#HappyLittleButtons January Round-up: “Let There Be Light!”

It feels very late to say this, but as it’s our first round-up of 2018 there definitely needs to be a “Happy New Year”!  January is nearly ticked off the calendar already.  I don’t know about you but January is the one month of the year that I’m usually quite relieved to see the back of.  The fact that I’m still wearing all of the goodies that I inhaled in December, and paying for all the goodies that I purchased, doesn’t do much for my love of the month. That being said though our #HappyLittleButtons Instagram community has been an absolute joy to follow as always!

#HappyLittleButtons is the Instagram community created by Annette at 3 Little Buttons, Nicola at Sugar and Spice and All Things Spliced and myself. Our group is all about sharing those cute, funny and special moments that press all of our happy little buttons.




Top Left: 3littlebuttonsblog

Top Right: mrslighty1504

Bottom Left: rhymingwithwine,


It’s thankfully time for the dark nights to get that bit brighter as this month closes, which brings me to my theme for this month:

Let There Be Light!




Congratulations to our featured Instagrammers:

Top Left: @a_state_of_equilibrium

Top Right: @mummyest2014

Bottom Left: @mamaindulgences

Bottom Right: @_lauriesharp


Don’t forget to check out Annette and Nicola’s faves too! :0)

Thanks so much to you all for taking part.

We have a shiny badge for our featured Instagrammers!  We’d love you to grab yours:


Rhyming with Wine

Thank you to everyone that has taken part in our #HappyLittleButtons community this month.  We’ll be back at the end of February with more of our featured favourites!

Dawn x

*By taking part and tagging your photos with the #happylittlebuttons hashtag, you agree to allow us to use your photos in the featured images round ups and share your social media usernames.

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