Hooks and Dragons… and Rainbow Unicorns!

A little while ago, on holiday, we came across a wishing well and explained to Miss Tot that if she threw a coin into the water she would be able to make a wish, and then if she was very lucky, it might just come true!  Miss Tot likes a challenge and so she carefully took the shiny coin which I had offered to her, closed her eyes, held her breath and threw it into the water with a little splash.  The hubby and I looked at each other and then asked her to reveal her special wish.  She blinked with an excited grin and told us.  She would like…. a unicorn.

We were in Centre Parcs at the time, and whilst Longleat Forest is famous for its abundant wildlife, we were fairly sure that unicorns were not an indigenous species.  Not to fear though, the onsite toy store “wish fairy” came up with the goods and provided an acceptable sort of unicorn which was received with hugs and named “Sparkles”.  The unicorn obsession did not stop there though and our little miss has gradually become more and more fascinated by these magical creatures.

Image shows a crocheted monkey and a ball of wool with the words Hooks and Dragons, Handmade crochet creations.


In the meantime a much loved bloggy friend – Tracey – bounced back into blogland following a little break, and introduced her fabulous new blog: Hooks and Dragons, along with her amazing new range of crocheted “softies”.  I was smitten.  There were dragons, zoo animals, beloved 70s rock icons and…. UNICORNS!


Image shows crocheted grey monkey, a giraffe, a doll with the name Hope on her hat, a red dragon, a crocheted Freddy Mercury doll and a unicorn


I got “chatting” to Tracey via her Facebook page and she helped me to work out who to order and in what size.  Her prices include postage and packaging and in my opinion are very good value for money – especially when you consider the time, love and effort that goes into making each of these little cuties.

And so, I’d like to introduce you all to the newest member of our family…



Tracey had sent me little updates and photos as this little fella was being lovingly handmade to order, and so when he arrived, safely and securely by mail, I felt as though I already knew him.   Once I had unwrapped him and settled him into his new home I of course had to name him.  I didn’t fancy leaving it to Miss Tot as she would probably want to call him “Horny” or something equally as inappropriate.  I called him Norbert.

Norbert was stroked, admired and photographed for a little while, before being carefully wrapped with a shiny bow and packed away to take on our holiday to Wales, during which time Miss Tot would celebrate her 4th birthday.

The day came.  Miss Tot was so excited and her little eyes lit up when she opened her new forever friend.  She did lose him momentarily to “Daddy Pig” who also found his soft colourful squishyness irresistible, but she managed to wrestle him back out of her daddy’s paws reclaim him and they quickly became the very best of friends.  Her first job was to promptly rename him “Rainbow”, which on reflection is perfectly appropriate, if just a little bit too cutesy for my liking.  I have now therefore come to know him as “Not Norbert”.

Miss Tot and Not Norbert had a wonderful holiday together…



Miss Tot loves Not Nobert Rainbow very much and we will make sure that he is very happy in his new forever home.

Each of Tracey’s softies are hand crocheted to order and can be personalised like this little elephant with a tiny red rose on his trunk…

Image shows grey crocheted elephant with a small red flower on his trunk.



If you feel that you could offer a loving home to one of Tracey’s beautiful softies (it will have to be a very loving home as they are made with such love that they are already accustomed to sheer adoration from birth and must continue to be looked after accordingly), please pop by her Facebook page, her blog or find her on twitter @MrsA1974 and check out some of her brilliant range.

Her Christmas order book is now open and booking up fast.  She has just a few slots left to guarantee your very own softy in time for Santa so better to get your order in straight away so that you’re not disappointed.

Disclosure – This is not a collaborative post. I paid in full for our softie and I asked Tracey if I could write this post afterwards just because we all love Not Norbert so much and wanted to share a bit of blogger / unicorn love.

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26 thoughts on “Hooks and Dragons… and Rainbow Unicorns!

  1. I saw this on Tracey’s Facebook yesterday! What a lovely post and she is so clever! Bet the unicorn has gone down a storm. I loved Freddy Mercury!! Xx #marvmondays

    1. I was such a Freddy Mercury fan it was crazy. In fact myself and 3 other girls considered forming a female tribute act when he died (I was 13 to be fair). Tracey is insanely talented and it makes it all the more special knowing that he was handmade for us. Such a lovely gift. Thanks Sarah xx

    1. Daddy Pig seriously has designs on Not Norbert. He wouldn’t let me publish the snap of him having a little snooze on the sofa with him. ? Mstr Tot has pinched him for a nap too. He’s definitely settled in here! Thank you again xx

  2. Oh my word, I mean Not Norbert is just so handsome how could I not click on the post link?! I am more than a little bit jealous of Miss Tot. Beautiful work by Tracey, how cute is little Freddie Mercury? 🙂 #MarvMondays

  3. I’ve seen Tracey’s creations before and they are utterly fab! I can’t believe how popular crochet has become, I have another friend who creates some amazing crochet animals. Looks like Norbert has quickly become part of the family! Thaks for joining us for #marvmondays and hope to see you back soon!

  4. What a lovely, cute creation. I love the idea of personalisation and it’s a joy when you see the children really appreciating their presents. So cute that Miss Tot loves Rainbow so much! Cute

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