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My Happiness Non-Negotiables.

I was recently nominated by the lovely Mrs Lighty at Sugar and Spice and All Things Spliced to share a post about my Happiness Non NegotiablesHere goes...


So what makes me happy? What makes me smile?
I paused to consider and thought for a while.

I dreamed of adventures! Perhaps a spa break?
A massage! A haircut! all manner of CAKE!!

I thought about shopping and sparkly new things,
Like beautiful handbags and huge diamond rings.

But mostly I found, When it came to the test,
The smallest of things are the things I like best.

Like that magical moment I climb into bed,
And my pillow gives way to the squish of my head!

Like walks in the forest or lunch by a lake
(I’m sorry – my mind somehow drifted to cake?)

Like Saturday night watching crap on TV,
With a huge mucky pizza, just hubby and me.

It’s looking for squirrels and feeding the birds.
Or seeing my boy get to grips with new words.

It’s blogging – much more than a want, it’s a NEED!
A passion to write and to share and to read.

It’s friends, that just “get” me and don’t have to try,
As we waffle away and the hours drift by,

We kick back with coffee, and…
(Oops. My mistake….
My rhyme must have drifted? We’ve slipped back to cake?)

I gave it my best to be clear and concise,
As I thought a small list might be rather more nice,

But try as I might, I can’t pick three or four,
I think of a few things… then think of some more:

My boy, as he reaches and asks for a hug.
A hot cup of tea in my favourite mug.

Miss Tot when she tells me “I wuff you so much!”
The wonderful hubby, the warmth in his touch.

My two precious tots and the love that they give,
The great friends and family I spend my life with.

These are the treasures I won’t give away.
The things I depend on to get through each day.

The rest of my pleasures are really quite small,
The simplest things are the best things of all.

Just strawberry ice cream or soft fluffy socks.

My tots, a small stream,
…and a handful of rocks!


Thanks Mrs L for the nomination – this has been a really nice post to write.

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Both wonderful (and always very happy) bloggers!  Although you might want to look at Mrs Lighty’s original post for the general idea lovelies as you know me once I get rhyming…  I tend to go a bit off piste! :0)

Dawn x


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79 thoughts on “My Happiness Non-Negotiables.

  1. Ah this is fab! I knew you’d put your own rhyming twist on it! And to be honest, I’m not sure there is a ‘rule’ to it, I just did it as I thought best!! Xxx

  2. Another great rhyme! Love the bed bit. That is totally a non negotiable and the sooner Poppy realised how much I need sleep the better! #bigpinklink

  3. Beautiful, Dawn!! Yes, now I’ve had children, my priorities and the things I get so much pleasure from, have totally changed… And it’s the smallest things that bring the biggest pleasure, or the most overwhelming surge of love to my heart!! We were at the beach all day yesterday, and a bucket, some rocks, and a few small waves bought the biggest joy to all the family I love so much, who were watching the boys have the best time ever!! An unprovoked kiss from the boys, and seeing my husband walk towards the house after work, are still the two biggest pleasures in my life… So soppy!!!

    1. Aw we love soppy! There’s something about watching the kids play together outdoors in a nice setting isn’t there? I could have watched my two throw rocks into that stream for hours. (In fact I kind of did!) It’s the soppy moments that get us through the tough bits! Thank you for hosting and having me over at #bigpinklink x

  4. this such a wonderfully upbeat poem. I can relate to loving a lot of these things, especially tea, cake, and blogging! #passthesauce

  5. Ah that’s so nice. I think I’d want the spa break though ha ha!!! One thing I do love is watching the kids play when they don’t know you are there. Priceless. #bigpinklink Lifeinthemumslane

    1. Yeah I suppose I wouldn’t exactly turn a spa break down any time soon, or in fact anything that would allow me to relax with my eyes shut without someone sticking their finger up my nose and screaming in my face? It really is so lovely watching them play though isn’t it? Mine have just started to hold hands and it makes me squeak! Thanks Emma x

  6. This is just brilliant. You are EXCEPTIONALLY talented. You’re just fabulous and I love your mention of cake more than once too! Think I might have to have another slice of Birthday cake in a bit.
    And yes, Saturdays are all about MUCKY PIZZAS. The dirtier the better! #bigpinklink

  7. I wuff you for writing this .. you totally deserve cake! I love your non-negotiable – blogging a fave of mine too – isn’t it the most fabulous thing to have found?! #passthesauce

  8. Another amazing poem! I love this – it is definitely the small things that we sometimes take for granted that are the special things that make us happy. I am still waiting to buy a copy of your book 🙂 #PasstheSauce

  9. Hi Dawn, love your rhymes. I don’t know how you do it.

    The simplest things in life are the most pleasurable. I would say that cake is quite high on my list of things that make me happy too, especially when being enjoyed whilst curled up by the fire wearing nice fluffy socks.


  10. Brilliant! I love your rhymes so much. It’s definitely the little things that make me happy- seeing my baby boy fall asleep on his dad and his face when we put him on grass for the first time! And cake. Obviously. #passthesauce

  11. Aw the best things in life are sooo seriously free and it’s the cuddles and loves that make it all worthwhile. However, cake is a kind of close second…and cups of tea and wine….ok best stop writing 🙂 Lovely poem and post and thanks for sharing with #bestandworst

  12. Just climbed into bed with a hot chocolate (wait that sounds a bit dodge, but stay with me) and I’m catching up on #bestandworst) all content and snuggly on my squishy pillow….

    However all I want now is cake, haha

    Lovely poem as usual

    Renee @peonieandme

  13. Wonderful, so sweet and cute I was smiling the whole way through! I think your non-negotiables are the best kind! #DreamTeam

  14. Aww I love this. I totally agree that it’s the smallest things that can make us the happiest. I love how you minds kept drifting to sound like me haha. Another beautiful poem xx #coolmumclub

    1. Oh I know! How much happier are we all when the sun comes out? It’s amazing what a difference it makes! I really did ought to avoid the cake now that the summer clothes are threatening to make an appearance though haha. Thank you x

  15. Love that you have managed to turn even this challenge into a poem Dawn. I hope you are thinking about putting together a hard copy of your poetry! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub lovely xx

  16. Another lovely and brilliant post – all the more brilliant because you have revealed just a little bit more about yourself. You have just shot up on my ladder of favourites because you mentioned ice cream, pizza and TV!!! #coolmumclub

  17. Haha! brilliant!

    I do like your rhyme,
    I like it a lot,
    your love of all cake,
    has hit the right spot,
    us mums, we are good,
    not much we can’t do,
    except help the toddler,
    find that missing shoe!
    your rhyme is all true,
    nothing was fake,
    and I’ll keep reading your rhymes,
    while I eat lots of cake!

    lol – great post!

    1. Yey!! *does a little happy dance and high fives you!*

      I love that you’ve given such effort and time,
      To write me a comment – and write it in rhyme!
      It’s lovely to meet you new blog friend of mine!
      Sending you cake… and a nice glass of wine!

      Dawn x

      Ps… ever fancied writing a rhyming guest post? If so give me a shout! @rhymingwithwine

      1. yay! would love that! DM me on twitter or drop me an email with what I need to do (other than rhyme of course lol) 🙂

  18. Awww so lovely. It really is the simple things that are the best things. Lots of these are on my list too 🙂 Thanks for linking up lovely, so nice to have you back on #MarvMondays! Emily

  19. I really love this 🙂 I agree with all of these, they are my favourite too. Nothing beats putting your head on a soft pillow at the end of a day. Off to share on fb #momsterlink

  20. the smallest things – yes! it is so important to try and take happiness from the day to day stuff. at least I have found 🙂 #momsterslink

  21. That’s lovely! Cake would make a few appearances for me too! Always impressed by your rhymes, but even more so that you manage to participate in these tags in rhyme too!

    Thanks so much for linking with #PasstheSauce

  22. This is such a good idea and thank you for the nomination. I agree, it’s the little things that seem to mean the most. I love how you have put your list into a rhyme. Gorgeous. Thank you for guesting and linking up to the #DreamTeam xx

  23. Beautiful as always! It seems like it comes so easily for you. Love reading your stuff and you are right when you say it’s the little things. I too love my pillow like seriously have a love affair with it lol. Thank you for linking up with #momsterslink and I apologize for the delay in my commenting as I have been on a bit of a blogging break but hope to return to linky central this Thursday!

    1. I am so fussy about my pillow. Every now and then the hubby gets them mixed up and I know!! I can sense it immediately and I’m like a woman possessed ripping it from beneath his sleeping head. “IT’S MINE!!”
      Thanks for commenting hun. Hope to link up with you on Thurs 🙂 x

  24. Aw what a lovely rhyme, as usual, and don’t forget , when rhyming we always have… Cake! Xxx
    Ooh I think I’ve yet to do this in my poems! I’ll have a look! Xxx

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