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All About The Happies for International Day of Happiness!

.Image shows a pretty countryside path lined with lavender. Dad carries a little boy and a little girl is skipping, all with their backs to the camera.

“What day is it?”
“It’s today,” squeaked Piglet.
“My favorite day,” said Pooh.
― A.A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh

People often ask me when I started writing poems, and the truth is I’ve written them for as long as I can remember. Before the blog my rhyming ramblings were written into cards as a special birthday wish or to let someone know I was thinking about them. I always fancied the idea that one day I might find myself working for Hallmark, and thinking up sentiments and messages for their cards. So you can imagine the happy dance I did in my kitchen when I received an email from Hallmark, asking me if they could send me a gorgeous box full of treats to celebrate International Day of Happiness.

International Day of Happiness is celebrated all around the world on the 20th March each year.  This sounded like a party that I definitely wanted in on.  A few days later I came home from work to find a box of joy waiting for me:


Image shows a box of cards soft toys and stationery to celebrate International Day of Happiness.


Cards are definitely my thing!

It’s a running joke in our house that I can’t go a week without “just popping to the card shop” for a little something to mark an occasion or to send a smile.  I love the idea of someone finding a card hidden in the pile of junk mail that gets shoved through the letter box each day, and I think it’s so much more personal than an email or a message.

One of my other great loves is stationery and I regularly invest my lunch hour in a trip to Paperchase, where I mostly just wander around stroking all the pretty things.  I’m one of those people that still has a pencil-case and a desk tidy in my home at age thirty-*mumbles*.  (I don’t even have a desk, but still those paperclips and pens aren’t going to stay tidy by themselves now are they?)  I squeaked when I found the cute pens and have immediately hidden them out of reach of Captain Scribble’s sticky paws. (Top shelf:  with all the grown up biscuits.  In case you were wondering.)

I was really surprised to find one of Hallmark’s super-cute Itty Bittys tucked away, waiting patiently to be played with.  She is a miniature Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz and I know that Miss Tot will fall in love with her instantly.  Mstr Tot will no doubt try to pinch her so I’ll do my best to distract him with the Nutella until I can get him one of his very own.

Hallmark have a fantastic range of cards and gifts including their Itty Bittys which you can find here to celebrate International Day Of Happiness.



“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”― A.A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh

Happiness Is…

Thoughtful surprises that come in a box.

The comforting feeling of warm fluffy socks

Escaping the world with a whimsical book.

The waddle and quack of a happy fed duck.

Bracing sea air as we walk at the coast

Pancakes for breakfast… or hot buttered toast.

Freshly ground coffee and warm home-made bread.

The things I can fix with a kiss on the head.

Soft lights that twinkle and flicker and glow,

Snuggly blankets and silent white snow.

Warm flumpy jumpers and big friendly hugs.

Cold busy hands around favourite mugs.

A moment of peace with a hot cup of tea

My kids doing things as a team, happily.

Songs on full volume alone in the car.

Friends that still love us – just as we are.

Laughing so hard that my face starts to hurt.

Martinis at lunch and a “Yes!” to dessert!

(As of course this whole poem would frankly be fake,

If I forgot to include just a “smackerel” of cake.)

But tucking my kids in and stroking their hair,

That sleep-hazy moment they realise you’re there.

A small hand in mine to make steady small feet,

A moment of joy as we skip down the street.

A phone call, a message, a “thinking of you”.

…And to know that each day, I’ve shared happiness too ❤


Sending hugs and cake – Happy happies day!



*Disclosure:  I was sent the gift box, cards and treats free of charge from Hallmark for the purpose of this post, but as always all opinions and words are my own. 

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73 thoughts on “All About The Happies for International Day of Happiness!

  1. Hi, I never knew that International Happiness Day exsisisted. I love the link toWinnie The Pooh. Great rhym as always and so true about cold hands wrapped around a mug #DreamTeam

  2. Lovely and feel good thanks. Wow about the stationery by the way. I do love a bit of stationery myself. Fancy paper and pens still make my heart sing at Thirty Ten! 😉 #dreamteam

  3. Just when I think you can’t top the last one, this poem has to be my favourite RWW poem ever Dawn! I could print this and hang it on my wall, in fact if I had a wall and an office instead of a bedroom window, I’d do just that.
    Hope you are all good, lovely to pop by #DreamTeam to pay you lovely ladies a visit xxx

    1. Awww MMT! You make me squeak you do! Thank you. If it’s any consolation I don’t have a desk, or an office either. I have a kitchen table with a soundtrack of grumpy hubby saying “Do you have to type so loudly?” 😂 All good here thank you and its fab to have you with us at #DreamTeam. I promise to try and get my cake-loving behind to #coolmumclub as soon I get a Thursday off work. (My shifts are playing havoc with my bloglife!) Hugs xxx

  4. What a lovely post! And I completely agree it’s just another kind of feeling when you receive a card in the real form, emails and messages don’t have that same effect at all. I also love going to card shops, one of my favourite things to do! #DreamTeam

  5. Is that a key bottle opener?? It’s so cute! And that slogan “Spread Happiness like it’s Nutella” – definitely nice and thick for us!! #DreamTeam

  6. I love this! Warm home made bread used to be my absolute favourite thing, going gluten free ended that though! Aghhh! Happiness to me would definitely feature a Wispa! #dreamteam

  7. Ahhhh that’s so gorgeous Dawn! Happiness is definitely a flumpy jumper. I had mine on all day today! Your rhyme left me grinning from ear to ear…. and with hopes that one day soon I’ll open up a card and find one of your rhymes in it. #DreamTeam xxx

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