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The Hands of Time – A Guest Post by And Then There Were Two.

So. Most of you lovely regular readers will know that I have a bit of a thing about rhyming *points out obvious*. I have always loved poetry, both to write and also to read, and I was thrilled to see Becky at And Then There Were Two, recently publish her first poem onto her blog.  You can read it here. I have always been a huge fan of Becky’s writing and her posts are always warm, sometimes very funny, and other times move you beyond words.

I therefore decided to invite beg her to write a guest post for me in rhyme – and write she did!

Over to Becky…


I’m Becky, a 30-something Mum of two, wife of one, teacher of thirty, friend of many. Lover of chocolate, sunny holidays, tea, gin and romantic poetry. Not a lover of housework.

The Hands of Time

Today I held your hand

As it fit snugly into mine

Whilst we were standing waiting

In the supermarket line

I watched you hands load shopping

Onto the conveyor belt

Then watched you pack it into bags

Determined you would help

I watched your hands paint pictures

Of the flowers, sky and sun

I watched you mix the colours

Guessing what they would become

I watched you take your brother’s hands

And show him what to do

Your hands were teaching him to play

Your favourite games with you

I watched your arms hug Daddy

My heart threatening to explode

With pride and with contentment

At the love those arms can show

I watched your hands turn pages of

Our bedtime story books

And felt your arms enfold me in

A special bedtime hug

I watched your hands rest as you slept

And stroked your hair with mine

And thought with bittersweetness

Of the passing hands of time

For unlike yours and mine darling

The hands of time don’t sleep

Forever moving forward

Through the hours, days and weeks

So whilst your hands are learning

To do things all on their own

The hands of time remind me

That one day soon you’ll be grown

And when you are I know that

You wont want to hold my hand

As time washes away the years

Like waves upon the sand

So, whilst it’s quite impossible

To stop the hands of time,

Today I’ll seize each moment

To have your hands holding mine


If, like me, you found yourself crying like a baby and wanting more you can follow Becky here:


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Thanks so much for writing this piece Becky – it really is beautiful and I’m honoured to share it for you.  Please help yourself to the badge below if you fancy!

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106 thoughts on “The Hands of Time – A Guest Post by And Then There Were Two.

  1. Ah how can you both do this to me?! Two of my favourite bloggers in one place, making me cry over their poems! I love this Becky, particularly as I’ve got a bit of an obsession with Baby Lighty’s hands, I love seeing what he’s going to do next (I’ve got a whole paragraph drafted about this in his birthday post – how did we get to that stage already?!). So lovely, and I’m loving the sound of Rhyming with Rhyming with Wine (or something! ?) xxx

  2. Oh this is beautiful, so moving and so very true. Those hands of time are so relentless aren’t they and it really is important to stop and make the most of watching what those little hands can do and enjoy the feel of small hands holding yours while you can. Gorgeous poem 🙂

  3. Oh God I got a lump in my throat reading this. Having another baby has made me realise how precious time is and how quick my big one is and that soon enough the day will come when she won’t sit on my lap or want to hold my hand. #passthesauce

  4. Oh this is beautiful. Made me feel quite choked up. I’m obsessed with my baby’s hands at the moment, so chubby and dimply and grabbing everything!! I am so aware of how quickly time is flying, these days feel so precious. #passthesauce

  5. That’s a great poem! I can write some poetry but I’m not as gifted with poetry as you lovely ladies. My poems usually end up in short stories, that end up in longer stories, LOL! You both have a great talent! Thanks so much for hosting #passthesauce

  6. Loved that and I love poetry! Made me misty actually because my kids are grown and time really does go by so quickly except when you want it to.

  7. Oh God, and now I’m in bits…and it hours until I can have wine. So so beautiful, amazing how the little tinkers go about their day completely oblivious to how they are making our hearts explode. #passthesauce

  8. I’m holding my sleeping baby as a I read this. It made me stop hold him a little tighter and appreciate him wanting to be there. Lovely poem but made me come over all emosh xx #passthesauce

  9. You made me cry! These days the tiny hands of my grandchildren are determinedly dragging me to where they think I should go – just as wonderful.

    Thanks for the invite and for featuring my blog!

  10. I wish I could get down with the poetry. This is a lovely poem. I love the hugs between my partner and son. It’s something that took time to develop but it’s happening now. I love them! #passthesauce

  11. Actually nearly cried like a baby! I missed Becky’s first poem and so pleased I saw this one. It’s really beautiful. I think about this sort of thing a lot! It captures parenthood of little ones so well. Also – *waves re guest post! Over here!* 😉 #PassTheSauce

  12. Hi Becky and Dawn, what can I say, except I loved it. Becky, your poem really captured what it’s like to be a Mum aware that the hands of time change everything.


  13. What a touching poem! Oh and it is so true. I didn’t realize how fast it would go – my third & last baby is 3 & this concept has really hit me now. We need to enjoy each phase with our kids while it lasts! #passthesauce x

  14. That was a poignant post. Thank you.

    My cubs are super clingy at the moment and much as it can be annoying any irritation is tempered by the knowledge that with time there won’t be cuddles and ‘mmm’ hugs like this.


    1. I know exactly what you mean. My little one is so clingy and always at the most inappropriate times, but I’m still grateful for the snuggles whilst they’re on offer. I think I’ll cry when he tells me he’s too cool for a mum hug one day! Thanks for reading and sharing xx

  15. So beautiful Becky!! Yes, I totally cried… I want to freeze time, and stop the children going to school, getting hurt, getting their hearts broken…*sob* but enjoying as much as you can, and not worrying too much about the other stuff is the best way forward!! A gorgeous poem, so much talent!! I hope this will become a regular series Dawn!! Maybe ‘Poems To Make You Cry Over Your Wine’ as a suggested series name?!

  16. Ah that brought a little lump to my throat and a tear to my eye – what a beautiful poem by a very talented writer #passthesauce

  17. I really love this poem. I know it will ring true with all parents 🙂 What a great idea for a guest series! #passthesauce

  18. Beautiful & so true. Time does pass so fast. My littlest is obsessed with holding hands currently – she stands with her hand out saying, ‘Hand! Come on!’ So sweet! #passthesauce

  19. This is so beautifully and skilfully written..I got a little it hysterical and hiccupy reading this..perfect insight into mummyhood and capture feelings of them growing #passthesauce

  20. So beautifully written. The rhyming about tiny hands makes me think of the Mother’s Day picnic at my girls’ preschool the other day. My just turned 4 year old gave me a gift. It was her hand made out of clay and when I opened it, I started to cry. I hugged the teacher…thankfully I have gotten to know her since her daughter plays t-ball (baseball for little ones) with my kids. But when I looked around there were no other mothers crying…just me. Because it made me realize that in that moment that would be the only time her hand would be that small. That when I held it up against her hand it had already grown since the time she made it. And it’s still making me tear up. Ugh. Being a mommy is so damn emotional. Thanks for sharing Becky’s lovely gem. And thank you for co-hostessing #passthesauce.

    1. Oh my word I am filling up for you! I would definitely have been the sobbing wreck stood right next to you. At least you have something beautiful to keep and remember when those little hands really were that tiny. I made a salt dough heart with both tots handprints in it the Xmas after my youngest was born and it turned out so much better than I expected and even though it’s a bit dodgy in places and definitely has the “rustic” look I love it. I now desperately wish I’d made it out of clay as I know in time it will disintegrate and like you say – those tiny hands just won’t ever be that tiny again *sobs*. Thanks so much for your lovely comment Trista x

    1. I’m slightly obsessed with handprints and keep showering family members with them disguised as greeting cards. Each time I see that they’re slightly bigger I get all emotional! Thank you for reading x

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