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Welcome to the January round up of #happylittlebuttons, which is the Instagram community created by Annette at 3 Little Buttons, Nicola at Sugar and Spice and All Things Spliced and myself.  Our group is all about sharing those happy little moments that just press all of our buttons, and once again this has been a brilliant month full of cuteness, stunning images and general hilarity.  Thank you to all of you that have joined in with us this month.  It has been lovely to see some new faces, along with all our regular faves too of course!

This month I found myself drawn to the cheeky little captures of the “stuff” that our little ones get up to.  Here are my four featured faves:

Louise – themummymiller managed to snap her little one scaling a table.  As they do.  Just in the split second that you turn your back, they somehow seem to need to ascend to the highest and most dangerous summit in the house?  I had to giggle at this and I was so relieved to know that it isn’t just my two that have done this!

Hattie – coffeeandbubbles shared her little one’s method of ensuring that no drop of ice-cream was left unlicked.  I like his style.  I’ve been tempted to do this in a restaurant many a time!

Speaking of which…  Sarah – tammymumuk‘s pic demonstrated another technique which I also believe is highly effective for ensuring maximum efficiency where the consumption of ice-cream is concerned.  #genius.

And then just when I thought that I had seen it all – Becky – and_then_there_were_two‘s little man topped it off with his sheer talent.  Well that, and the fact that he had his pants on his head.  Because why not!? Apparently it helps him to concentrate.  I might try it at work…

Now for my gorgeous co-hosts and my favourite of Annette’s posts was this cheeky little capture.  There is definitely an ice-cream kind of theme tagged on for me this month, or maybe it’s just that this magical stuff brings out the cheekiest and cutest little grins.  I love Little Buttons cheeky chops on this one.  She’s so sweet!

Last but not least I chose this one from the lovely Nicola, just because SNOW!  We don’t tend to see all that many pics of Mrs Lighty, and while it isn’t particularly cheeky (or ice-cream based), I just liked the excitement in that frosty mummy and son snuggle.

That’s it for this month’s round up.  Thank you all for making January so much happier for sharing all of your captures.  If you’d like a chance to be featured in our February round up just tag us into your Instagram posts with #happylittlebuttons.  Please don’t forget to pop by and visit Annette and Nicola‘s pages too to check out their featured snaps!

Dawn x

*By taking part and tagging your photos with the #happylittlebuttons hashtag, you agree to allow us to use your photos in the featured images round ups and share your social media usernames.

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