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I’m Going to Blogfest! Eek!


This weekend I’m off to “That London”
And I’m far too excited to speak!
The butterflies have taken over,
And now all that comes out is a squeak!

It’s the first blogging conference I’ve been to,
I have zero clue what to expect,
But I know I’ll meet so many bloggers,
That I’ve followed and highly respect!

I’m hoping that now in my thirties,
I can trust that I’m now of an age,
Where I’ll just have enough self composure,
To prevent me from rushing the stage.*

But I’m not very good with the wine now,
Half a glass and I’m now off my face
So please don’t be alarmed if I greet you,
With a huge giddy bear-hug embrace.

I’ll be there with my friend Colley’s Wobbles,
My blogtastic partner in crime,
And I’m sure we’ll be found with some cake in each hand as we both have a fabulous time!

So to anyone reading who’ll be there,
Please wave or perhaps drop a line?
And I’ll make it my mission to find you,
And to cheers you with virtual actual wine!

*I can’t promise. Because Davina McCall. ?

4 thoughts on “I’m Going to Blogfest! Eek!

  1. So glad we’ve now met
    We’ll meet again do not fret

    A promise was made
    And don’t be afraid

    New blogger friends met
    The stage is now set…

    To Leeds I will come
    For drinkies and fun

    A night on the town
    Please do not frown

    I’ll see you soon chick…
    Let’s hope I’m not sick…

    1. We did finally meet!
      I was swept off my feet!
      At a conference so vast,
      We acquainted at last!
      And I’m filled with great cheer
      As our friendship starts here…
      To Leeds you’re invited
      We’ll be friends reunited!
      Such a fab group of mums
      We shall all be great chums.
      So let’s sort it out quick,
      It’s OK if you’re sick.
      As we’ll all be alright
      And we’ll have a great night!
      We have met up at last
      So from here its a blast!
      Here’s to new friends and wine!
      … and a fabulous time xx

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