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Happy Easter!

T’is the night before Easter, the parents unite,
To sneak down the stairs on this special spring night…

The baskets are ready, the eggs are concealed!
Well, not really hidden, they’re more “half revealed”?

With cute bunny footprints, laid out, made of card.
How big is this rabbit? I’m mentally scarred!

And soon, it is morning!
The bunny has BEEN!
The volume of chocolate is somewhat obscene!

We eye up their stash but don’t quote the amount.
We’re secretly thrilled that small offspring can’t count.

But we do NOT sneak into the cupboard all stealth,
To snaffle a few for the sake of their health!

We DON’T re-wrap eggs in a half empty box.
We will not be charged with depletion of stocks!

That big hungry rabbit!
He shall be to blame!!
“It must be the bunny!” We parents exclaim…

Now that’s all sorted, let Easter begin!
*Hastily brushes crumbed chocolate from chin*

May your Easter be choc full of eggs and delight!

…And that huge freakin’ rabbit stay well out of sight!

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46 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. Happy Easter to you. I need to go and sort everything out today ready for when the bunny vists-arghhhhh! I must not eat the Easter eggs!

    1. Ah this is the practice year… where you get to practice doing Easter and shower her with chocolate, but then eat it all yourself as it would not be appropriate for her to eat it herself #excellentparenting :0) Thanks for commenting x

  2. Well I’m thinking that Baby Lighty really is too little to have chocolate, so perhaps I should do the right and healthy thing by him and eat some of his?! 😉 Happy Easter to you all, hoe you’re enjoying a lovely long weekend xxx

    1. I think that you have demonstrated exceptional parenting skills. Buy the chocolate to practice for future years, then eat it to protect your little ones health and nutritional balance. #excellentparenting Thank you lovely. Hope you have a lovely Easter too xx

  3. Hilarious! As always. That lovely bunny thinking of your childrens tooth decay & saving them a trip to the dentist, so considerate! #MarvMondays

  4. Happy Easter hun, hope you had a lovely day and long weekend? I love the bunny graphic, did you create that? Claire X #MarvMondays

    1. Hi Claire. Thank you! Hope you had a lovely Easter too. Yep I made it myself (Although I gave often thought that I might blame my 3 year old as my IT skills leave quite a bit to be desired haha). I just use pic monkey if it helps? Thanks for commenting. Dawn x

  5. Sounds like your little one had a lovely easter, filled with lots of lovely chocolate, which was obviously a little too much for her to manage without some help from mummy 😉 Lovely little poem, thanks for sharing it on #MarvMondays

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