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A holiday in Center Parcs…


Today we woke up in the forest
Quite literally nestled in trees,
The sun dappled warmth through the redwoods,
And the soft scent of pine filled the breeze.


We threw back our cosy white duvets,
Excitedly leapt out of bed,
And padded across to a squirrel,
Who was hoping perhaps to be fed.


We savoured a fresh cup of coffee,
And feasted on hot buttered toast,
Embraced our first day of adventure,
And planned what we’d like to do most.


We quickly got showered and ready, And heeding the forecast of rain,
We bundled up warm with our wellies,
And boarded the friendly land train.


Which the children had fondly named Gertrude,
And was quite the best start to their day!
A wave and a beep from the driver,
And soon we were off on our way!


We walked through the tropical plaza,
With waterfalls, flowers and fish,
And tiptoed on stepping stones laughing,
Throwing coins in and making a wish.


Which little Miss Tot found exciting!
As she carefully thew her coin too.
And wished very hard… for a unicorn!
Which I wasn’t too sure would come true?


But adventures were ours for the taking,
We giggled our way through each day,
Which we packed full of magical moments,
Filled with wonder and laughter and play.


We swam in subtropical waters,
In a sparkling plant filled lagoon,
We splashed down the slides in the sunshine,
(And the rain, after all, it was June!?)


We built castles of sand by the lakeside,
Spotted fish as we gazed from the shore,
Meandered the bridges and walkways,
Picked up leaves from the soft woodland floor.


As the rain pattered down at the windows,
We’d wrap up in our lodge and just talk,
Snuggle up with a film and a duvet,
And make art masterpieces with chalk. *coughs*


We stepped up and embraced our duty,
To ensure that the neighbours were fed,
As the ducks poddled up to our doorway,
And politely requested some bread.


We too dined in fabulous restaurants,
Where streams trickled by at our feet,
Our wine glasses clinked as we toasted,
To a wonderful family retreat.


And after our week of adventures,
As we happily drifted to sleep,
We smiled at the enchanting memories,
Which we’d kindly been given to keep.


Ps: Wishes really do come true at Center Parcs…

Introducing “Sparkles.” The unicorn.

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22 thoughts on “A holiday in Center Parcs…

    1. I am definitely raising two Peppa Pig fans with the whole Gertrude thing. Every trip on her had to involve the obligatory irritating “Grandpa’s little train goes choo choo choo…” song haha. I’m so relieved that the unicorn wish came true too! I thought that might have been quite a tall order to fulfil? πŸ˜‰ Thank you for commenting Louise xx

    1. We’ve tried most of the different types (well except for the really pish posh ones haha). Generally we go for the cheapest new style lodge. They’re all pretty much the same standard and all great. You should definitely go – you’ll love it! Longleat is the furthest one from us (typical) but we think it’s by far the nicest. The forest is stunning xx

  1. Ah I love the little squirrel, that’s so cute. Centre Parcs looks great, definitely worth a visit!


  2. We did Longleat a few weeks ago and had a great time. Little one very much enjoyed the water slides and saying ‘all aboard’ every time the train pulled away!! Lovely poem! #DreamTeam

    1. Ah small world! It’s the furthest one from where we live up’t North, but the forest is just stunning isn’t it? I think the land train made it for our little ones – hence we’re booked to do the 10 hour round trip again next year… “All aboard!” πŸ˜‰ Thanks James.

  3. We LOVE centerparcs!! I love the way that you write, so clever and so entertaining. The little squirrel is so sweet, we had a pheasant that came knocking on every morning during our last visit, the animals there are so tame aren’t they?! #mg

    1. They really are aren’t they, it’s so lovely for the kids to see. They used to run to the window each morning to see who wanted breakfast. I think it’s such a magical place. I’d move there tomorrow! πŸ™‚ x

  4. Aww I love a Center Parcs holiday – another fab post. And what better than a unicorn wish coming true, how lovely πŸ™‚ Hope you had a fab time, I loved the pics too. Thank you for linking up to #dreamteam xx

    1. The unicorn one was a bit of an ask I thought but luckily the wish fairies were listening and apparently up to the challenge. On a totally separate note, the toy store on site has a fabulous range of soft toys… πŸ˜‰ Thanks for hosting Bridget xx

    1. I’m a massive squirrel fan. We visit the Whinfell park in Cumbria every Christmas and it’s just the same, only with red squirrels! I spent 30+ years trying to find a red squirrel, and within hours of being at Center Parcs I’d seen quite a few. It really is a lovely place. Thank you for commenting and hosting lovely xx

  5. Sounds like you had a fabulous time away! Maybe not so much about the sleepless night’s πŸ˜‰ xxx #DreamTeam

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