#happylittlebuttons – 1st Monthly Round Up.

Welcome welcome!  Come on in grab a cuppa and welcome to the first monthly round up of our new and fabulous Instagram Community – #happylittlebuttons

I am a total newby to Instagram but I have been swept away by the stunning photos and hilarious quotes that I have come across over this last month, and picking my favourites has been a tough job!   (As has working out how to do the techie stuff like copying the images into a blog post – but then I find switching a laptop on a challenge at times so no surprise that this was a bit beyond me!  Thank you to Mrs Lighty and Annette for tolerating my constant nonsense questions!)

First things first… allow me to introduce my fab four for September… 

(In a grid and everything – because I can do that now!)



Mummuddlingthrough totally wowed me with this stunning photo of her two little ladies looking onto the London skyline.  It looks almost ethereal with the sky looking so moody above her inquisitive girls as they take in the landscape.  Captured so perfectly.

This post from Soppy Mum made my jaw drop, and also made me slightly jealous. I would so get a bike be out on my bike a lot more often if I had the chance of bumping into one of these gentle giants. I would need some seriously big pockets though to get him home as I absolutely want a giant tortoise for a pet. Loved this!

Bubbles! Lots and lots of bubbles!  Bubbles always make me smile and this was caught on camera so beautifully by thismumslife.  You can sense the joy and excitement in her little one as he reaches for them.

This one definitely hit all my #happylittlebuttons as beingmrslynch demonstrates that she might be rather just a little bit fond of a certain pumpkin spiced alcoholic beverage.  I so need some of this in my life!

And now for my favourite from each of my lovely co-hosts…

Now I love a picture of a cheeky grin and a scrumptious face as much as the next person, but I seem to have been subconsciously drawn to “back of head” pics this month, possibly as my new love of Instagram has had me taking more pics of the back of my kids heads than of their faces (oops), but I love finding that you don’t have to see a person’s face to get a perfect picture of what’s going on.

This one from Mrs Lighty just seems to capture something magical about exploring the bootsale together with her little man. He seems so comfortable and safe on her back and they look totally set for bargain hunting adventures together – complete with fabulous hat of course!

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When you go to a carboot sale, buy a straw hat for Baby Lighty's farmer fancy dress outfit for the coming weekend and end up wearing it yourself…! Gorgeous day to be doing something like mooching round the carboot (one of my favourite activities), and our @connecta_baby carrier makes it so easy. As Mr Lighty said "you really love having him close to you, don't you?!". Yes, yes I do. #carboot #carbootsale #Duntonbootsale #Duntoncarbootsale #Dunton #Essex #igersessex #babywearing #backcarry #spacefun #connecta #connectababycarrier #connectamoments #connectalives #carrythemclose #wearallthebabies #strawhat #babiesofinstagram #toddlersofinstagram #happylittlebuttons #myhappycapture #mydarlingmemory #littlefierceones #timestotreasure #ukexplore #greatbritishsummertime #allthingsspliced

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I loved loved loved this one of Annette’s Little Button as she tucks into her birthday tea at the beach with the sea behind her and the pink ribbon framing her so perfectly. She is most definitely one #happylittlebutton.

Thank you so much to everyone who linked up their Instragram posts with us using the hashtag #happylittlebuttons. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed sharing the smiles and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for Annette, Nicola and I next month!

Don’t forget to pop over to Annette at 3 Little Buttons and Mrs Lighty at Sugar and Spice and All Things Spliced where they will be sharing their favourites from the month too!

See you all next time!

Dawn x

*By taking part and tagging your photos with the #happylittlebuttons hashtag, you agree to allow us to use your photos in the featured images round ups and share your social media usernames.

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  1. Waves* Helloooo co-host! Fancy bumping into you here 🙂 This 1st roundup has been so much fun and I love all the photos that you have chosen as your top picks. It was so hard don’t you think! Thank you for picking Little Buttons birthday photo. I love this too. Just looking at it makes me want to head out to the beach. Thank you for sharing with the #DreamTeam xx

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