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How Is This Uniform Yours?

To every parent who is taking that proud picture of their little ones in a school uniform for the very first time.

With all the hugs…

As I glance at the clock where it ticks on the wall,
I’m confused as to whether time’s passed here at all?

The same ticking clock,
The same silent wall,
But somewhere between I have blinked,
And you’re tall?

How can these garments of stark navy blue,
Be here in our home and belonging to you?

How will these tights fit those legs that once sprung,
Up and down on my knee right back when we’d begun?

How can these socks warm the toes that I’ve kissed,
And take with them your feet to a place they’ll be missed?

How will these shoes that flash bright as you walk,
Be the ones that hear new unsaid words when you talk?

How can these sleeves hold your arms as I would?
Be the hug that I’d give you if only I could?

How can this hair-clip hold back your wild hair,
That has always run free as you’ve played without care?

How is your name stitched to clothes that you’ll wear?
I can no longer “hold them”,
As I won’t be there.

Who’s is this emblem you carry with pride?
As I carried you once sweetheart,

How has this moment come racing along,
When forever and always
With me you belong?

Who is this beautiful girl all in blue?
My once tiny baby.

How is it you?

How will I stand at the gate holding strong?
How will I nudge you in?
Help you along?

How do I give you the strength to be free?
When you’re mine and your place is at home.

With me.

How will I let go and let you be you?

I will.

I’m your mother.
And that’s what we do.

I’ll turn back to home and I’ll gaze at the clock.
The very same wall and the same old tick-tock.

I’ll have smiled as I kissed you and waved you away.

And you’ll always be ours at the end of the day.

x x x

Be fierce and be proud my baby girl.

Love you.



This post originally featured on the fabulous Meet Other Mums blog page, for whom I am proud to be a regular blogger.

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83 thoughts on “How Is This Uniform Yours?

  1. Oh, Dawn, this made me cry! So sweet, so perfect.

    I never had a school uniform myself, but I think they’re the best idea. Kids can develop their fashion sense and individual style (all those arguments one hears against uniforms) *after* school. They need to go to school dressed to learn, not play. Uniforms eliminate all that snobbery and bullying that goes on over clothes even amongst the youngest kids. AND they just look so CUTE!

    1. I completely agree with you Jean. I think it’s such a good idea to have a simple and practical uniform for children that doesn’t come with a rip off price tag. I just wasn’t quite ready to see my baby girl looking so grown up! But you’re right. She does look so so cute. Thank you for your thoughtful comment as always lovely x

  2. Dawn I can’t even blame pregnancy hormones – I am in tears here. This is just beautiful! You always word these things so well. Good Luck Little Miss Rhyming you are going to be just fine with a fabulous mama like this by your side xx #dreamteam

  3. I love the last line! It must be so strange sending your little one off to big school but I’m sure she will be great. I love the picture of everything laid out ready to go. I hope she has a fab time at school! #dreamteam

  4. Awww, what a sweet poem – it really captures how fast they grow up and how hard it bcan be to let them go, even though that’s what we have to do as parents. Hope your little girl loved school! #dreamteam

  5. Oh my word this made me so tearful. This is beautiful, Dawn. So so beautiful and such a wonderful poem for your children to read when they are older. Such a milestone and emotional time and you capture those emotions that we all feel just so so beautifully xx #DreamTeam

    1. My dad always told me that the day they start school they’re no longer yours and it’s always stuck with me. I found it so emotional handing her over that first day, but I’m pleased to say that she is loving it… and still very much ours. ? Thank you for such a gorgeous comment Helen x

  6. Ah those words just struck me – taking me back to both my girls’ first day at school. I think I was more emotional saying good bye to them. And yes they do look all grown once they have their uniform on. Great post.#dreamteam

  7. This is the sweetest thing I have read all week! Heck, probably all year! Those words were beautiful and made me really emotional thinking that one day, this would be my little boy. #DreamTeam

    1. Thank you so much. You’ve just given me an idea actually – I was wondering what to include in her “growing up” book which we fill in each birthday and I guess this one would be the right one for this milestone. Thank you for such a kind comment x

  8. Out of every single back to school post / poem / article I’ve read, THIS is hands down my absolute favourite. What a beautiful, beautiful poem. I have no words; incredibly moving xxx #DreamTeam

  9. Hi, what a lovely poem it captures how quickly they grow up and one of the milestones that is part of this. I hope that the first week went well #dreamteam

  10. Oh I have tears in my eyes! This is just so perfect. It was the bit about not being their to hold their stuff anymore that really got to me! I hope you little one has settled into school okay and is finding her feet now #dreamteam

  11. You’re making me cry and mine is still a baby and not leaving me just yet! Absolutely beautiful. Your littles ones are going to be so lucky to get to read through your blog when they are older and really feel the love you have for them – your poems are something special #dreamteam

  12. It’s an emotional time when we eventually have to let them go…but blink twice and they’ll be off to secondary school and you’ll be wondering where that time went again. My son has just started year 9 and it seems completely impossible as I’m sure he only started nursery last week! #Dreamteam

    1. Oh nooo! Waaah! I’ve been filling in a birthday book for each of mine each year and I’ve done our daughter’s this afternoon. It feels like 5 minutes since I bought the book – how has it been 5 years? Wow. Year 9 seems like a lifetime away but I just know it will be here in a heartbeat. x

  13. Oh, Dawn. Just when I thought I’d shed the last school-related tear, you go and set me off again! This is beautiful and of course, I totally relate! I love this so much! I hope your little lady is getting on okay. #dreamteam

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