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How To Do Stuff… Linkies!

Every week I host the #DreamTeam linky with Annette of 3 Little Buttons & Bridget of Bridie By The Sea.  I’m often contacted by new bloggers who would like to join in, but just aren’t too sure how to go about it.  I remember joining my first linky.  I broke it.  Well I didn’t break it exactly but it nearly broke me…

So, here is a little post for anyone that is new to Blogland and would like to know what this linky malarkey is all about.  First of all I need to say DO IT!  Linkies are an incredible way to “meet” other bloggers and to share your work.  I have so many bloggers that I now consider to be genuine friends, and all of them have been found through linkies.

So What Is A Linky Party… and Am I Invited?

In short a linky is a way of adding your post to a collection of other posts by other bloggers.

Are you invited?  YES!  (And it’s definitely BYOB – Bring your own blog!) Some linkies have a theme so it’s important to check that your post fits, but otherwise you will find that linkies are very welcoming places and want as many people as possible to link up.

The host or hosts will generally publish a blog post weekly.  Their post will include the link through which you add your own post, along with the “rules”.

What Are The Rules?

The specifics vary from linky to linky, but in general you will be able to link up one or two posts.  In return for adding your post to the link-up you will be asked to read and comment on a certain number of other posts that have linked.  Often the host or hosts post, (usually the first posts in the link up,) and a minimum number of other posts that take your fancy or that are linked directly before you.

This is the most important part of linking up.  Linkies only work if everyone plays their part and takes the time to read and share other linker’s posts.  “Link dumping” and running without commenting is extremely bad blog etiquette.  We all have busy lives and forget occasionally but frequently skipping this will inevitably do you no favours.  Blog karma is huge and the more blog-love you put out there, the more you’ll get back.

Don’t Forget To Badge Up!


How Do I Add My Link?

Once you’ve checked out the rules and added the badge to your post you are ready to link!  Scroll down to the bottom of the host’s page and you should see a blue button:

Click here, and then add the URL of your post and your email address (not published). It should pull through a title which you can amend if you want to.  It will also usually pull through the images from your post so that you can chose one that will be displayed as a thumbnail for your link.



Once you’re happy, confirm to add your link.

Then What?

Your link is now added.  You will be shown a share box so that you can share details about your post and the link-up to say that you’ve joined.  It’s a good idea to do this and most hosts will retweet you if you share it and include their twitter handles.  There will usually be a # to include for the linky too in any tweets which again helps to promote and build awareness of the linky.  It’s great for the hosts but good for you too.  More people joining the linky means more potential readers for you!

What’s In It For You?

You’ve linked and shared your post, and you’ve spent some time reading and commenting on some of the other linked posts.  In turn you should find that people will click on your link and read and comment on yours.  At #DreamTeam we hosts split the commenting between us, and ensure that every post gets read by at least one of us and shared with our followers.

Taking the time to read and leave a well considered comment will give you all the blog-brownie points, and people will then be more inclined to come and find your post and return the favour.  Some of the best bloggy friendships are forged this way and you’ll find most linky communities are brilliant places to reach out for help and support if you get stuck. (As I do.  All. The. Time!)

Hopefully you’ll have enjoyed linking up and sharing your post and will be back again to link up the following week!

Where Can I Link Up?

There are so many brilliant linkies out there that it would take me a whole other post to share them all, but here are a few of my long-running favourites:

Image HTML map generator

I hope that this post has been useful, but if there’s anything you need a hand with I’m always happy to try and help!  Just drop me a tweet @rhymingwithwine or a comment below.  If you’d like to join in with the #DreamTeam linky it opens at 6am (UK) on a Tuesday until 9pm on a Thursday.   Click the badge here and it’ll take you to the latest link-up!

Rhyming with Wine


Happy linking!





2 thoughts on “How To Do Stuff… Linkies!

  1. Excellent advice Dawn! I think I may have met you through trying to break the same Linky, tee hee hee!! And now I occasionally just try not to break your Linky!! Oops!! xxx

    1. Can you believe that will have been two years ago now? Eek! So pleased we did meet through our mutual breaking of the internet haha. xxx

      Ps. I like to think that #DreamTeam is yours too. You are our resident superstar guest co-host after all! ?

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