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‘I’m Right’ Mummy, ‘My Way’ Mummy. A Parody.

A parenting parody based on Julia Donaldson’s brilliant children’s book Day Monkey Night Monkey.

The light shone bright at the playgroup,
‘I’m Right’ Mummy sat sipping tea.
She tutted and growled as ‘My Way’ Mummy scowled,
And thought ‘She should do it like me!’

My Way Mummy tried not to notice,
That I’m Right Mummy looked so displeased.
But she tried to explain all her actions,
So her inner mum-guilt might be eased.

‘Look!’ said I’m Right Mummy, rolling her eyes,
‘What’s that in his mouth silly mummy?’
My Way Mummy shrugged, feeling nervous and judged,
‘It’s only a comforting dummy?’

‘Goodness!’ said Right Mummy, ‘Milk from a bottle?’
She tutted whilst shaking her head.
Way Monkey sighed, feeling wounded inside,
‘Does it matter as long as he’s fed?’

‘Stop!’ said I’m Right Mummy. ‘Listen to that!’
‘Could that be the sound of TV!?’
Way mummy snapped feeling cornered and trapped,
‘But it buys a few moments for me!?’

‘Hey! said My Way Mummy, ‘Hold on a minute!’
‘You’re not all that perfect you know!’
‘My patience is flagging with your child that’s nagging!’
‘Hasn’t she heard the word NO?’

‘Look’ said I’m Right Mummy, that’s not my fault,
‘She won’t have a nap so she’s tired!’
Way Mummy sneered as she now interfered,
‘Some routine might just leave her less wired!’

‘Goodness’ said Way Mummy, ‘Can’t she self-settle?’
‘Just give controlled crying a try!’
Right Mummy cringed while her little one whinged.
‘But I can’t bear to leave her to cry.’

‘Stop!’ said My Way Mummy. ‘That’s not a puree!?’
You’re feeding her carrots and peas!?’
‘It’s baby-led weaning!’ said Right Mummy, reeling.
‘She chews it and swallows with ease.’

‘Hey!’ Said Right Mummy. This just isn’t helpful.
‘We’re both simply doing our best!’
Please ‘Get off my back! I feel under attack!
And let’s give all this judgement a rest.’

‘You’re right.’ Said Way Mummy.
‘We both are well-meaning, each one of us finding our way.’
Right Mummy nodded, and onward they plodded,
Each muddling through day by day.

Now Right Mummy goes to the playgroup,
And Way Mummy sits by her side.
They watch both their children – so happy,
Which fills both the mummies with pride.

They share tales of wins and of tough times,
And listen compassionately.
Each stronger for having the other,
Whilst they both drink their barely warm tea.



Julia Donaldson is quite literally my rhyming hero and both myself and my two tots are huge fans of her work. Β If you enjoyed this post you might quite like some of my other parodies of her books, all of which have been given a mummy twist:

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61 thoughts on “‘I’m Right’ Mummy, ‘My Way’ Mummy. A Parody.

  1. This is brilliant – I LOVE your Julia Donaldson parodies! I’ve never read Day Monkey Night Monkey, though, and now I feel like I really need to get on it. This poem is a must-read for all those mums who like to get their judgy pants on. Settle down, My Way Mummy. #dreamteam

  2. YES!!! Love the message in this lovely! I fed Ben puree in public the other day (if he has “proper food” the floor eats more and he gets so winey from being hungry) and I felt judged but sod it – Im not gonna starve my kid to keep up with the joneses! #dreamteam

    1. Oh no! I hate that you felt judged for it lovely? We did purees with one and baby led with our youngest. I got odd looks with either way so you just can’t win sometimes! You’re right about the floor with baby-led! They only end up eating about 3% and the rest ends up applied to the furniture and their hair! πŸ˜‚ Hugs xx

  3. Ah I don’t Day Monkey Night Monkey but I love this rhyme. You’re so clever and I love that the two mums managed to see that they were both doing a great job in the end #dreamteam

  4. I love, love, love this Dawn! We are so much stronger together. No one way is right or wrong, and where would we be without mummy friends?! xxx

    PS, just popping by from #DreamTeam, sorry I missed it the other day when it was published! xxx

  5. We all do what’s best and I think the world would be a happier place if we didn’t make snap parenting judgements! Excellent rhyme as always my lovely! #dreamteam

  6. Day Monkey Night Money must be the only Julia Donaldson book I haven’t read. Even though I didn’t know the book – a brilliantly, funny, truthful post! We’re all trying our best finding our way. It just might not be the way of everyone. #DreamTeam

  7. We are all trying to find our way through motherhood and everyone’s way is so unique. There’s enough judgement in the workplace let alone anywhere else! #DreamTeam

  8. I read this the other day Dawn and love it! Not read this book, but I think I get the gist. It’s great how the 2 mummys got on in the end. But isn’t it terrible when these type of big clashes happen, but really we all just want to do our very for our little ones. Thanks for being a super host on the #DreamTeam xx

    1. It’s a lovely book if you do come across it Annette. Basically Day and Night Monkey have never seen life at night / in the daytime and they’re each shocked by the things that they see when they spend time together. It just made me think of how we as mums all have our own ways of doing things that might seem strange to others, but as you say – the end goal is the same. Healthy, happy little ones. Thank you for being so amazing to host with at #DreamTeam xx

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