be following from now on 🙂

    1. Hi Toni! *waves* I am so jealous. I think I can still party like I’m in my twenties. In fact I think I can shake it like Beyonce. I am however slightly concerned that my judgement may be slightly skewed by vodka haha. So pleased you found my blog and enjoyed. I’ll come find you too… 🙂 x

  19. I absolutely love this – giggled into my coffee the whole way through – I want to be in your tribe – sounds like the best weekend – just brilliant – the snacks for the 2 hour journey, the serving of taboo, the new dance moves -all just fab! You are very much a member of #coolmumclub

  20. I so loved this! Do you think girls nights out are the same the world over or just in the UK? I had one last Friday (with a meal first and fold-up shoes in my bag I might add) and we did everything I tell my eldest teenager not to do….ie drank too much and mixed our drinks… walked home singing and then died the next day, but what fun! #coolmumclub

  21. I have an “out out” night booked in a few weeks although it’s with new friends rather than old friends. I hope it’s as fabulous as your night out! Disappointed at the lack of dancing photos though, I have a sneaky feeling you’ve got some moves! #coolmumclub

    1. The problem is that when I’m drunk I also think that I’ve got some moves. I haven’t. I just end up doing some weird umbrella / handbag wielding Zumba routine. It’s not a good look. The lack of photos is a blessing I assure you! ? Thank you hun and I hope you have a brill night! Gossip /debrief please 🙂 xx

  22. Love this, especially the fake tan postage photographic evidence and the explanations in brackets!! ??? I’m popping over from #coolmumclub today, where we’ll always be cool no matter how old we get!! Xxx

    1. Thanks Emma! It was a surprise to us all. One of our party spent a considerable amount of the evening quoting the “Mirage / Taboo. Which one are you…” advert. We are so rock n roll haha. Thank you for reading hun x

  23. This is brilliant and sounds like it was a fabulous night out – I’m impressed that you managed to go on to a club too – I cannot remember the last time I set foot in a club, or wore heels for that matter! I did have a chuckle at the comment at the end about having done half your steps for the day! 🙂 #ablogginggoodtime

  24. Hi Dawn, it sounds as if you had a fab time. I’m not sure I would know what to do anymore and if I drank a mug of wine whilst titivating, I’m pretty sure I’d be doing an upturned turtle impression before even heading out the door!


    1. Haha I love that image. To be fair I did have one of my friends do my make up for me. Otherwise my mascara would have been a bit questionable after a glass of wine. I’m just so out of practice! Thank you for commenting xx

  25. Hahahaha oh my god hah hahahaha this is so awesome! Too good not to share! Hats off to you, what a perfect tribute to friends and getting older 😀 #ablogginggoodtime

  26. Haha! Brilliant again! I don’t go out out any more and, though your night does sound fun, the description of the toilets makes me think that’s a good plan! #fartglitter

    1. The remixes are the worst! You just get your groove on thinking you know all the words and then the song veers off course into unknown territory, leaving you floundering with your mouth open like a guppy! #notcool ? Thank you lovely and extra thanks and cake for sharing ?? xx

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